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In Honour of Martin Heidegger - Wilberg on Wednesday

“Questioning is the piety of thinking”; Martin Heidegger

Aphorisms in Honour of Martin Heidegger

To think as a philosopher is above all to question more deeply and meditatively.

What is most worthy of meditation is that which most of all invites deeper questioning.

Deep and challenging philosophical questions are the best gift a teacher - or anyone -  can receive.

A teacher, in any walk of life, is he or she who - more than any student - never stops questioning and therefore never stops learning something new from all that (s)he teaches, practices and experiences.

The best teachers: those who never stop asking the biggest and most basic philosophical questions - and who never stop discovering new questions even in their own answers.

How to stop learning: to follow any tradition, path, practice or school of thought without seeing the questions it was a response to - and the new questions it raises.

To seek is to quest. To quest means also to question. To cease to question is therefore to cease to seek and quest, to cease to seek new questions in one’s ‘answers’.

Without on-going questioning, a spiritual teachings can, at best, offer only a psychological ‘comfort zone’ - and at worst a promises to ‘free’ the seeker from any need for deeper questioning.

For someone to merely ‘agree’ with or ‘like’ my teachings is absolutely meaningless unless it awakens them to new and deeper philosophical questions.

As soon as our own being, self or life is no longer experienced as a question, we cease to fully ‘be’.

If Being itself were not itself and essentially a question, nothing and no one would exist or ‘be’.

If the supreme awareness were not itself faced with “the question of being”, i.e. of the possibility of nothing at all coming to be from within it - then there would be nothing at all.

Hence Heidegger’s most basic question of all: Why is there anything at all rather than nothing?

Every being is imbued with a fundamental will to be – a will that is still driven by this experience of being itself as a primordial question and not a simple ‘truth’ or ‘fact’.

A question – and in particular the question  - ‘the question of being’ - is that which most fundamentally vibrates in all that is, imbuing it with divine life and creativity.

What I most of all desire to hear and know from any reader, student or teacher: not what do you think or have experienced but what are your biggest, still-remaining questions?

What is ‘philosophy’ except a ceaseless digging for the deepest possible questions of existence?

The depth of wisdom and truth in any ‘philosophy’ or ‘teaching’ is therefore directly proportional to the depth of the questions with which it begins – and never ends.

What I teach: an awareness of every feeling, event or experience as a felt or experienced question.

Just as an artist experiences the creative process as a questioning process – feeling it as a question for example, where and how to place the next brush stroke, structure the next bar of music, phrase the next line of a poem etc., so is life itself an on-going creative process, driven by felt questions.

Only she or he who is always pregnant with or in the grip of a new question will forever give birth to new creative insights.

A question can also be compared to an unresolved chord in music. Hence the enormous power of music as a direct medium of philosophical questioning.

We must be able to let a question have and hold us in its wordless grip – as an unresolved tone or chord of feeling - before we can even begin to grasp it in words.

‘Philosophy’? What is that?

Philosophy is thinking itself as an art form – the capacity to freshly and creatively formulate in words and concepts, what begins as a wordlessly felt but unresolved tone or chord of feeling.  Yet feeling remains a more primordial mode of knowing - and of questioning  - than either language or imagery.

Philosophy is also the recognition that there is not one single religious, spiritual, scientific or philosophical  word or term - for example ‘God’, ‘Being’, ‘Self’, ‘Essence’, ‘Existence’,  ‘Spirit’, ‘Matter’,  ‘Energy’ - that is not in itself questionable and is therefore in itself a question.

Standing alone amidst a  multiplicity of spiritual, psychological and scientific teachings and their terminologies, the ever-vital and yet ever-more marginalised role of the philosopher is to teach the lost art of creative questioning – not least a questioning of the single word.

Therefore the philosopher will always be the ‘black sheep’ among those who do not question the very words or terms in which their beliefs or teachings are couched, and the deeper levels of meaning and awareness they may conceal.

‘Questioning' Staying with the simple awareness that there is always more to any word or concept, thought or thing, sensation or emotion, event or encounter, than we initially experience, understand or be aware of.

‘Questioning’.Expanding a time-space of awareness in which what would otherwise not occur or become aware to us, does occur and become aware to us.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Death by Prescription (Wilberg on Wednesday)

[Editor's introduction:  The Socialist ethos is one of seeking the best for the people.  Being addicted to medication or to any substances legal or oterwise, is detrimental to the individual, and this ripples into damage to Society.  Here is a post from Peter's website, Practical help is a vital part of Revolution.  If the following applies to you or anyone you know, you can find helpful information of the above linked site]

America’s opioid crisis is built on opiate based prescription pills such as Oxycodone — 80 percent of new heroin users start their habit this way. Once hooked, the addict typically exhausts all options to obtain more prescription pills, until heroin, then fentanyl, becomes the cheaper, more accessible option.

In 2016, more than 64,000 Americans died of an accidental drug overdose - now the LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH for those under the age of 50.

Powerful synthetic opioids like fentanyl are driving overdose rates so high that the death toll for 2017 is on track to eclipse 2016 by another half in some areas. Still, in 2015, nearly half of all opioid overdose deaths involved a prescription opioid, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Are you, a member of your family, or anyone you know, an actual or potential victim of a criminal and potentially life-destroying pandemic created by the pharmaceutical industry?

Answer the questions and read the information below to find out...

Have you or someone you know ever been prescribed one of a large class of drugs known as benzodiazepines and commonly called ‘benzos’?

If so, do you know that anyone who takes benzos, even for a very short period of 9 days or less, is at risk of developing a chronically disabling and life-destroying illness called ‘benzodiazepine dependency’ or ‘benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome’?

Do you know also that the symptoms of this illness include not only multiple illnesses but many types of physical pain and psychological suffering that have been ranked worse than the experience of war or even torture by army veterans, and worse than rape by rape victims? 

Do you or anyone you know experience symptoms of ‘benzodiazepine dependency’ - for example totally new or increased forms of anxiety in between doses (interdose symptoms), a resulting need to take their benzodiazepine drug more frequently and/or in higher doses, and/or great difficulty coming off the drug? This is a result of what is called ‘tolerance’ - a process by which a drug becomes physiologically less effective over time, so that higher doses of it or needed or withdrawal symptoms similar to those who discontinue a drug are experienced? 

Do you know that abrupt or over-rapid discontinuation of benzodiazepines, particularly after long-term use, can be fatal?

 Do you know that even those who slowly come of their benzodiazepine medication over a period of several years often not only experience horrific symptoms during this time - but may continue to suffer similar symptoms for a lifetime?

 "The biggest drug-addiction problem in the world doesn't involve heroin, cocaine or marijuana. In fact, it doesn't involve an illegal drug at all. The world's biggest drug-addiction problem is posed by a group of drugs, the benzodiazepines, which are widely prescribed by doctors and taken by countless millions of perfectly ordinary people around the world…”  Vernon Coleman   

But it is also important to understand that addiction to street drugs is quite different in nature from the type of dependency created by legal, prescription drugs. 'Addiction' is generally a craving or desire for the positive euphoric effects or ‘high’ created by using an illegal drug or alcohol. Benzodiazepine ‘dependency’ or ‘withdrawal syndrome’ is not an addiction in this sense, but a physical need for a drug - comparable to the need of a diabetic for insulin. Would you call a diabetic an ‘insulin addict’? More importantly - would you take a prescription drug if you knew or were told that it could quickly create a type of dependency far worse than the dependency of diabetics on insulin? Unfortunately, very few people who are prescribed benzos are warned or properly informed about the awful dependency it can so quickly create.

The fact is that a first-time benzodiazepine prescription, for whatever medical reason at all (muscle tension, sleep problems, anxiety, phobias or panic attacks) is a nothing less than a medical crime that should long have been banned, outlawed and punished by law. So also is unregulated repeat prescribing of benzos without warnings, diagnosis - or informed help and counselling if benzodiazepine dependency has already set in.

The crime of negligent benzodiazepine prescribing ruins lives. It can be compared to violent or sexual abuse of another person’s body. It is a form of medical rape, abuse and torture of patients that is then denied by the perpetrators: in this case the pharmaceutical corporations that created and still make huge profits from the mass marketing of benzodiazepines.

 See also

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Socialism without Nationalism is a Fraud and a Failure

Trotskyites and their modern descendants - the SJWs - are the enemies of Socialism.  Socialism is the reordering of Society for the betterment of the Nation.  Those who go to great pains to show that they are concerned with the plight of peoples far across the globe, and that this concern requires the compete ending of borders so that the entire world can make its ways to our shores - these people are not Socialists, they are lunatics, parasites and traitors.  It is the Working Class who suffer when mass immigration is used by the Capitalists to break organised labour power, to drive down wages, to undermine hard fought for Workers' Rights.  The globalists who want to see our borders gone, do not care about the damage they do to the Working Class.  They only care about how their Middle Class chums respond to their pathetic virtue signalling.  They are a menace which a Socialist society would have to sweep away.

True Socialism is Nationalist.  It isn't racist, chauvinistic or supremacist - it puts the Nation first, as a foundation stone for  better world of International Cooperation, in which free sovereign nations live side by side.  Nationalism in the Socialist understanding is anti-Globalist.  Capitalism and liberal/Trotskyism are two sides of the same coin - and we reject both.

The great Irish patriot, and Socialist Revolutionary, James Connolly wrote (in Shan Van Vocht, January 1897):

In Ireland at the present time there are at work a variety of agencies seeking to preserve the national sentiment in the hearts of the people.

These agencies, whether Irish Language movements, Literary Societies or Commemoration Committees, are undoubtedly doing a work of lasting benefit to this country in helping to save from extinction the precious racial and national history, language and characteristics of our people.

Nevertheless, there is a danger that by too strict an adherence to their present methods of propaganda, and consequent neglect of vital living issues, they may only succeed in stereotyping our historical studies into a worship of the past, or crystallising nationalism into a tradition – glorious and heroic indeed, but still only a tradition.

Now traditions may, and frequently do, provide materials for a glorious martyrdom, but can never be strong enough to ride the storm of a successful revolution.

If the national movement of our day is not merely to re-enact the old sad tragedies of our past history, it must show itself capable of rising to the exigencies of the moment.

It must demonstrate to the people of Ireland that our nationalism is not merely a morbid idealising of the past, but is also capable of formulating a distinct and definite answer to the problems of the present and a political and economic creed capable of adjustment to the wants of the future.

This concrete political and social ideal will best be supplied, I believe, by the frank acceptance on the part of ail earnest nationalists of the Republic as their goal.

Not a Republic, as in France, where a capitalist monarchy with an elective head parodies the constitutional abortions of England, and in open alliance with the Muscovite despotism brazenly flaunts its apostasy to the traditions of the Revolution.

Not a Republic as in the United States, where the power of the purse has established a new tyranny under the forms of freedom; where, one hundred years after the feet of the last British red-coat polluted the streets of Boston, British landlords and financiers impose upon American citizens a servitude compared with which the tax of pre-Revolution days was a mere trifle.

No! the Republic I would wish our fellow-countrymen to set before them as their ideal should be of such a character that the mere mention of its name would at all times serve as a beacon-light to the oppressed of every land, at all times holding forth promise of freedom and plenteousness as the reward of their efforts on its behalf.

To the tenant farmer, ground between landlordism on the one hand and American competition on the other, as between the upper and the nether millstone; to the wage-workers in the towns, suffering from the exactions of the slave-driving capitalist to the agricultural labourer, toiling away his life for a wage barely sufficient to keep body and soul together; in fact to every one of the toiling millions upon whose misery the outwardly-splendid fabric of our modern civilisation is reared, the Irish Republic might be made a word to conjure with – a rallying point for the disaffected, a haven for the oppressed, a point of departure for the Socialist, enthusiastic in the cause of human freedom.

This linking together of our national aspirations with the hopes of the men and women who have raised the standard of revolt against that system of capitalism and landlordism, of which the British Empire is the most aggressive type and resolute defender, should not, in any sense, import an element of discord into the ranks of earnest nationalists, and would serve to place us in touch with fresh reservoirs of moral and physical strength sufficient to lift the cause of Ireland to a more commanding position than it has occupied since the day of Benburb.

It may be pleaded that the ideal of a Socialist Republic, implying, as it does, a complete political and economic revolution would be sure to alienate all our middle-class and aristocratic supporters, who would dread the loss of their property and privileges.

What does this objection mean? That we must conciliate the privileged classes in Ireland!

But you can only disarm their hostility by assuring them that in a free Ireland their ‘privileges␁ will not be interfered with. That is to say, you must guarantee that when Ireland is free of foreign domination, the green-coated Irish soldiers will guard the fraudulent gains of capitalist and landlord from ‘the thin hands of the poor’ just as remorselessly and just as effectually as the scarlet-coated emissaries of England do today.

On no other basis will the classes unite with you. Do you expect the masses to fight for this ideal?

When you talk of freeing Ireland, do you only mean the chemical elements which compose the soil of Ireland? Or is it the Irish people you mean? If the latter, from what do you propose to free them? From the rule of England?

But all systems of political administration or governmental machinery are but the reflex of the economic forms which underlie them.

English rule in England is but the symbol of the fact that English conquerors in the past forced upon this country a property system founded upon spoliation, fraud and murder: that, as the present-day exercise of the ‘rights of property’ so originated involves the continual practice of legalised spoliation and fraud, English rule is found to be the most suitable form of government by which the spoliation can be protected, and an English army the most pliant tool with which to execute judicial murder when the fears of the propertied classes demand it.

The Socialist who would destroy, root and branch, the whole brutally materialistic system of civilisation, which like the English language we have adopted as our own, is, I hold, a far more deadly foe to English rule and tutelage, than the superficial thinker who imagines it possible to reconcile Irish freedom with those insidious but disastrous forms of economic subjection – landlord tyranny, capitalist fraud and unclean usury; baneful fruits of the Norman Conquest, the unholy trinity, of which Strongbow and Diarmuid MacMurchadha – Norman thief and Irish traitor – were the fitting precursors and apostles.

If you remove the English army to-morrow and hoist the green flag over Dublin Castle, unless you set about the organisation of the Socialist Republic your efforts would be in vain.

England would still rule you. She would rule you through her capitalists, through her landlords, through her financiers, through the whole array of commercial and individualist institutions she has planted in this country and watered with the tears of our mothers and the blood of our martyrs.

England would still rule you to your ruin, even while your lips offered hypocritical homage at the shrine of that Freedom whose cause you had betrayed.

Nationalism without Socialism – without a reorganisation of society on the basis of a broader and more developed form of that common property which underlay the social structure of Ancient Erin - is only national recreancy.

It would be tantamount to a public declaration that our oppressors had so far succeeded in inoculating us with their perverted conceptions of justice and morality that we had finally decided to accept those conceptions as our own, and no longer needed an alien army to force them upon us.

As a Socialist I am prepared to do all one man can do to achieve for our motherland her rightful heritage – independence; but if you ask me to abate one jot or tittle of the claims of social justice, in order to conciliate the privileged classes, then I must decline.

Such action would be neither honourable nor feasible. Let us never forget that he never reaches Heaven who marches thither in the company of the Devil. Let us openly proclaim our faith: the logic of events is with us.

These words were true 121 years ago, and can be seen as having been prophetic - for the modern Irish state is bourgeois, decadent and a celebration of degeneracy.  Connolly tried to warn the Irish people, but his words went unheeded.

A more recent voice of reason comes from Kim Jong Il, who stated (February 2017):

It is important to have a correct understanding of nationalism. Only when they have such an understanding can people achieve national unity, champion the interests of the nation and contribute to the shaping of its destiny.

Nationalism came into being as an ideology for defending the interests of a nation in the course of the latter’s formation and development. Although nations differ from one another in the period of their formation, every nation is a social community which has been formed and consolidated historically on the basis of a common kinship descent, language, residential area and culture, and is composed of various classes and strata. There is no person in any country or in any society who exists outside his or her nation, separate from it. Every person belongs to a class or stratum, and at the same time to a nation, endowing that person with both a national and a class character. Class character and national character and the demands of classes and nation are inseparable from each other. As a matter of fact, the classes and strata of a nation entertain different demands and interests owing to their different social and economic functions. However, all the members of a nation have the same stake in championing the independence and character of the nation and attaining national prosperity without distinction of the interests of their classes and strata. This is because the destiny of a nation is precisely the destiny of its individual members; in other words, the latter is dependent on the former. None will be happy with the sovereignty and honour of his or her nation being trampled upon and national character disregarded. It is the common ideological feeling and psychology of the members of a nation to love their nation, cherish its characteristics and interests, and yearn for its prosperity. Nationalism reflects this feeling and psychology. In other words, nationalism is an ideology that advocates love for the nation and defence of its interests. Since people carve out their destiny while living within the nation-state as a unit, genuine nationalism constitutes patriotism. The progressive nature of nationalism lies in the fact that it is a patriotic ideology which advocates the defence of national interests.

Nationalism emerged as a progressive idea along with the formation and development of each nation. However, it was understood in the past as an ideology that defends bourgeois interests. It is true that in the days of the nationalist movement against feudalism, the newly-emergent bourgeoisie, upholding the banner of nationalism, stood in the van of the movement.

At that time, the interests of both the masses of the people and the newly-emergent bourgeoisie were basically coincident in their struggle against feudalism. Therefore, the banner of nationalism seemed to reflect the common interests of the nation. As capitalism developed and the bourgeoisie became the reactionary ruling class after victorious bourgeois revolutions in various countries, nationalism was used as a means of defending the interests of the bourgeois class.

The bourgeoisie disguised their class interests as national interests, and used nationalism as an ideological instrument for solidifying their class domination. This led nationalism to be understood, among the people, as a bourgeois ideology that runs counter to the national interests. We should distinguish clearly between true nationalism that loves the nation and defends its interests and bourgeois nationalism that advocates the interests of the bourgeois class. Bourgeois nationalism reveals itself as national egoism, national exclusivism and big-power chauvinism in the relationship between countries and nations; it is reactionary in that it creates antagonism and disagreement between countries and nations, and checks the development of friendly relations between the various peoples of the world.

The original revolutionary theory of the working class failed to give a correct explanation of nationalism. It paid major attention to strengthening the international unity and solidarity of the working class all over the world-the fundamental problem in the then socialist movement-failing to pay due attention to the national problem. It went so far as to regard nationalism as an anti-socialist ideological trend, because bourgeois nationalism was doing great harm to the socialist movement. This is why progressive people in the past rejected nationalism, considering it incompatible with communism.

It is wrong to view communism as incompatible with nationalism. Communism does not advocate only the interests of the working class; it also advocates the interests of the nation-hence it is an ideology of loving the country and the people. Nationalism is also an ideology of loving the country and the people, as it defends the interests of the country and the nation. Love of the country and the people is an ideological emotion common to communism and nationalism; herein lies the ideological basis on which they can ally with one another. Therefore, there is no reason or ground to pit one against the other, and reject nationalism.

Nationalism does not conflict with internationalism. Mutual help, support and alliance between countries and nations-this is internationalism. Every country has its borders, and every nation has its identity, and revolution and construction are carried on with the country and nation as a unit. For this reason, internationalism finds its expressions in the relationships between countries and between nations, a prerequisite for which is nationalism. Internationalism divorced from the concepts of nation and nationalism is merely an empty shell. A man who is unconcerned about the destiny of his country and nation cannot be faithful to internationalism.

Revolutionaries of each country should be faithful to internationalism by struggling, first of all, for the prosperity of their own country and nation.

For the first time in history, the great leader President Kim Il Sung gave a correct explanation of nationalism, and elucidated the relationship between communism and nationalism and between communists and nationalists in his revolutionary practice of carving out the destiny of his country and people. He said that in order to be a true communist one must first become a true nationalist. With a determination to devote his life to his country and fellow-countrymen, he embarked on the road of revolution in his early years and created the immortal Juche idea, on the basis of which he established a Juche-oriented outlook on the nation, and scientifically expounded the essence and progressive character of nationalism. Through a correct combination of class character with national character and of the destiny of socialism with that of the nation, he realised an alliance between communists and nationalists, cemented the class and national positions of our socialism and led the nationalists to join the efforts for socialist construction and national reunification. Attracted by his broad magnanimity and noble personality, many nationalists took the patriotic road to national unity and national reunification, making a clean break with their erroneous pasts. Kim Ku, a life-long anti-communist, allied with communists, a patriotic changeover, in the twilight of his life, and Choe Tok Sin, a nationalist, was able to find salvation as a patriot in the leader’s embrace. The great leader treasured and championed the independence not only of our nation but also of the peoples of the rest of the world. He devoted all his efforts to the cause of making the whole world independent, as well as to the Korean revolution. We can say that there has been no man in the world as great as him, who devoted his whole life to the nation’s independence and prosperity, and a bright future for mankind. He was the most steadfast communist and, at the same time, a peerless patriot, true nationalist and paragon among internationalists.

I also assert, as the leader instructed, that one must be an ardent patriot, a true nationalist, in order to become a genuine revolutionary, a communist. The communist who fights for the realisation of the independence of the masses of the people must first of all be a true nationalist. Those who fight for their people, their country and their homeland are genuine communists, true nationalists and ardent patriots. Those who do not love their own parents, brothers and sisters cannot love their country and compatriots. Likewise, those who do not love their own homeland and people cannot become communists.

We are inheriting with fidelity the great leader’s noble idea of loving the country, the nation and the people, and making every effort to rally all the sections of the nation by dint of all-embracing politics, and lead them to the road of patriotism.

It is not communists but imperialists who oppose nationalism and place obstacles in the way of the independent development of nations at present. The imperialists are manoeuvring cunningly to realise their dominationist ambition on the plea of “globalization” and “integration.” They claim that the ideal of building a sovereign nation-state or the love for country and nation is a “national prejudice lagging behind the times,” and “globalization” and “integration” are the trend of the times in the present situation, when science and technology are developing rapidly and economic exchanges between countries are being conducted briskly on an international scale. Today, when every country and nation is carving out its own destiny with its own ideology, system and culture, there can never be a political, economic, ideological and cultural “integration” of the world. The manoeuvres of the US imperialists for “globalization” and “integration” are aimed at turning the world into what they call a “free” and “democratic” world styled after the United States, and thus bringing all countries and nations under their domination and subordination. The present era is one of independence. Human history is propelled by the struggle of the masses of the people for independence, not by the dominationist ambition and aggressive policy of the imperialists. The manoeuvres of the imperialists for “globalization” and “integration” are doomed to failure, as they are opposed by the vigorous efforts of the world’s peoples aspiring after independence.

We should resolutely oppose and reject the manoeuvres of the imperialists for “globalization” and “integration,” and staunchly fight to preserve the excellent characteristics of our nation and safeguard its independence. We frequently emphasise the Korean-nation-first principle so as to preserve the national character and defend the independence of the nation.

We in SWPE are Left-wing Nationalists.  We love our country, we love our People.  This love is what makes us Socialists, it is what makes us Internationalists against Globalisation and Imperialism. 

There is no contradiction between Patriotism and Socialism.  Indeed the two are so intertwined that the absence of either makes an ideology of absurdity.

For Class and Nation.  For Closed Borders and an Internationalism built on Mutual Respect and Clearly-defined Immutable Sovereignty.

Friday, 5 January 2018

Facebook: A Warning and a Suggestion

Facebook isn't exactly a positive place to be.  It is undoubtedly a data-mining operation used by the CIA and other security services to gather information on its users.  In the old days 'spies' had to spend a great deal of time and effort to gather information on people the State were not happy with.  Now Facebook users handover that information voluntarily!

Facebook users give out details such as:

  • Name
  • Political Views
  • Friends and Associates ('known associates' in police jargon)
  • 'Hate-thoughts' (often exposed in the form of jokes about officially favoured in groups)
  • Likes and dislikes (by clicking a single button, a lot of information is given over)
Facebook is a dangerous place.  People have gone to prison for liking a proscribed idea, or not liking an officially mandated one.

Be careful when you use Facebook.  Only do so if it is useful to the cause.  Keep away from frivolous activity which can be joined together and used against you.

That said, there are some interesting pages/groups on there, which if approached with mind to the fact that the State IS watching, can still be useful.

One such group has the description:

This group is focuses on various ideologies combining social justice for the working class with national patriotic feeling. It discusses Perónism, Gaddafi's Third Universal Theory, Strasserism, National Bolshevism, Ba'athism, Nasserism, Prussian Socialism, Nouvelle Droite, German Conservative Revolution, Fourth Political Theory, National Syndicalism, and other related movements.
The group goes by the name 'Patriotic Socialist Ideology'.  If you find that intriguing, pop by and have a look.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

UK Government: TPP prostitutes for Monsanto

The UK Government has stated a desire for the UK to be signed up to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) after Brexit.  This has only received a little media coverage, with the emphasis being on the irrationality of leaving a trading bloc which is centred on Europe, to join one centred on the Pacific.

When the people of the UK voted by a substantial majority to leave the EU, we did so because we wanted our Sovereignty back.  The likes of Tim Farron have a point that leaving one Globalist Bloc to join another is pointless - but the Liberal Democrat MP is a Europhile, and does not speak from a desire for the UK to be free, but from a desire for the EU to remain master over us.

The TPP is more than a building block of the planned One World State.  It is certainly a body which is being prepared to slot in the manner of a jigsaw puzzle with other multinational trading blocs.  But more than this, the TPP is a far worse organisation than the EU.  It has within it a system of regulations which will make those countries which are controlled by it, unable to resist the toxicity of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).  The Globalist corporation, Monsanto is driving anti-natural measures which will eradicate real farming.  GMO seeds are designed so that they produce crops only once.  The farmer must buy new seeds from Monsanto every time he or she sews seeds - this gives total power over life and death to the corporations, and makes self-sufficiency impossible.  Controlling the basic food supply is absolute tyranny.

The linking up of Monsanto (the company which makes a massive profit from creating toxic food) with Bayer (the pharmaceutical giant which makes a massive profit from selling drugs to 'treat' cancer) is an absolute outrage which everyone must wake up and see.  The UK Government has forced the extremely dangerous to health 'Fracking' system of acquiring shale gas on to the people of Lancashire - totally contrary to the democratic wishes of the people.  The despicable MPs who have ridden roughshod over the health of the people in this respect, now seek to line their own pockets by pushing the UK into the TPP, which will make food unsafe for all but the super-rich who can afford to buy Organic crops.  This is an attack on the Working Class of the UK and all nations which submit to the TPP.

The UK Government is committing treason against the British People.  We did not vote to leave the EU, just to be shunted into a different part of the Global State.  We certainly did not give our permission for our hard won Workers' Rights, our Health, and our Land and Nature to be destroyed so that the Global Ruling Class can make even more profits as we sink into absolute poverty and are crushed physically as well as financially.

We have to fight the TPP.  We have to stop Bayer, Monsanto and all the other criminal corporations.  This cannot be achieved by words alone.  Yes there is a place for protests, and yes we must awaken as many people as possible to the dangers which the treacherous UK Government is seeking out for us.  But more than this, we have to engage in Direct Action to prevent our enemies from getting their way.  They will not listen to us telling them that we don't want toxic food - this is evident by their ignoring our refusal to allow fracking.  They will push their agenda as long as we fail to attack them where it hurts - by hitting their profits.

Around the world, people are burning GMO crop fields.  People are destroying stocks of Baby Formula containing Monsanto poison.  In Hungary, GMO fields have been destroyed in massive numbers and the State has taken measures to halt the spread of GMO faming - which has of course been one of the reasons why the enemy of humanity, George Soros, has taken to attacking that nation.  Sadly the UK is governed by people who willingly serve the likes of Soros, and we can expect only their subservience to the GMO agenda. 

SWPE doesn't take the call to Direct Action lightly.  There are risks to attacking the corporations. But the greatest risk comes from putting faith in protest, and in the illusion of democracy.  Our enemies are at war with us, and they are winning their war because the majority of ordinary people are doing nothing to stop them.  This has to change.

Smash Monsanto.  Destroy GMOs wherever they are found.  Ruin their profits.  Where greedy kulak-variety farmers use GMOs and put profits above people, destroy their livelihoods.  Take such actions that the media cannot ignore them, and the corrupt politicians cannot carry our their dirty work without being exposed.  We must not allow the UK to join the TPP.  We must join with people worldwide to stop the TPP in its tracks.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Some New Year's outrage - and some humour too (Wilberg on Wednesday)

The outrage first: What the article below effectively reports is that no less than 1 out of 5 supposed 'scroungers' (i.e. the sick, hence economically unproductive and therefore humanly unworthy) have attempted suicide in the last ten years - double the figure in 2007.

This is most likely due to them having been made more ill through the transition from IB to ESA - above all through acute anxiety and stress created by the DWP's infamous and maliciously designed Work Capacity Assessment form - something like a skewed 11 plus exam for sick adults - except that if you fail it you may end up not only sick but penniless and homeless.

The article also reveals that near-on 50% of disability claimants have been completely deprived of their benefits through the new PIP system - whilst the private companies paid to 'assess' both ESA and disability claims claw in millions scrounge millions off. That these new attempted suicide figures are not headline news in the MSM is a crime in itself.

Capitalism kills - and not just through war and poverty but through effectively reducing sickness to economic deviance - punishable by the actual or threatened deprivation of all economic support - even though this can and all-too-often does acutely or chronically worsens the very illness or condition they are claiming benefits for.

It's not enough that a person is sick. They must be shamed, made to beg for an existential 'safety net' riddled with deliberately planted holes - even if this means living in fear of losing the very foundations of their social existence.

No wonder so many come to feel that the only way of preserving their human dignity is by taking their lives.

Is this not proof, if ever it was needed, that capitalism not only makes large numbers of people sick, but then cynically seeks to discharge all responsibility for their sickness to the medical profession - and then scapegoat to the 'sinful' sick themselves.

The humour: This is from the site of highly erudite and intelligent young Croatian philosopher whom I actually disagree with on most points (he is fiercely anti-gnostic and anti-Duginist) but whose site and YT channel - Kali Tribune - I follow and find interesting just for this reason. Nevertheless he has a great sense of irony and humour, as evidenced below - hope you get a laugh out of it:)

Think tanks, EU and NATO institutions … what do they all have in common? A specific and elaborate language deceptively familiar to the ear yet not so easy to understand in it’s inherent subtlety. To make reading of future texts on Kali Tribune easier, we offer our readers a short and concise dictionary of some key terms.

Change – Chaos

Public outcry – NGO report

Chaos – stable political situation when NGO reporting (n) is n<1

Managing Change – Inciting, maintaining and exploiting Chaos

Jobs & Growth – Glass pearls of various colours that dangle appealingly when your shake them before stupefied native’s faces

Challenge – Catastrophe

Catastrophe – When Challenge is not taken

Migration – Amalgam of Change, Jobs & Growth and Challenge that is always more than sum of it’s parts

Middle East – Ground zero

Europe – Soon to be Ground zero

“More Europe” – Less Europe

“Less Europe” – Not gonna happen

Brexit – Elaborate joke

Business community – Hip club with cool Masonic vibe

Terrorism – Critically acclaimed prime time TV show

Crisis – Challenge getting real challenging

Refugees crisis – see Challenge, Crisis, Migration

Democracy deficit – National sovereignty of (n>0) degree

Egoism – see National sovereignty

Barbed wire on borders (“unacceptable”, “not a solution”, “like Middle Ages”, “Nazi”) – NGO’s being underfunded, see Sovereignty, Egoism

Holocaust – God that made it big time (see, Business community)

Right-wing politician – Public official exercising a (n) degree of autonomous decision making if and only if n>0

Vladimir Putin – A paedophile who fathered all Right wing politicians

Climate Change – Unobservable fact that doesn’t exist but undeniably looms over us all

Hate speech – Opening of the mouth with firm resolve to deny someone a blowjob

ISIL, ISIS – Eden Capwell & Cruz Castillo , see Terrorism

Sustainable development – Ascending by descending

UN summit on (…) – International gaming convention

Think Tank – People in suits typing on laptops

NATO – Media corporation from Brussels, see Terrorism, ISIL, Challenge, Change

Deconstructing of (Syria, Afghanistan, EU …) – A prime time NATO soap opera based on Think Tank typing the script, see Challenge, Change

Mindless bloodshed – Same as Deconstructing of (…) but without end credits

Tolerance – Change of indigenous people, see Challenge

UN Agenda (insert number) – Recyclable toilet paper

Open market – Fairytale, see Climate Change, Business community, Jobs & Growth

Liberalisation – Business community hosting a live gig while charging audience a ticket to get out

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

It is time for Parliament to close its doors, and for the self/business-serving MPs to go

The following article from the CPB-ML accurately describes the foul state of Parliament today, and the urgent need for that den of liars and thieves to be overthrown.  The mention of Cromwell as a heroic figure is not something we agree with - the man was a puritan and war criminal.  His actions against Ireland are infamous, as was his zeal for dealing with 'heretics'.  This article (from Workers Issue 63) states a much needed and little spoken truth - that to save the UK,  Reform is Futile, and Revolution is Vital.  The figure chosen to illustrate the point is not one SWPE would have chosen, but nevertheless, the article itself is a must read:

We need a Cromwell now

There are few more nauseating sights in politics than that of ardent pro-Remain MPs standing up for their constitutional right to “scrutinise” Brexit-related legislation. For they are, virtually to a woman or man, the same MPs who spent years nodding through a flood of EU laws.

Such a torrent, indeed, that whole articles, books and doubtless PhD dissertations have been devoted to working out how many legal acts the European Union has produced to be incorporated into British law or British social and commercial practice.

No scrutiny
Rough estimates suggest between 1,000 and 2,000 pieces of EU legislation each year for the past 25 years, and goodness knows how many before that. All of it has had to pass through the House of Commons European Scrutiny Committee – a task so overwhelming that around two-thirds of all proposed EU legislation is accepted with no further action or comment (according to the House of Commons Information Office, Factsheet L11).

Now consider that the Scrutiny Committee has just 16 MPs. You’d think in a parliament where around 70 per cent of the members voted Remain that they would be clamouring for a seat to scrutinise all this vital legislation. Actually, no. In the current committee, just 5 of the 16 are Remainers. That’s how much they care for parliamentary scrutiny.

All of which sets a little bit of context for the vote in parliament on Wednesday 13 December, when by 309 votes to 305 they hobbled the government’s ability to negotiate the way in which Britain will leave the European Union.

“Theresa May has resisted democratic accountability. Her refusal to listen means she will now have to accept parliament taking back control,” said erstwhile opponent of the EU Jeremy Corbyn. This from a parliament that has for decades ceded control to Brussels.

Meanwhile, in an act of the deepest political dishonesty, Remainers from all parties took to the airwaves to declare that the vote to Leave the EU was all about returning sovereignty to Westminster, and here’s an example of it.

Only the most cynical kind of politician could claim that the great referendum vote was about making Westminster sovereign. It was about bringing control back to Britain.

It was the people who voted to take back control. Yes, control in parliament, but only to the extent that the elected representatives of the people carry out the will of the people.

And the will of the people is absolutely clear. In the largest single vote for anything in the history of British politics, the people said, “We want to leave the EU.” Not, “We want to leave the EU but still be subject to EU laws.” Not, “We’d like to leave the EU but only if parliament has spent years mulling it over and agreed that we can.”

To be clear: electing representatives does not of itself make a system democratic. True democracy – the word means rule of the people – is a system of rule where the people’s preferences govern public policies. It requires elected bodies and elected officials to carry out the people’s will without imposing their own preferences.


Self-important MPs – and there are plenty of those – must be made to understand that any sovereignty that parliament holds is merely on loan from the people. The people are sovereign over parliament. Those who depart from the principle that parliament derives its authority from the people, and must serve the people, are on a road that leads to fascism. They have forfeited the right to rule.

It’s not the first time parliament has stood in the way of progress. In 1653 Oliver Cromwell famously told the so-called Rump Parliament to quit. “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately ... Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!” he told them. Soon after a sign appeared on the doors: “This House is to be let: now unfurnished.”

We need a Cromwell now.

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