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Harry Haywood on Trotskyism, by Comrade Zero

"Trotskyism is taking action now in order to discredit Bolshevism and to undermine its foundations. It is the duty of the Party to bury Trotskyism as an ideological trend." - J. V. Stalin, "Trotskyism or Leninism?"

The great African American Marxist-Leninist theorist Harry Haywood is particularly known for his work on the African American national question, but he made contributions on other issues and was involved in the other struggles of the day. Here's what Harry Haywood, who lived in the Soviet Union for four and half years as a member of the Comintern, said in the chapter of his autobiography, Black Bolshevik, entitled "Trotsky's Day in Court" regarding Trotskyism.

First, he says that "[Trotsky's] writings were readily available throughout the school [KUTVA, where Haywood and others were studying], and the issues of the struggle were constantly on the agenda in our collectives. These were discussed in our classes, as they were in factories, schools and peasant organizations throughout the country" (p. 182).

He goes on to say that "The struggle raged over a period of five years (1922-27) during which time the Trotsky bloc had access to the press and Trotsky's works were widely circulated for everyone to read. Trotsky was not defeated by bureaucratic decisions or Stalin's control of the Party apparatus - as his partisans and Trotskyite historians claim. He had his day in court and finally lost because his whole position flew in the face of Soviet and world realities. He was doomed to defeat because his ideas were incorrect and failed to conform to objective conditions, as well as the needs and interests of the Soviet people" (ibid).

Haywood describes the Seventh Plenum of the Executive Committee of the Communist International in 1926:

"Stalin made the report for the Russian delegation. Trotsky then asked for two hours to defend his position; he was given one. He spoke in Russian, and then personally translated and delivered his speech in German and then in French. In all, he held the floor about three hours.

"Otto said it was the greates display of oratory he had ever heard. But despite this, Trotsky and his allies (Zinoviev and Kamenev) suffered a resounding defeat, obtaining only two votes out of the whole body. The delegates from outside the Soviet Union didn't accept Trotsky's view that socialism in one country was a betrayl of the revolution. On the contrary, the success of the Soviet Union in building socialism was an inspiration to the international revolution. (...)

"The American Party united across factional lines in support of Stalin. The Trotsky opposition, already defeated within the Soviet Union, was now shattered internationally. From there on out, it was downhill for Trotsky. I witnessed Trotsky's opposition bloc degenerate from an unprincipled faction within the Party to a counter-revolutionary conspiracy against the Party and the Soviet state. We learned of secret, illegal meetings held in the Silver Woods outside of Moscow, the establishment of factional printing presses - all in violation of Party discipline. Their activities reached a high point during the November 7, 1927 anniversary of the Revolution.

"At the Tenth Anniversary, Trosky's followers attempted to stage a counter-demonstration in opposition to the traditional celebration. I remember vividly the scene of our school contingent marching its way to Red Square. As we passed the Hotel Moscow, Trotskyist leaflets were showered down on us, and oraters appeared at the windows of the hotel shouting slogans of 'Down with Stalin.'

"They were answered with catcalls and booing from the crowds in the streets below. We seized the leaflets and tore them up. This attempt to rally the people against the Party was a total failure and struck no responsive chord among the masses. It was equivalent to rebellion and this demonstration was the last overt act of the Trotskyist opposition.

"During the next month Trotsky, Kamenev and Zinoviev were expelled - along with seventy-four of their chief supporters." (pp. 183-184).

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Comrade Zero's site can be found at the following link:
The site hasn't been updated for some time, but is worth visiting for more information on the sickness of the Revisionists (Trotskyites) who like to parade as Socialists and to lie about Stalin and the doctrine of Socialism in One Country

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The UK needs Law and Order, not cry-baby tolerance

The UK is a mess. The Capitalist-Trotskyite Ruling Class and their bourgeois foot-soldiers have turned the country into one in which Justice is a Joke.  The most disgusting criminals are treated as if they are the victims of society, while those who fight against the rapid slide into barbarity and decadence are treated as the most heinous enemies of the State.  Of course, we should not shrink from accepting that label - We are Enemies of the State!  When the State is the Enemy of the People, it is high treason to be silent and the height of cowardice to let the destruction of the People go unchallenged.

The recent declaration by the Chief Constable of Norfolk Police, Simon Bailey, that the number of paedophiles in the UK is so high that it would be impossible to detain them all, is not only a shocking disgrace for the state of our country, but an indictment of the pathetically lax state of law and order, which allows the lowest forms of life to feel safe to indulge in their psychotic desires.

Simon Bailey sits on the National Police Chiefs Council, is in charge of the entire Norfolk Constabulary, and from his position on the NPCC is the most senior Police figure in charge of Child Protection and Investigations into Child Abuse.  Bailey is not some random liberal, speaking out in favour of a greater acceptance of degeneracy, he is a man with the power to protect our children from predators, or to protect those who prey on them. He has chosen the latter of these options.

Official Police data shows that over 400 depraved individuals are arrested every month for viewing images depicting the sexual abuse of children.  The term 'sexual abuse' is a typical liberal rendering to downplay the destructive impact of what should be referred to as rape.  Whether the images show a child subjected to a sexual act, being raped to death, or some other image which apologists for paedophiles will try to claim is harmless, is irrelevant. The children who are taken for the child pornography industry, are the victims of people who see them as creatures for sexual gratification, and the industry exists only because there are people who are willing to support it.

The idea that the viewing of paedophile imagery should be decriminalised if there is no direct harm caused to the children involved, is oxymoronic.  The act of viewing such imagery is the reason why people create it.  The two are interconnected in a way which makes separation of one from the other an absolute impossibility.  Procuring imagery of children for sexual gratification is rape by proxy, and for a senior Police figure to try to say anything to the contrary, is an outrage.

Chief Constable Bailey argues that the sheer number of active paedophiles in the UK makes it a logistical impossibility for them to be arrested and imprisoned.  The number of places in prisons across the UK totals 75,759, but the total prison population numbers 85,442 as of the time of writing. What Bailey and the likes of the bourgeois liberal Howard League is saying is that the prison system has exceeded capacity, and that prisoners should be prioritised according to the seriousness of the offence - in other words, to liberal know-it-alls, paedophilia isn't be considered a serious enough offence to warrant incarceration, and children aren't important enough to warrant total protection. This is shocking.

Rather than casually pick and choose which crimes matter, which victims matter, and which really are of no importance, the focus should be on understanding why the prison population has sky-rocketed, and what can be done to make sure that all criminals get the treatment they deserve. The prison population explosion is a direct consequence of the victory of liberalism over sanity.  The Police are led by liberal extremists who train them to sniff out all forms of dissent against the liberal orthodoxy. They will hunt down all who do not support the Capitalist-Trotskyite Globalist Tyranny, supported by their collaborators in the Courts Service and Ministry of Justice, but when it comes to genuine criminals, they bend over backwards to be 'tolerant', 'respectful', and 'understanding', treating the criminals as if they are innocent victims of circumstances.  The deliberate policy of arresting people as a last resort, and using prison only if an alternative (such as molly-coddling 'probation', curfews and electronic tagging) cannot be employed, has resulted in people losing all fear of punishment.  The prisons are full because they no longer deter people from criminality.

Prison Officers are recruited according to how well they perform in simulation situation tests. Potential Officers are assessed for how well they treat inmates.  The tests are scored to include an assessment of respect, tolerance and general liberal buffoonery.  Prisons themselves are no longer places to dread, but are places of security and leisure.

The UK's largest new 'super prison' in Wrecsam, Cymru, boasts of luxurious common areas and rooms (not cells) for the 2,106 inmates complete with the newest Play Stations and laptops. Prison Officers have been told they must not refer to their 'guests' as inmates, convicts, prisoners or criminals, must knock on the doors of the rooms and wait to be invited in, must be respectful at all times and must not treat the 'guests' as if they are bad people!  The prison ethos is to rehabilitate the poor victims of society who through no fault of their own took to lives of violent and/or anti-social crime.  To this end, the inmates will be given full access to gymnasia, education, work training, and given priority in housing upon their release. All this plus hotel standard accommodation, good quality and filling meals every day, all at no cost whatsoever to themselves, and even telephones so they can call home to say goodnight to those they are separated from.  As of yet, they do not have conjugal visits, but surely that is only a matter of time.

Prisons are overcrowded because for many people, they offer a better quality of life than that which ordinary people have to endure on the outside.

SWPE policy on Law and Order is for the absolute end of 'rehabilitation' and for the use of punishment as a deterrent.  We propose the use of Corrective Labour Camps in which prisoners will be made to work every day, from sunrise until sunset, with extra hours worked when the time of year makes these hours too few.  There is a lot of coal under the ground of the UK, there is slate, tin, copper, all to be worked from the land.  Great laborious projects could be undertaken to link the various parts of the country - such as a Hull to Liverpool Sea Canal. The proposed return of the cities to the land would require massive numbers of labourers - which the criminal justice system could easily hand over.  Simon Bailey's army of paedophiles could be set to work building the country, rather than being given free reign to prey on the most vulnerable of all people.  Why should those who enable the rape of children be allowed the luxury of accommodation of a standard far higher than their victims would have experienced?

It is said that one cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs.  This is undoubtedly true. But there are some eggs which are not fit to be made into an omelette - bad eggs, rotten eggs. These have almost no use or purpose in a time of glorious revival and liberation.  The best which can be done with bad eggs is for them to be disposed of in a way which is safe for everyone.  You cannot rehabilitate bad eggs into good eggs by throwing money at them and wasting resources which could be focused upon the needs of the many, but you can give them meaning if only as a lesson in social hygiene.

SWPE proposes that the criminal rehabilitation system be scrapped, with petty offenders given brief spells in Corrective Labour Camps, and the worst offenders being sent there for as long as they live. 'Crimes' such as being financially in debt or not paying the TV licence would no longer exist, as debt-slavery would be a thing of the past, and there would be no TV licence for anyone.  Stealing food to feed oneself would not be necessary, as we would ensure that everyone was provided for in the basics of shelter and sustenance; stealing for greed would be a throwback to Capitalist Exploitation and punished harshly.

Liberals, Anarcho-Capitalists, Trotskyites and other undesirables who fear the duty to be self reliant and mutually supportive, and who would rather push their idiotic identity politics fantasies than deal with the reality that some people are just plain bad and need to be punished, would recoil at the concept of Corrective Labour Camps. Many would cite the fictional anti-Soviet texts of Solzhenitsyn as 'evidence' of the misuse of prison camps as means of political control. They would rather have rapists, murderers, anti-socials, paedophiles, lumpens etc walking the streets than a handful of counter-revolutionaries locked away for the greater good of the People as a whole.  That is the situation we are in right now, and it is one which must not be allowed to continue.  We are Socialist Revolutionaries, not Social Democratic Reformers - and we aim for the entire decadent and degenerate Capitalist Globalist mess to be smashed into the annals of history, and for a new era of a permanent Dictatorship of the Proletariat to arise.

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Another perspective on the Calais crisis

A response to your Calais report:

Admitting thieves, rapists, drug dealers, sexists, racial supremacists, religious bigots, terrorists, carriers of disease etc into our land is NOT beneficial to the people.

Respected Comrades,

I am not disputing what you yourselves saw in Calais or seeking to invalidate the feelings it aroused.

Such reports as you brought back are valuable. On the other hand, it was not from msm but from the personal experience of my sister - who also visited Calais to check out the situation. I should add that my sister also worked in the Medical Institute for the Victims of Torture - where she got to know the harrowing stories of many ‘illegals’. Then there is the situation in Paris, from where accounts are quite different: for example of refugees sleeping on the streets in having their blankets and sleeping bags stolen by police while being violently forced to move on, a report has found. Men, women and children being beaten and tear gassed by officers in the French capital, despite government pledges to shelter vulnerable people. Eritrean families who said they were told to “get out of France” as police tore away children’s blankets, leaving them without protection as the bitter temperatures plummeted to -7C. According to one young Afghan man: “If we question them or say we have nowhere to go, they bring out the tear gas.” Then there is Dunkirk, where as you may know there are accounts by volunteers, medics, refugees and security officials which reveal that sexual abuse is common within the large camp there and that children and women are forced to have sex by traffickers in return for blankets or food or the offer of passage to the UK. As a result legal proceedings will be issued against the British Home Office, which is accused of acting unfairly and irrationally by electing to settle ONLY minors from CALAIS, ignoring the child refugees gathered in Dunkirk, 40 miles away along the coast.I think also of a friend of mine, one of the ‘do-gooders’ you refer to, who gave accommodation to a most gentle young Afghan man with no religious or racial bigotry - but the most extraordinary European style artistic gifts.

My questions:

To begin with, I ask you to accept there are alternative narratives that also based on first-hand experience.

As for the men and youths you observed, I ask you to also consider the question of WHY they are in France at all? Can anyone seriously believe that they hatched some fiendish plan in their war-torn or war-ruined countries of origin to somehow get all the way to England with the sole intent to rob, rape, drug deal and spread bigotry?

I ask you to consider too, whether English youths - who are not all gentlemen themselves and so many of whose lives have been already blighted by vicious austerity - often leading into a life of drug-taking as a result - would bother learn a foreign language even if only to seek employment and escape the bleakness of their lives in England. And if they were put in some refugee camp for illegals near the border of a more stable country with better employment opportunities, what would they do - and how would they behave - without work, any prospects of life fulfilment - or even a room of their own in an actual house? This is not just a hypothetical question by the way - even though Britain is not a war-ruined country.

But these questions are all purely preliminary.

What I see as important are historical and political background to the question of WHY so many refugees, illegals or whatever you want to call them are here in Europe in the first place. I will not need to remind socialist comrades of the Zionist-backed wars of aggression deliberately planned and launched against so many nations such as Iraq and Libya which previously had stable and essentially secular social nationalist governments - Syria, as we all know being the last in line. I do not need to remind you also of the 4 MILLION or more Muslim deaths caused by the so-called ‘War on Terror’ (the real ‘Holocaust’) or the resulting sectarian civil wars and rise of Islamic extremism - not to mention the millions of refugees from Palestine and Iraq which countries in the Middle East like Jordan are struggling to contain with little help from the West. The msm are principally responsible for under-reporting the many hundreds of Iraqis who have died every month from terrorist bombings by ISIS and other anti-Shia groups every single year since the U.S. ceased its own terrorist bombing - and compared with which the number of victims of of terror attacks in Britain, Europe is almost negligible. I will not need to remind you also of the role of the US-Zionist-Saudi axis in not just laying the groundwork for but actively funding ISIS - just as they did Al Qaida (again to pursue regime change in what was then a stable country under Soviet protection - and thus to bring down the USSR). Now US ground troops are actively killing civilians and children in Yemen too - Saudi bombs having failed to kill enough Shia rebels. And of course Iran - a country with no history of aggression or terrorism - will be the next target of US-Zionist aggression, threatening a war which Americans will be able to view in comfort on their TVs while Europeans bear its possible nuclear brunt.

4. If the SWPE is indeed not brown on the outside and red on the inside - but, as it claims, red through and through - should not these global realities count in its analysis of the refugee problem? Should not America and Israel - rather than fear of the possible criminality of their largely helpless and pathetic victims - be made to pay for their actual and massive war crimes? Is it not political and moral cowardice to primarily target some close-at-hand victims of the US-Zionist-Saudi criminals - even if some of these victims do present some dangers - rather than attacking the criminals themselves, who are happy to turn Europe into a dumping ground for victims of their crimes and in this way weaken Europe further. Should not Europe should ask America and Israel to make reparations for its war crimes and pay the bills for refugee problems? But of course Europe is now just a colony of the US and the bankers from which National Socialism freed Germany. Today of course, even Germany is still a country under US occupation - and still enslaved by a 1949 treaty that allows America to keep all German gold, spy on its government, control its press and force it to publish CIA propaganda. Only one person predicted Europe would become such a weak and disunited colony of the US empire if Germany was defeated in WW2. Adolf Hitler. But where is any socialist critique of America’s ‘invasion of Europe’ - the photo subtitle of your report?

5. I would like to remind the SWPE that socialism and social nationalism has a venerable history not just in Europe but also and particularly in the Arab world. Indeed the only party actually calling itself Social Nationalist is itself Syrian - the Syrian Social Nationalist Party - and even though its social nationalist ideology was founded by an Orthodox Christian - it is still the biggest legal opposition party in Syria itself. But I would hate to see the SWPE sink into something more like ‘Daily Mail Socialism’ than true red and Socialist Nationalism.

6. A final but central point in this whole context. Let us not forget history comrades!

I find it truly ironic that no one in any nationalist movement of the Left or Right has challenged the total historical amnesia of the MSM. That is because, viewed from a historical perspective, it is ironic to say the least, that the on-going squabbles between Britain and France on the Calais and Dunkirk refugee problem forget that the roots of this problem go back, not a few years or even a few decades - but right back to 1916. For it was then that it was precisely the British and French who - even prior to the disastrous Balfour Declaration - created a secret agreement (the Sykes-Picot plan) to carve up the Ottoman empire at the end of the war into puppet kingdoms and ‘nations’ - whose borders were drawn up by pencil without any knowledge of the language, religion, history and demography of the people in them. This was the start of the entire tragic history of the Middle East - a story for which millions have paid for with their homes, lives and those of their families, and in a way that makes English fears of illegal immigration - however valid - pale by comparison.

“Ottoman provinces became Arab kingdoms, while Christian and Jewish enclaves were carved out in Lebanon and Palestine. Syria, Libya, and Palestine were given names resurrected from Roman antiquity. Libya re-appeared in 1934, when the Italians combined Cyrenaica, Tripolitania, and Fezzan. The French mandate marked the first time “Syria” had been used as the name of a state, whereas “Palestine” was merely a Syrian appendage. Iraq had been a medieval province of the caliphate, whereas “Lebanon” referred to a mountain and “Jordan” to a river. The new Arabic-speaking states adopted derivations of the flag of the Arab Revolt, which had been wholly designed by British diplomat Sir Mark Sykes. The four colors of the Arab flag—black, white, green, and red—represented the standards of different Arab dynasties: Abbasid, Umayyad, Fatimid, and Hashemite. They remain the colors of half of today’s Arab flags. Neither the names nor the symbols of the new states had any connection to their inhabitants.The early post-World War I settlement was extremely unstable. Coups were common, kingdoms were overthrown, and the French and British exercised a strong influence over local affairs. By the 1960s, Arab republics outnumbered Arab monarchies. Arab attempts to undo the partition of the region culminated in the merger of several states, such as Syria with Egypt and Iraq with Jordan, which itself annexed those parts of mandatory Palestine that were not ruled by Israel. The effort was short-lived. Repeated failures to excise the Zionist state from the Middle East marked the end of the endeavour.” from

And as we know, all this occurred even before the mercilessly planned and executed destruction of independent Arab Republics that followed 9/11.


Respected comrades: is it not the task of socialists to educate people in the contradictions of capitalism and how these find expression globally and historically - rather than focussing on the present-day local symptoms of these contradiction?

For example in considering the present-day refugee situation in France (including Paris and Dunkirk as well as Calais) and the problems it now presents for England, should socialists not also point out that it was the 1916 Anglo-French Sykes-Picot accord that marked the very beginning of the whole tragic story of the Middle East - one which has now ended up posing a problem also for the very countries that started it - France and England in particular?

Admitting thieves, rapists, drug dealers, sexists, racial supremacists, religious bigots, terrorists, carriers of disease etc into our land is NOT beneficial to the people.

Who can disagree? But whose responsibility is it that they want to get into our land? Are you implying that the miscreants you wish to keep out of England are worse than the WW1 Anglo-French colonialists - and the later US-Zionist warmongers in the Middle East, i.e. those that drove them so close to our shores in the first place and the name of a so-called ‘War on Terror’ - in actuality, and to repeat, a REAL but unreported ‘Holocaust’ resulting in at least 4 MILLION unreported Muslim deaths (for whom of course there are no PC memorials in Western cities)? This all goes to show also is nothing in the least bit ‘liberal’ about the real face of global capitalism!

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Why SWPE is anti-Abrahamic

SWPE fights for the best possible future for the people of the coming Federal Republic of England and Cymru.  As Socialists we naturally are concerned with the economic aspects of the struggle for the People, but we are not blinkered into seeing economics as the sum total of the struggle.

The People are more than economic units.  It is the Capitalist worldview which has no respect for Culture, Family, Spirituality; this is true whether the particular variant of the Global Capitalist threat calls itself 'Free Market' or Trotskyite.  SWPE stands for the protection of all that is healthy and wholesome, and for the absolute obliteration of all that is harmful and destructive.

Monotheism represents a break from the natural, which can be observed in daily life as a fountain of mental ill-health.  The Abrahamic cults of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Baha'i and others, emphasise the separateness of the People from 'God', with the central God being all powerful, all present and all knowing, controlling all aspects of life and having created humanity for the purpose of serving it. This is the most fundamental justification for the Class system, with the sole purpose of existence being to worship the deity - and by extension the clergy and the Ruling Class who are divinely appointed as representatives of the omnipotent/omniscient/omnipresent deity which uses subterfuge to make its existence known, and needs intermediaries to speak for it!

SWPE is not atheistic. We accept that nature itself is a marvel which goes beyond human comprehension.  Science can tell us much about the physical world, but it cannot answer questions as to why we are here, or to even what the nature of here is.  There is an argument in scientific circles as to the possibility of the universe being holographic.  A good discussion on this subject can be found at the following address:

SWPE asserts that the Abrahamic religions are systems of control, used to enforce the rule of the self selected 'elite' and to keep dissenters in fear.  As the world has become more technologically advanced, the power of Priests, Rabbis and Imams has become less plausible, with the only power left in the hands of the clergy being the threats of damnation and excommunication for those who question the will of the elite.  The Baha'i path of having no strict leadership structure is infinitely preferable to the other three main Abrahamic faiths, but this does not alter the fact that as with the others, it too paints a poisonous and perilous picture of a world in which the people are not a part of the deity, but apart from it.

SWPE understands the human need for understanding of our own existence.  Scientists are motivated by this desire, just as people who express religion are, and often there is overlap between the two. We advocate a re-evaluation of our Heathen roots, with our own form of Shinto thrown into the mix.  It does us no good to consider ourselves as inferior beings who exist only to serve our spiritual masters. In the pre-Christian religions of the Britons and Germanics who form the Celtic-Anglo-Saxon-Norse peoples of England and Cymru, the Gods were fallible like we are.  They were the embodiment of nature in forms which allowed for communication and rudimentary scientific exploration.

We oppose the Abrahamic cults for a number of reasons, namely:

  • The Abrahamic cults are universalistic, which makes them useful weapons for the implementation of a global tyranny
  • They are anti-nature, placing humans in a position of power over the planet, allowing for an ever growing number of crimes against the environment
  • They endorse animal cruelty, with the sick and depraved practices of halal and kosher being prime examples
  • Promise of rewards in the afterlife for conformity to the wishes of the religious authorities in the here and now (The Omnipresent Omnipotent deity's voice on Earth!), leads to the devoted swallowing all manner of politically determined nonsense - for example, the Saudi interpretation of Islam has led thousands to suicide for passage into Heaven, and millions of innocent people to be murdered (mostly other Muslims); the Pope's recent shift in favour of identity politics encourages devout Catholics to support the liberal poison which is destroying the entire western world
  • They all recruit by fear-mongering and domination.  Judaism, Jehovah's Witness and others use the cruel method of 'shunning' to force compliance, destroying families by breaking the faithful away from their own kin who do not believe.  Christian clergy teach children that they will be condemned to eternal torture if they leave the faith, and that any children they have themselves will be consigned to hell by default unless they are subjected to the same mind control as their parents.  In Islam, apostasy is more immediately punished by the use of murder.
  • The Abrahamic cults are supremely arrogant.  The believers consider non believers as stupid, as evil, as sinners who deserve to be punished.  This extends beyond just people who don't believe in the unholy Bible/Talmud/Koran/Kitab i Aqdas/Book of Mormom/NWT/Divine Principle etc to those who believe in the Abrahamic Cult, but to a different version of it. Catholic vs Protestant vs Orthodox, Sunni vs Shia vs Wahabi, Ultra Orthodox vs Karaite vs Reform, Unitarian vs Haifan vs Alif - these and many more subdivisions claim to be the 'truth' and the only 'truth' with others being heretics.  Millions of lives have been lost in wars for religious purity (in reality wars for political and economic domination using religion as a distraction), and as this is being read lives are being lost under the justification of cleansing the world of non believers.
  • Misogyny - the belief in original sin, whereby the supreme deity created a man (Adam) and when Adam got bored of bestiality, created him a present of a woman (Eve) for his enjoyment. The deity then placed a couple of forbidden trees in easy reach and created a talking snake (Lucifer) to trick Adam's plaything into eating the fruit of knowledge, so that it could throw Adam and Eve out of Eden to be punished in a brutal world that they were not prepared for, and all their descendants likewise forever.  The eating of the fruit was not 'god's' fault for leaving the fruit in reach, nor 'god's' fault for creating the 'devil' to tempt Eve, nor Adam's fault for demanding a woman to use as a sex object, but only Eve's!  For this reason, women in strict Muslim countries have to wear Burkas, women in strict Christian settings are considered inferior, and in all cases are considered property of men and never as equals.
  • Homophobia - Homosexuality is a variation of sexuality which occurs rarely in nature, but it does occur.  Sometimes it is the result of child abuse.  In modern times it is mainly a result of Identity Politics Trotskyite SJWs and liberal imbeciles making it fashionable so as to break down society.  But all this aside, genuine natural homosexuality does exist.  According to Abrahamics, homosexuality is a 'sin' punishable by death.  All the cults have murdered people for this 'vice', some are still murdering people for the crime of not being heterosexual.
  • Worship of Authority.  In the UK, the Ruling Class claim the Divine Right to Rule, because they are descended from an old Israeli king called David, who claimed to be descended from the made up figure of Adam, who was a plaything of the deity until he got bored and sent a talking snake to his garden to ruin his life!  There never was an Adam!  The chances of the UK monarchy being related to an irrelevant king from the ancient desert lands of the Middle East, are pretty slim, and in any event do not matter on jot.  Take away the unholy sanction for the Ruling Class to control us, and their power becomes obvious as that of a gang of criminal parasites, and the support of the monarchists becomes obvious as False Class Consciousness / Stockholm Syndrome / lunacy
  • SWPE has had to throw out Christian Identity types for peddling the nonsense that the English People (Anglo Saxons, no mention of the Celts!) are the true Israelites, and that the Bible is our history!  According to these types, all the depravity in the Bible, all the misogyny, all the war crimes, all the brutality, the homophobia, infanticide, usury, all the supremacist sickness - all this is fact, and it is our responsibility because, yawn, we are the sons (not daughters, of course) of Adam, and our menfolk have the right to treat women as inferiors because the deity says that is what women are!  The Christian Identity types are notoriously anti-Jewish, not because of any problems in the despotism in the pseudo-religious texts, but because the modern Jews are 'impostors' stealing our culture, heritage and criminal history!  It would be funny but for the fact that these types take all this nonsense very seriously.
  • The only worthy bits of the Abrahamic Cults are those tracts stolen from Heathens, so once we isolate the Heathen parts of the religions, we are left with pieces of mythology which we can identify with.  Why go to the bother of de-Abrahamising the unholy cults, when we can go straight to our own mythology and dispel with the cults altogether?
  • The vast waste of money in building temples, mosques, churches etc, could have been used to help the People.  Organised Abrahamism is organised theft, stealing from the believers on threat of damnation or bribe of posthumous reward.
  • Liberalism and Globalism use the religious idea that all men are descended of Adam, and therefore there can be no borders to people OR MONEY - making the global victory of Capitalism divinely ordered.
As Nietzsche put it:
"The Christian conception of God--God as god of the sick, God as a spider, God as spirit - is one of the most corrupt conceptions of the divine ever attained on Earth. It may even represent the low-water mark in the descending development of divine types. God degenerated into the contradiction of life,instead of being its transfiguration and eternal Yes! God as the declaration of war against life, against nature, against the will to live! God-the formula for every slander against "this world," for every lie about the "beyond"! God-the deification of nothingness, the will to nothingness pronounced holy

We can see through the scientific advances into genetics, that nature is not a thing of chance, but something very clearly crafted and organised.  We know that nature is a delicate balance which has to be respected, and that the arrogant belief that only humans matter so all other creatures can be destroyed at will, is damaging to all of us.
We believe in nature.  We have no time for a heredity Ruling Class. We do not accept the concept of Open Borders. We value our Culture. We respect Science.  We believe in the equality of men and women.  We are not homophobic.  We see ourselves as an indivisible part of what is termed the Divine, and not separate from it.  We support Carl Gustav Jung's assertion that there is a Collective Unconscious for each People and that our unity among ourselves should be celebrated as well as our distinctness from others.  Abrahamists negate all that is wholesome and that is natural. Abrahamists preach a mixture of violence against non believers and cowardice when it comes to self preservation. We embrace Heathenism and Science because they link us to our past, present and future, and give us an anchor in a sea of globalisation where the forces of anti-nature - Capitalism, Trotskyism, Abrahamism - are our greatest enemies.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

SWPE Writers: Respect the Copyright Laws.

SWPE is a Socialist organisation.  We campaign for a better society for the people of our country.  In a Socialist country, the basics of life are taken over by the State in order to free up the people to explore their potential.  Allocated housing which is not 'adequate' but is enough for a family to live comfortably, removes the stress of finding money to pay rent or to pay a mortgage.  The vision of SWPE is for every family in the coming Federal Socialist Republic of England and Cymru, to have a home where there is room to live and which has land enough to allow for self-sufficiency in food, with the voluntary sharing of produce with neighbours in the local community allowing for a wide variety of available food stuffs.  In addition, we envision the inclusion of workshops for every home, to allow every family to engage in productive activity for the purpose of boosting self esteem and enriching the culture of the entire nation at local level.

With this aim for the end of drudgery and the expansion of productive leisure, the individual and the family unit will be able to contribute to the culture of society.  This may be in the creation of works of art (painted, drawn, sculpted or otherwise made), or in the creation of music and dance, or in the use of the workshops as places of light industry, cuisine, or whatever the family concerned wish to use the workshop for.  Socialism isn't a system of servitude.  Unlike Capitalism, the ethos of Socialism is freedom from the spiritual and cultural poverty which is a part of material poverty.

The articles on this site are contributed by various writers.  Some people prefer to be named, others to remain anonymous.  That is for each writer to decide for himself or herself.  The published work is not always thoroughly scanned to make sure that copyright laws are respected, and this has not generally been a problem.  However, the inclusion of a single copyrighted image which the owner has not given explicit permission for us to use, can lead to costs being incurred.  When the writer does not pay for what she or he has misused, the responsibility goes to the organisation as a whole, leaving comrades to pay for the oversight of an individual who cannot pay the costs herself, or himself. SWPE writers do not tend to get into this mess, and only a comrade of poor calibre (worthy of fast becoming an ex-comrade!) would willingly allow for a fellow comrade to foot the bill for her mistake, or his.

Isn't Copyright a form of ownership and of control?  In some instances yes, but in the case of the protection of the property of the creators of work of cultural value, copyright has to be seen as a means for allowing the work of the individual to be widely seen, without impacting upon the earned income of the individual.  The anarchist, Proudhon, argued that property is theft. Proudhon's slogan has become popular with bourgeois elements who do not understand that Proudhon was speaking of the land for the production of unearned wealth through sale and leasing.  Proudhon didn't mean that the individual has no right to his or her own possessions.  SWPE is Socialist, not anarchist, so there is no contradiction in the desire for the maximum possible freedom alongside the total respect for the individual to have safety in the knowledge that his or her own possessions are exclusively his or hers.

With the specific issue of Copyright theft in regards to imagery obtained online, the following is a post (used with permission!) from the website of photojournalist, Lynda Bowyer:

Preserving the integrity of one's photographic work is something that I, along with countless other photographers, take seriously.  Very seriously.  Which is why this article caught my eye on PetaPixel today.
Rather than post a long piece about how much photography theft and copyright breach annoys me more than finding there's only one square of toilet tissue left on the roll, I'll leave it in the very capable hands of Cheri Frost from PetaPixel, who sums it up rather brilliantly here.
Lynda Bowyer Photography's work is digitally and in some cases visually watermarked to preserve copyright.  Thinking of using professional photographer's images without permission?  You might want to reconsider that...

The following is a letter from Lynda Bowyer to SWPE, which all of our current and potential contributers should read.  Lynda's livelihood is her work, and it would be anti-Socialist to steal the product of her honest labour.  Thank you again to Lynda for giving permission for the use of the above post and the following letter to help SWPE members and supporters to keep the importance of respecting the means of earned income of others.  We must not fall into the trap of attacking all forms of ownership with a brash disregard for the impact upon the well being of others, or the repercussions against ourselves should we become so arrogant or lazy that we behave in a manner unbecoming to the principles of Socialism.

For anyone using images either online or in print, there is a process of due diligence to ensure that the image is copyright free.  Most often, with either a reverse Google image search or using a free app called TinEye, you can check other instances of usage of the image.  The chances are, even if only a press syndication name is used in the attribution and not the name of the photographer as well, it'll be copyrighted.  You run the risk of both the agency AND the photojournalist coming after you.  Add court costs to it, and it gets rather messy - and costly.

I always advocate this to people - if they are ever in doubt, try to obtain your own images.  If you know you are going to run an article or a blog post on a specific matter, try to attend similar events and garner your own library so you are free to do whatever you wish with your own images.  Let's take the Donald Trump saga at present - a very political hot potato in terms of subject matter and, with the many demonstrations taking place at the moment in various cities around the UK, it'd be easy to click a few photos of your own doing.

Copyright infringement is a huge issue for today's working photojournalists, and costs many thousands in lost revenue, in addition to the further risk of infringed images then being further orphaned in the marketplace (people who, perhaps, saw your blog post would then lift the image of mine and re-purpose it for their own particular ends, or make a meme out of it).  It creates ever-increasing circles of infringement.

On the other hand, if sending someone out with a camera or smartphone to take photos of protests, demonstrations, social unrest etc is deemed too risky (or time consuming), then if all else fails - approach the relevant photojournalist whose photo you've taken a shine to.  Send them an email and ask permission to use it, stating clearly who you are, what you're about etc etc.  The chances are, if they are personally or politically sympathetic to your cause or mission then they may offer you use at a reduced rate.  If you're really lucky - they might offer you use of the image for free.  We don't bite, us press types.  We just like to preserve the integrity of our work - and it's value.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Holocaust, Holodomor, Hollow Propaganda

The 27th of January is an ordinary day with no special significance.  SWPE has a policy of opposing mind rotting religions.  For this reason, although this date has absolutely no value in itself, it has to be addressed for its central position in a most heinous piece of malicious propaganda, which is being used to create an atmosphere which s conducive to the destruction of sovereignty and to all barriers to globalisation.

In the early part of the twentieth century, a series of countries in Europe began to break free from the criminal Capitalist Banking System.  In 1917, one hundred years ago this October, Comrade Lenin led the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party to victory over the Tsarist regime.  In the 1920s, the leadership of the RSDLP passed to Comrade Stalin.  Stalin reversed many of the policies of Lenin, correcting mistakes which had been made in order to accommodate the liberal lunatics of the Mensheviks, headed by the Wall Street asset, Trotsky.  The Russian Revolution was designed to oust the Tsar and to make the penetration of Russia by globalist Capitalists far easier.  Trotsky was the key figure for the annihilation of free Russia, and Stalin was the man who did everything in his power to halt that.  The vilification of Stalin is revenge for his valiant attempts to stop the Trotskyite takeover of the USSR - an attempt hampered by Trotsky's OGPU/GPU/NKVD/KGB, which was sadly so entrenched that no matter what Stalin did, the poison of Trotsky could not be fully overcome.

For the crimes of restoring the importance of family, and even more for the crime of putting emphasis on sovereignty, the enemies of Socialism created the myth of the Holodomor to discredit the USSR under Stalin.  The Holodomor fable was concocted after the end of the Second World War, but did not become a widely distributed weapon against the anti-Capitalist (anti-Trotskyite) policies of Stalin, until 1987 when the infamous 'Harvest of Despair' was made, using imagery of the 1922-3 Volga Famine, twisted with mendacious propaganda to create the illusion that Stalin organised the famine as a means to murder dissidents.  Stalin was by no means an angel as can be seen by his free use of the Gulags, but he was not guilty of the genocide in the Ukraine.  The Holodomor is Capitalist propaganda to program an emotionally averse response to the name Stalin and to any positive examination of the ideals he embodied.

Although the Holodomor is painted as a 1920s massacre, it was not even heard of until after the Second World War, and it is eclipsed by the 1940s propaganda against the Socialist countries of Europe outside the USSR in the period up to 1945.  The most infamous propaganda in the twentieth century, which has become a religion for the twenty-first, is the idea that the people of Europe passively allowed the leadership of Germany to massacre 6 million Jews in 'gas chambers'.  The Holocaust is such a disgusting defamation of the character of the European people that it has to be protected by law, with many countries making it a crime to even question the details of the lies.

The Holodomor and the Holocaust are pieces of Hollow Propaganda which do not stand up to scrutiny.  They are emotionally charged, with the intention not to question the various strands of Socialist ideology, but to make these strands unpalatable by associating the figureheads with 'evil'.

Stalin stood for Socialism in One Country, making love of the Motherland, love of family, self respect, honour and duty, central to the lives of the people of the USSR.  He turned the ugly open borders bigotry of Trotsky on its head.  What is now referred to as 'Cultural Marxism' and the Social Justice Warrior phenomenon is Trotskyism, which is itself a negation of Marxism and is a tool of Global Capitalism.  Socialism has always been about doing what is best for the people - open borders is what is best of the corporations.

The Socialists who put the label 'National' as a qualifier for their interpretation of the ideology, have been even more vilified for opposing the total obliteration of sovereignty - even though groups like the Waffen SS were multi-cutural, multi-ethnic and multi-religious.  Pro-refugee, pro-Identity, anti-Borders ideology rests entirely on an emotional opposition to Sovereignty - which is why the Holo lies (domor and caust) are being pushed onto innocent naive minds at every opportunity.  The sickness which paints the quest for truth as 'anti-Semitic' hides the reality that there are ever more Jewish people speaking out against the propaganda which is assumed to be written for their benefit.

SWPE calls for the end of the Holo religion, with the laws prohibiting free research being abolished, and the temples of this insidious religion (so-called Memorial Museums) torn down and the very building blocks smashed into dust.  The propaganda of the last century has no place in the present one or any centuries to come.  The economics which thrive on open borders and the libeling of Sovereignty advocates as 'haters', has to be done away with forever.  Liberalism, Capitalism, Holoism - all these affronts to reason and sanity must be swept away, to make way for a free Socialist society in which the study of history is a part of the greater cultural drive for knowledge, and not something to be legally defined as acceptable and unacceptable thought.

Recommended reading:

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Socialisation of ALL Housing is needed to save the Working Class from Poverty, Sickness and Hunger

It is a necessity of life to be adequately housed.  Although there are people who prefer to live unconventionally, for the vast majority of people, homelessness, or the fear of homelessness, is a very real problem.

In the UK today, there are 18 million people who cannot afford the most basic of life's requirements. 18 million people live in homes which are inadequate or are not fit to be inhabited, cannot afford to heat the dwellings they struggle to pay to live in, and find it impossible to put decent and sufficient food on the table.

The tyranny of poverty has grown over the last 30 years, from 14% of the population surviving in conditions which are well below the acceptable standard of living, to a terrifying 33% (a third of the population) today being forced to live in ways which are unfit for human beings.  At the same time, deregulation, the spread of finance capitalism, and the enrichment of the Ruling Class and their accomplices, has made the UK a nation divided into haves and have nots.  The economy has doubled in size over the last 30 years, but the number of people in poverty has more than doubled.  Clearly, growth in GDP and GNP does not benefit the People as a whole, only those at the top, who achieve their wealth by exploiting the rest of us.

The Economic and Social Research Council commissioned the Poverty and Social Exclusion Report (2014), the findings of which make worrying reading for the Working Class of the UK.  28% of adults regularly skip meals so that children do not have to.  4 Million children and adults are malnourished, the overwhelming majority of whom are indigenous English, the children live with both parents and at least 1 sibling, and at least 1 parent works.  1 in 6 adults is in low paid employment, bringing in insufficient money to pay for food, heating and accommodation, being forced to cut down on the former, to pay for the latter.  Debt is rising at rates previously unheard of, with evictions and home repossessions soaring.  It is the indigenous English Working Class who are suffering most, although the indigenous Working Class of the rest of the UK are also faring badly.

5.5 million Working Class people cannot afford essential clothes, forcing them to wear clothes which one would have hoped to see consigned to a page of a Dickens' novel.  2.5 million Working Class children live in homes which are damp, putting them in danger of developing respiratory illnesses and other very dangerous forms of ill health.  1.5 million Working Class children live in homes which are not heated, adding to the dangers to health.  The indigenous English Working Class is treated like cattle by the Ruling Class, and those who collaborate with them in putting the pursuit of profit over the welfare of people.

SWPE is the Party of the English Working Class.  We have members who have come to us from the SWP, and they have told us of how that organisation is almost entirely a Bourgeois Middle Class operation, which panders to typical Middle Class liberal obsessions, and treats its few Working Class members as oddities, fit only for physical activities which the patronising Bourgeois 'class warriors' don't have the stomach for.  SWPE members don't need to read reports to tell us how hard life is for the Working Class.  We are Working Class, and we know what it is like to suffer.  Food Banks, Lack of Money, Hunger, Cold, Damp, Pathetic Wages, Loan Shark Interest Rates - these may be the stuff of theory to the hypocrites who control the SWP, fighting on issues which damage the Working Class, but for SWPE, these are parts of life which we are forced to endure thanks to the selfishness of others in our country who sneer at us for being poor, but do nothing to alleviate the problems we face.

The lack of decent and appropriate housing is the result of the Capitalist worship of Profit, and also of the Liberal obsession with Open Borders.  Capitalism requires mass unemployment to stop the People from asking for decent wages and decent working conditions.  The Capitalist is restricted and limited by Borders, which protect the indigenous population from competition in employment by people coming to the country, or taking jobs through outsourcing.  It is natural for people who despise their Working Class countrymen to have no concerns for the well being of people who will have their living standards reduced even further by unlimited immigration.  The despicable Capitalist is only obeying his lust for profit by calling for ends to immigration controls.  He may even profit by being a part of the industrial house building system, which thrives on the destruction of the countryside as easy and to build legoland housing on.  In any case, the fact of more people seeking accommodation, than the number of homes available, ensures that house prices are kept artificially high, effectively blocking the Working Class from home ownership and keeping rents at an unreasonably high rate.

Working in unison with the greedy Capitalists, the most vocal advocates of ending Sovereignty, are the ones who claim to be anti-Capitalist.  The Trotskyites and their fellow liberals demand that endless 'refugees' are allowed to come to the UK.  Sitting in their nice suburban homes, the Middle Class 'social justice warriors' are immune from the impact of immigration.  They do not have to live in squalid houses and flats in areas where the police fear to go.  They do not live in gated communities where the real world is kept firmly at bay.  It is easy to pontificate on the need for open borders and for the mass building of housing to accommodate the extra millions in population, when one can afford private medical care, elitist schooling and all the luxuries of the Middle Class lifestyle. It is totally different when one has to deal with the realities of overcrowded criminally-unsafe cities, an education system which enfeebles children, and an NHS which is dying alongside its patients - all factors worsened by an increasing population which the infrastructure and land of the country cannot cope with.

Housing is a fundamental requirement for humans.  In the UK there are an obscene number of properties which are under used.  Nobody can use two homes at the same time, yet second homes are a reality, and to make matters worse, the holiday homes for the rich tend to be located in areas of high unemployment for the local population, with the accompanying problems of homelessness and poverty.  The rich swan into areas they find pretty and relaxing, to use housing which they do not need, for brief periods in the year, while local people live in overcrowded and inadequate properties (if housed at all).  This is unacceptable and inhumane.

Landlordism is an even greater problem than the issue of second homes.  The Duke of Westminster owns 133,100 acres of land in Britain and half of the land in London, from which he extorts ground rent even from people who own the property which sits on that ground.  He is a landlord with so much property that his income has created a wealth in excess of £9 billion - none of it earned, none of it justifiable, all of it the result of inheriting the spoils of exploitation from father to son for generations.

Landlordism on a smaller scale than the Duke of Westminster's exploitation, has been boosted by the 'buy to rent' industry.  The practice of buying a home and then renting it out to tenants who not only pay the mortgage, but make the landlord a profit, is now commonplace.  It has resulted in property ownership becoming a way to make money doing nothing. In addition it has driven rents up and created economic misery for people who cannot afford to but one home, let alone a series of properties.

SWPE calls for an end to Landlordism in any form.  SWPE calls for the total socialisation of all housing and for the restoration of common land to the People.  Homes are for living in, not for making profit from.  We would abolish all rented housing, making the tenants owners.  We would abolish the buying and selling of housing, creating instead a system of occupancy transfer for people to swap their properties should they wish to relocate.  Ground rent is immoral and would be abolished without compensation.  People who own more than one home would be made to choose which home to live in, with the others being reallocated to people who actually need them.

The last of the landed aristocracy who still live in mansions and palaces which they gained through hereditary exploitation, would be relocated to ordinary accommodation to suit their needs according to family size, with the buildings themselves being turned into centres of cultural importance for the population of the country at large.

In a Socialist Society, everyone will be housed and no homes will be left empty.  There will be no such thing as rent or mortgages.  The only people who will lose out will be the bankers, finance industry, and people who have lived like parasites draining their fellow human beings of hard earned money (or for those who cannot find work, their much needed benefits) while they do nothing but collect payments they have undertaken no work to earn.

When this point is reached, the issue of immigration can be addressed.  But while even a single family or individual is unwillingly homeless, not a single new immigrant must be granted access to the housing stock.  We must fix our fundamental problems before we move on to other matters.