Monday, 26 September 2016

Is Corbyn's victory good news for True Socialists?

Jeremy Corbyn has once again won the leadership of the UK Labour Party.  His victory comes after a battle for power which began immediately after the UK democratically voted to quit the globalist entity known as the European Union.  The Parliamentary Labour Party gave Corbyn a resounding vote of no confidence, with 172 MPs stating that he was unfit to lead the party, and 40 disagreeing with the overwhelming majority.  Now, the Constituency Labour Party has over-ruled that vote of no confidence, and returned him to the top position, proving that the CLP and PLP are two separate parties in all but name.

The Labour Party now finds itself in the awkward position where the majority of ordinary members back a leader who calls for the implementation of Socialist methods to solve the problems facing the UK, while the majority of elected MPs are fervent Capitalists who would be better suited in the Conservative Party.  The membership and the MPs despise one another. Not a recipe for success in any organisation!

But what of Jeremy Corbyn and the grass roots Momentum pressure group which has kept him at the top?  Are these people the heroes of the Working Class?  Should we all dissolve our own organisations and join the Labour Party to fight for the Revolution with Corbyn at the helm?  Let's have a look at what the man stands for...

Corbyn is correct on the issue of NATO.  He has quite rightly referred to the North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation as an 'engine for the delivery of oil to the oil companies and the major nations of the world'.  He could have added that NATO is the military branch of the Globalist Banking Network. SWPE shares his view that NATO should 'shut up shop, give up, go home and go away'.  SWPE firmly believes that sovereignty must belong 100% to the nation and that all globalist entities should be closed down.  We campaigned to get the UK out of the EU (and we continue to campaign to make sure the People's commands are obeyed), and we similarly campaign for the UK to get out of NATO, the UN, the Commonwealth and all other sovereignty usurping organisations.

Corbyn is anti-Trident, although he hasn't come out as saying that he would kick the US occupation forces out of the UK if he was Prime Minister.  Corbyn is a bit wishy-washy on this issue, which is a cause for concern.  He speaks against Trident but will not force through its removal as a matter of priority.  SWPE says close down all foreign military bases on UK soil and end all American, European and other foreign involvement in the defence of the country.  We demand that our people are defended by our own military and for the benefit of our people alone.  We would scrap Trident and bring in a People's Army of which every citizen would be a part.  

Our symbol is the Sword and Sickle, emphasising the importance of the right and ability of the nation to defend itself from all who would subjugate us or otherwise bring us down.  Corbyn's motivation is a pacifist one (which we applaud), but one born of the na├»ve faith in the natural kindness of humanity. This is a faith that befuddled liberals suffer from but Socialists who fight against the opportunistic sickness of Capitalism, understand to be nonsense.  We agree with Corbyn that Trident must go, but we wholly oppose the lunatic concept that everything will be nice and peaceful if only nasty weapons are done away with and we show to the world how peaceful we are by totally disarming ourselves. Such nonsense is to be expected from a drug-addled hippy or from a religion-soaked clergyman, but to a sane, rational and sober mind, is simply stupid.

Corbyn is on firmer ground (!) with regards to Fracking.  Like Corbyn, SWPE opposes fracking in its entirety. The method of extracting gases from beneath the ground has been proved to cause environmental damage, including destruction of wildlife and pollution of water.  We stand shoulder to shoulder with Corbyn on this issue and applaud him for bringing a very important matter out of the shadows of fringe politics, and into the bright glare of the mainstream.  Frackers are murdering nature for profit, and anyone who finds that acceptable is as guilty of crimes against life itself as are those who commission or perform the drilling.

Corbyn has called for the minimum wage to be raised to £10 per hour.  This is madness.  Hiking the minimum wage in a vain attempt to keep wages rising with prices is to accept the inevitability of inflation and to thus keep the economy at the mercy of market forces.  The UK minimum wage is already the highest in Europe and it is this factor which attracts vast numbers of immigrants, who come to our country to earn money to send back home, thus transferring money away from the motherland.  SWPE proposes fixed wages and fixed prices, eliminating inflation altogether as the value of work and of goods remain constant.  We propose that levels be fixed as low as is possible, so that coming to the UK to earn money to send home makes no sense, thus disincentivising economic migration.

Corbyn also favours a return to collective bargaining for wages.  SWPE opposes this reactionary politics as a step backwards.  Fixed prices and wages mean that Trades Unions are no longer a necessity as everything will be regulated for the benefit of the nation.  Corbyn's proposed 50% super tax for the ultra rich misses the point that in a Socialist society, there will be no rich and no poor, only the People working together for the good of all.  His lip service to Cooperatives misses the point that a Socialist society would be one big Cooperative, with every Worker, no matter what colour collar, being an owner of the enterprise he or she works in.  Corbyn's economics are Trotskyite and have no place under true Socialism.

Corbyn has stated that he wants the UK to increase the number of 'syrian refugees' we are forced to accept, from 20,000 over the next 4 years to an undisclosed number, and that he would increase foreign aid if elected, transferring even more money from the downtrodden Working Class into the hands of freeloaders who want to live for free at our expense.  Considering that Corbyn is a self-confessed globalist, with a no borders ideology, we could expect a Corbyn government to be the UK's answer to the hated Merkel of Germany, opening the borders to teeming millions, attracted by an insanely high minimum wage, and free everything to anyone who can get here.  

Corbyn's economics are frankly, bollocks.  The NHS is already collapsing under the strain of healthcare tourists, the green and pleasant land is disappearing under a sea of concrete shit, with faceless estate after estate swallowing up our glorious countryside.  Middle Class Trotskyite scum such as the Momentum group who have pushed their own boy to the top of the Labour party, do not have to live in areas wrecked by immigration.  They do not have to fear for their jobs, fear for their safety, fear for their future.  The Working Class are the ones who suffer the violence of criminal gangs who come into our country for the generous handouts and the culturally marxist (liberal) legal system which calls anyone who proposes migration controls a racist.

SWPE is glad to see the election of Corbyn as it will smash the tory Blairite Labour party and allow the liberals and Trotskyites to hang themselves in the eyes of the public, and allow the banner of True Socialism to rise up, without the middle class hangers on being allowed to infect it with their hippy one world brotherhood of man bullshit.  Corbyn thinks the solution to mohamedan sexism is for sharia compliant women only carriages on trains.  Corbyn is a serial adulterer now on his third wife. He is a middle class trotskyite globalising open borders liberal idiot.  Thankfully, nobody outside middle class liberals in lunatic London supports this creature.  SWPE will not be dissolving to join the trots in Corbyn's Labour.

So is his election good for Socialists?  No. As long as Trotskyites are allowed to use our name to push their sickness, Corbyn will be a blight on our movement.  But as all SWPE activists know, Trotskyites are not Socialists, and just like the Menshevik scum in Russia, once pushed into the spotlight, they cannot help but be exposed as the enemies of the Working Class, and like the Mensheviks they too will become a footnote of history.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

After 9/11, Fifteen Years of Imperialistic Terror

On 11.09.01 (9/11/01 in US English), the World Trade Centre and the US military headquarters in the Pentagon were attacked by terrorists.  The official story was of hate-filled lunatics attacking the US because they were jealous of its freedoms.  The official story was a cynical lie to push forward the Globalist aims of Finance and Corporate Capitalism.

The US government claimed the culprits behind the WTC atrocity were mohamedan extremists operating from Afghanistan. They then duly bombed and occupied Afghanistan to capture CIA operative Tim Osman, aka Al Qaeda frontman Osama Bin Laden, overturned the legitimate rule of the Taliban in Afghanistan, placing their own Opium-growing stooges in charge.  The Dollars have been rolling in ever since, as the Heroin trade has boomed beyond levels previously unimaginable.  Afghanistan was invaded and occupied for Capitalist profits.

In 2003 the US moved on to Iraq, claiming that Saddam Hussein had 'weapons of mass destruction.' War Criminal Tony Blair lied the UK into joining the Global Terrorist assault, capitalising on the staged 7/7 murders in 2005.  The global OIL corporations stole the Oil of Iraq and made a killing on the back of the deaths of thousands of Iraqis.  The US claimed that Saddam Hussein was working with Al Qaeda, even though he had fought hard to destroy such terrorist groups in his country. Iraq was invaded and occupied for Capitalist profits.

In 2011 the US invaded Libya to destroy the ambitions of the Libyan people to break Africa away from the vultures of the IMF.  A free Libya was a threat to global banking. Occupied Libya was robbed of its OIL, Minerals and all material wealth.  Libya was invaded and occupied for Capitalist profits.

The US Ruling Class, in collusion with the Ruling Class of the UK, EU, Saudi Arabia and other countries, staged the 9/11 murders, the follow-up atrocities in London, Madrid, Mumbai, and the propaganda against nations which did not submit to Global Capitalism.  Real people died, and are still dying.  All the terrorist events since 9/11 have been orchestrated to increase the power of the Global Ruling Class and to boost Capitalist profits.

The ongoing invasion of Syria is of the same variety of lie as all the others.  Syria did not fall as was expected, and so the NATO vermin added a new weapon to their arsenal.  That weapon is the CIA creation, Islamic State.  Syria does not have a Central Bank which is a part of the Global system, and for this reason it is being attacked mercilessly.  Should it fall, only the free nation of the DPRK will remain outside the stranglehold of Global Finance Capitalism.  Syria is being ruined was to increase Capitalist profits.

The refugee situation in Europe is a weapon to destabilise the EU so that it will fall easily into the hands of the Globalist menace.  The refugees poring in from Africa are fleeing from poverty created by the IMF and terrorists created by the CIA's stooges of Boko Haram.  Those fleeing Syria are doing so to escape the CIA's Islamic State.  The CIA is the intelligence wing of the Global Capitalist disease.  Boko Haram, Islamic State and the Refugee crisis are creations of the Global Ruling Class, to terrify the Working Class worldwide and to drive down wage demands in the refugee flooded west, all for Capitalist profits.

9/11 was a part of the ongoing war for Global Governance and Ruling Class supremacy.  Ordinary people suffered, died and others continue to do the same.  SWPE says stop believing the propaganda of the Ruling Class and take the fight to the real foe.  Bombing Syria won't save anyone.  The Revolution does not see any point in attacking our enemies outside our shores, but relishes the day when a Banker, Stockbroker, Politician, Journalist, NATO officer hangs in every street of every village, town and city in the EU, UK, USA.   Rise up and fight the liars and thieves who have brought so much harm to the world. The real terrorists wear the suits of officialdom and must be made to pay for what they have done.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Localist AND Inter-nationalist

August was a quiet month for this site, but an interesting month for SWPE.  We have forged links with comrades in Central America and Asia Minor, giving our organisation an international presence.  Until now, we have only had links with people of European origin, albeit right across the globe.  Reaching out to (and being reached out to by) people of very different origins has been a logical step for us, as we support the struggle for freedom of all peoples.

Many people will happily chant the Free Tibet mantra (which we applaud) but then baulk at the very idea of chanting Free England!  SWPE chants both!  More than this, we chant Freedom for Everyone! SWPE is proud of the opportunity to link up with like-minded peoples of diverse cultures and ethnicities, who share with us a defiance of Globalism.  The Capitalist machine does not respect countries, cultures or peoples. To effectively derail the common enemy of humanity, we must work together, not Globally, but Inter-nationally, and to do this we must understand the difference between the two terms which are all too often regarded as interchangeable.

The fight against Globalisation and Universalism has to one which is fought in every corner of the world.  To achieve local freedom, we have to smash the entire Globalist system.  This is an objective which may seem impossible, and indeed is impossible when undertaken from a perspective which does not go beyond local boundaries, but when approached as an international struggle, it is not.

SWPE is avowedly opposed to the Universalist religion.  It will undoubtedly appear strange that we oppose the existence of the Universalist faiths in our own lands, but we are more than happy to work with people who practice them in other lands.  We are not Imperialists and have no desire to attempt to impose our ways on other peoples who have their own patterns of thinking.  Working alongside people who seek to model their societies upon their own spiritu-cultural backgrounds does not mean that we  have become supporters of the religions practiced by these people.  Cultural Muslims, Cultural Jews, Cultural Sikhs, Cultural Hindus, even Cultural Christians, have a right to enjoy their cultures, so long as they do not pursue a Globalist agenda of making all of us bow down to their ideologies.

We seek a free England in which none of the Universalist religions will have a place, and we celebrate the demise of Christianity in our country.  Ideally all of the Universalising religions in every part of the globe will fall into the pages of history as dead superstitions, but that is for the peoples of individual nations to decide, and not for us to try to achieve. To behave in such a manner would make us as bad as the Globalisers, and a part of the problem afflicting all peoples, not a part of the solution.
Our central focus is upon what is best for our people, and that has to include freedom from religious ideologies which are a poison to us, and which have been used to keep us in a position of subordination to authority.

Christianity is a tool of the Ruling Class to keep us scared of rebellion against their rule for fear of some hocus pocus punishment in the afterlife. The power of Christianity is waning, and so the Ruling Class (including the pope) is turning to the religion of Islam to fulfill the task of keeping the people in fear of the possibilities which freedom of thought can bring.  We can see that Christianity is a lie, and that Islam is just a different variation and continuation of it.  Our new comrades who live in Islamic countries may disagree with us on the issue of spirituality, but we stand shoulder to shoulder on the issues of Imperialism, Capitalist Exploitation and Militarism, and at this juncture in history, it matters more that we unite on the bigger issues than that we allow ourselves to be divided on what are really secondary matters.

Greetings to those with whom we are happy to march, no matter where they may be.  The Revolution will by necessity be different in every nation, but by making it an Inter-national reality, we can keep the Globalisers from taking us down one country at a time, as they have done to the countries of North Africa and South America, and the Middle East.  Rising up as one, we can halt the terrorists of NATO, by ensuring that they have nowhere safe to operate from.

Freedom from Globalism means Freedom for all nations, and a new era of Inter-national cooperation, of free sovereign countries, free to enjoy their own cultures, religions (or lack of religion), and ways of life.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

SWPE: Socialists Against Imperialism and Colonisation

Regressive liberalism, Trotskyism and Marxist Revisionism have done a lot to harm the name of Socialism.  Socialism in its perverted and corrupted form has become a tool of the forces of globalisation, and in so becoming, a tool of the enemies of the Working Class.

The destructive and negative anti-Socialist forces hiding in our clothes include the vast majority of the fake Left, as well as many religious institutions, including the Roman Catholic Church.  The Pope, the entire political apparatus of the EU and UK, anti-racist fetishists, self-promoting 'minority' groups, all sit hand in glove with corporate Capitalists, the World Bank, IMF, UN and the terrorists of Islamic State and NATO, to promote the idea of Globalism and an end to Borders.  This isn't 'freedom', this is Imperialism and Colonialism on a Global scale.

SWPE is Socialist in the truest sense. We seek the re-creation of our homeland in which our People as a whole will live side by side in a spirit of mutual support and cooperation.  This necessitates a level of Class War, but not for the destruction of the Bourgeoisie as human beings, but as an exploiting class. We want to return the people who have been seduced by the lies of Capitalism, to the warm welcoming bosom of the Nation.

Socialism needs borders.

It is taken as a given that Socialists are Globalists. This simply isn't true.  Trotskyites are Globalists, certainly, but they are not Socialists, nor are they Communists. Trotskyites are the useful idiots of Capitalism, striving to do away with all forms of individuality and difference.  Trotskyites are the enforcers of the anti-Socialist dogma of Cultural Marxism, which may have begun as a weapon to undermine the Ruling Class, but has become nothing more than a force for the total destruction of society. Socialism IS Society, without Society there can be no Socialism, without Society there can be nothing but faceless consumerism, Capitalism.

The goal of the neoliberal/neocon/trotskyite/neoreligious groupings is Globalisation. This serves the Capitalist agenda, because a world without borders is a world without barriers to commerce.  A world in which people migrate at will, is a world with no job security in which the Ruling Class do not have to comply with demands for safe working conditions and a just standard of living.  Borders protect the people from the parasitic desires of the Ruling Class. The Trotskyites who campaign for an end to borders, are campaigning to destroy the well being of the people of every distinct nation, but most in danger of poverty and misery are the Working Class who the fake Socialists claim to champion.

The deliberate import of millions of Third Worlders into the EU and UK has been sold as a mission of mercy, as the 'christian' thing to do.  The image of a dead Syrian boy on a beach, drowned due to a failed attempt to get to Europe, is an emotional tool to make the people feel guilty about having protected borders. The reality which the hysterical media refuse to discuss, is that the dead boy's father was (possibly still is) a people smuggler, living safely in Turkey away from any conflict, motivated to put his family on a rickety boat by greed and the desire to get free false teeth from a gullible EU citizenry.  None of this is mentioned, as it would halt the feelings of guilt which must be kept constant to excuse the abandonment of our natural national defences from invasion.

Propaganda about a dead boy on a beach, has been used to justify opening the borders to millions of people, most of them mohamedans, putting our people (especially women and children) in danger. The rape epidemic which has resulted from the open borders policy of Globalists in the EU is denied, or excused (rape can never be excused), so is the literal explosion in terrorism.  Today a mohamedan murdered an American tourist who he considered to be his enemy, solely because she was a non-mohamedan.  Like the vast number of attacks in France and Germany, the mohamedan terrorism in the UK is treated as if religion has no part of it.  1600 children raped in Rotherham by mohamedans should have been enough to make the people rise against this enemy in our shores, but the pro-invasion propaganda and the liberal screeches of 'racism' at any expression of outrage at the damage the newcomers are doing, ensures that people stay silent, and allow more atrocities to occur.

Guilt must be maintained to ensure people do not demand the borders be strengthened.  Children are raped, a soldier is beheaded, violent crime is at an all time high, but the media ignores this, labelling the culprits 'mentally ill' and 'un-islamic' (even though as will be seen in the following video, the actions of mohamedans such as the Islamic State caliphate, are purely islamic).  When the people begin to take notice of the terrorism in the streets, the image of the dead boy on the beach is used to push them back into submission to the invasion of Europe, by making them feel that to not allow millions of military aged men into the EU and UK would be to put more boys at risk of being washed up on the beach dead.  No one is allowed to consider that it is the people who put the children on to boats who are to blame if the boats sink.  Greedy Capitalists are happy to use liberal and Trotskyite idiots to silence those who speak for the sanity of sovereignty.  The useful idiots are happy to do the dirty work of the State, all the while pretending (perhaps even to themselves) to be revolutionaries.

The UK has admitted 1600 Syrians who claim to be escaping from war in their own country. Of these 1600, 900 have been arrested for rape (including child rape, which is referred to as 'abuse' but is no more acceptable for the different words employed). The remaining 700 have not been arrested for rape, but that does not mean that they have not attacked anyone in the UK, only that they have not been arrested for any offence.  Even if the 700 are perfectly innocent, that leaves 900 monsters walking among us, with at least 900 of our people already harmed by their presence.  Even if the number of misogynistic criminals made only 1% of the total number of Syrians admitted, that would still be too many.  The percentage is closer to 60%, meaning that anyone living near to an imported Syrian can expect to be attacked. This is not acceptable. SWPE demands that all the so-called refugees be returned to the countries they abandoned, and not a single new one allowed in.  Unlike the liberal imbeciles who think that the suffering of the Working Class is a price worth paying for accepting 'refugees', we say NO, it is not.

The so-called refugee crisis is a crisis for the EU and UK, but not in the way that the media portray it. Our people are under attack - that is the real nature of the crisis.  The mohamedan religion demands that the entire world submits to it.  To import millions of mohamedans into our countries is to import a vast army of colonisers, who believe that they have a duty to create a global empire under the rule of shariah law.  It is argued that the millions of military aged men arriving in the EU and UK are fleeing for their lives from the Islamic State and/or from the legitimate government of Assad.  We are told that we have to take them in as to do otherwise would be to condemn them to death, and therefore be accomplices in their murder. This is emotional programming of the lowest level, and is nonsense.

The millions of mohamedan so-called refugees coming to the EU and UK include only a tiny percentage from war-ravaged Syria. The vast majority come from places like Pakistan and sub-Saharan Africa, and they are not fleeing persecution or war, they are coming to the EU and UK for economic reasons.  Capitalism is fueling the economic migrants. The poverty created by IMF interference in their home countries is driving people out of their homelands, in search of an easier life.  The anti-family policies of Capitalist Europe - supported by the fake feminist movement - has seen the birthrates in Europe collapse to the point where an aging population cannot be sustained unless the economic system is overthrown and a Socialist system ushered in, or, millions of immigrants are brought in to join the pyramid structure which feeds into the Pensions schemes for the elderly.  The Capitalist system which has created economic misery in every corner of the world, is a Global system, with no respect for borders, nationalities or spiritual and cultural identities.  Millions of people are on the move to keep the Capitalist system going.

In addition to Pensions, the millions of so-called refugees bring the added bonus to the Capitalist classes of creating job insecurity in the host populations.  The United Nations was created to serve the interests of Global Finance, making a more appropriate name for it the United Bankers (or something which sounds quite similar).  The UN, with its partners in the IMF, World Bank and its effective military arm, NATO, destroy countries in order to asset strip them. They create war for their profit. They generate 'refugees' to destroy the standard of living in every country, so that they can maximise their profits by depressing wages and making sure mass unemployment is a permanent way of life. Accepting the armies of so-called refugees is a part of the way in which puppet governments serve their globalist Capitalist masters.  The liberals who chant 'refugees are welcome here' are unwittingly working for the Bankers' UN agenda.  The agenda is for the creation of a Global Bankers / Stock Market Empire, using the mohamedan colonisers as the shock troops to smash all forms of resistance by making borders irrelevant.

The Syrian dimension of the so-called refugee crisis is one which has been manipulated for another purpose. The UN-NATO terror machine is trying to overthrow the democratically elected legitimate government of Syria.  The reason for this is that Syria has not fallen into the Global Capitalist web, and as one of the few remaining free countries, has to be crushed.  The Bankers' war of aggression is using the Islamic State and mohamedan terrorist organisations such as Al Qaeda (Al CIAduh) to tear Syria apart. The so-called refugees leaving the warzone cannot be fleeing from the legitimate authority AND the terrorists.  If they are fleeing the State, it is because they are IS etc terrorists.  The wave of terrorist atrocities suggest that many of them are such terrorists.

The legitimate authority is still in charge of most of Syria, making fleeing to the EU and UK a nonsense for decent Syrians escaping the areas plagued by UN/US/EU sponsored terrorists and the Islamic State.  The fact that the overwhelming majority of so-called refugees are military-aged men, means that they are abandoning the women of Syria and the children.  They are either terrorists, economic parasites, cowards/traitors, or a combination of these.  Only two days ago a British man by the name of Dean Carl Evans was killed in Syria fighting to defend the women and children from Globalist-controlled terrorists.  It is unacceptable that Europeans are dying to defend the women and children of Syria, while vast numbers of military aged men are running away to Europe, leaving the women and children to the mercy of terrorists (and there is no mercy) while they go searching for an easy life of free accommodation, free money and European children to rape at will.  Refusing to let the so-called refugees into the EU and UK would force them to stay and fight for their country. The 'refugees welcome' chanters are condemning Syria to capture by the Global Capitalist network and its chosen Global Religion of purified Mohamedanism.

It is the duty of all Socialists to oppose the bogus refugee invasion. SWPE believe in attaining the very best for all the people of the UK.  We support the rights of women to speak, think, act, work and dress according to individual choice. The Global Capitalists hate freedom and have chosen the mohamedan ideology as a battering ram against freedom because it views women as inferior to men, and only useful for producing more servants to the cult of mohamed and its economic system which is pure Capitalism, even to the point of allowing for people to be bought and sold as Slaves.

SWPE opposes the colonising so-called refugee invasion because we do not want to have people in our country who are sexist, misogynistic, homophobic and prone to paedophilia. We value people as people and we oppose the import of millions of people who belong to a barbaric cult which sees women and children as sex objects, and kills those who have sexual preferences which its texts disapprove of.

SWPE opposes the presence of mohamedans in any numbers and would deport all who adhere to that religion, so that they can live in peace among people who share their views (we would deports Sunnis to Sunni areas, Shiites to Shia, etc), leaving us to enjoy our freedoms without fear of being beheaded, stabbed, bombed, shot, run over, thrown off buildings or otherwise murdered for having our own way of living which a fictional book written in the desert by a paedophile capitalist thief in the 7th century condemns.

SWPE opposes the imperialistic so-called refugee invasion because we want to build a better country where Anglo-Saxon-Celts can live as good neighbours, supporting one another, immersed in our own ways, with no such thing as unemployment to beat us down, with no such thing as homelessness, with no Bankers, no Capitalist exploiters, and with a glorious vast expanse of green rural land to live in as nature intended which will never be concreted over.

If Trotskyites, liberals, adherents of the Abrahamic religions in global form (anyone who agrees with the Pope's drivel) and multicultist Globalisers have a problem with living in a safe and free Socialist Republic, they would be encouraged to leave to find a new life in a country in which they can live according to their preferred way of life. We would close the borders to people trying to enter, but leave them wide open for anyone who puts selfishness and greed above the duty to contribute to the well being of Society.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Support Tony Green's Socialist England on Facebook

Comrade Tony Green has an initiative on Facebook which deserves the support of everyone who is campaigning against globalism and capitalism.  Tony has a religious viewpoint which would appeal to Christian Socialists perhaps more than Pagan ones.  If you are one of the people who broadly agree with official SWPE policy, but find our position on organised non-European religion to be the sticking point which prevents you from joining, then Tony's Socialist England may be more to your liking.  Likewise, Tony has a position on immigration which differs from official SWPE policy.  Whereas SWPE argues for the borders to be firmly sealed and for those who are hostile to Socialism to be encouraged to relocate elsewhere, Tony's Socialist England proposes that nationality be given to everyone who is here in this country, regardless of immigration/refugee/asylum or legal status.  Tony is married to a Chinese lady and has mixed-race children with her, so has a personal perspective on racial identity which can be summed up in these words: 
 "If someone described my Chinese born wife as 'BME' I'm not sure what response they would get, something like a mixture of shock, outrage, and amusement. Not being white doesn't necessarily give you common cause with everyone else who isn't white. It's just another, silly aspect of the 'White Privilege' myth so beloved of the New Left (and rightly derided by the white working class)."
SWPE applauds Tony for his Socialist England initiative and encourages everyone to give him support.  He has already attracted some very interesting people, who would be worth getting in touch with regardless of differences in ideology, which in the bigger scheme of things are of only minor importance.  Tony's group has the following as its policy outline:
Socialist England is intended as a new political movement that combines the principles of English Patriotism, Socialism, Libertarianism, Traditionalism and Environmentalism. We believe that this combination of ideas and philosophies, as well as being right in principle, is in tune with the deepest desires of the vast majority of the English people, indeed with the deepest desires of all peoples.
At the moment Socialist England exists as an idea. It is not envisaged at this stage that we will constitute ourselves as a separate political party – there are already enough tiny political organisations grandiosely declaring themselves to be THE Party. At present it is hoped that we will develop as a network of supportive individuals who may or may not be members of other political organisations such as the Labour Party or the Green Party. It is hoped that we will later be able to establish some form of membership organisation. This membership will then determine its future direction.   
Here are some of the premises with which we begin.
We believe that there is a distinct English Culture that has long been buried within the wider, artificial national construct of ‘Great Britain’, and is now under threat of disappearing completely through the combined attack of national subordination within the European Union and the more general movement towards a Global system where we are all in severe danger of becoming rootless consumers rather than citizens actively engaged in the running of our own communities. Our culture is further weakened by a sense liberal guilt at our Imperial history, a history for which the common people of England were not responsible.
Our second premise is that there is also a distinct English Socialist Tradition, which has little to do with Marxism, and nothing at all to do with authoritarian ideology of Leninism, an ideology which led directly to the horrific one party dictatorships seen in Russia, China and elsewhere. Ours is a Libertarian traditionwhich includes figures such as Robert Owen, William Morris, George Orwell and Tony Benn. We also see ourselves as inheritors of the proud history of  English radical protest and struggle which encompasses  thePeasants Revolt, the Levellers and the Diggers in the English Civil War,, the Tolpuddle Martyrs, and theChartists, right through to the striking miners of 1984-85 and the Anti-Poll Tax movement of the late ‘80’s.
Let’s look in more detail at the five elements of the philosophy that will bind our new movement together.
 English Patriotism
Our patriotism is civic and cultural, and has nothing at all to with the Racial-Nationalism of the Far Right. The English are a mixed people, with a rich heritage that that is the product of the many different peoples who have lived and settled here, including Celts, Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Normans, and the peoples who have arrived in more recent years, from Africa, Asia and elsewhere. Our culture has emerged and prospered through and not in spite of this rich melting pot of ideas. Although we will advocate strong limitations on further immigration, this has nothing to do with race and everything to do with the protection of our communities and our culture. It is based on the recognition that a Nation is something more than a geographical area in which people work and consume, the condition which the global capitalist elite wish to reduce it to. Our patriotism is based on a love of our land and our people, and not on the hatred of any other lands or peoples; nor is it based on a narrow ‘white-only’ definition of Englishness.
Our patriotism also rejects the phony ‘my country right or wrong’ ‘patriotism’ with which our parasitical elite have always sought to indoctrinate us as a diversion from their own self-serving rule. These ‘patriots’  have engineered the present day situation where our defence policy is decided in Washington, most of our laws originate in Brussels, and many of our public services, what’s left of our industry, and large parts of the land itself is owned by foreign states, individuals and multi-national corporations.
Socialism is about Co operation, solidarity, collective responsibility and mutual support. We are an unashamedly radical socialist movement that bases itself on the struggles of the working people and oppressed of England. We will support strikes, demonstrations and social movements which seek to defend and further the cause of our people, as well as supporting electoral candidates who genuinely defend the rights and aspirations of our people.
 We absolutely reject the bureaucratic state socialism which, starting with the Soviet Union, once repressed a third of humanity. Instead, a Socialist England will have a mixed economy that combines state ownership, Municipal ownershipWorkers Co Operatives, and small businesses including one person and family businesses. Whatever their form of ownership, all sections of the economy should be, as far as possible, owned and managed by elected representatives of the workers in that business or industry. Trade Union membership will be encouraged. Production should be for need not profit. The economy should be the servant of the people, not its master.
Freedom is the freedom to think differently, and to express those thoughts openly without fear, or it is nothing. Under modern capitalism only an increasingly narrow range of opinion is allowed to exist.Socialist England will encourage the widest range of views to contend, the only limitation being on those who incite violence against their fellow citizens.
 In recent years, Political Correctness has become a key tool limiting the terms of discussion and debate. This is a trend that is contrary to the longstanding commitment of the English people to liberty. In Socialist England, people will be free to express their opinion, no matter how objectionable or offensive others may find it.
Naturally, anyone publicly expressing an opinion, cannot also object to those opinions being challenged, and cannot advocate that fellow citizens should be denied the freedom they themselves enjoy. In Socialist England, people will be free to live their lives as they see fit, so long as their actions do not cause harm to other members of the community. The principle upon which we stand is individual Freedom with personal and collective responsibility.  
There was once a time when as long as people paid their taxes and were neither the perpetrator nor the victims of crime, then English people’s contact with the state was minimal. Now, even as the state increasingly transfers its responsibilities to private corporations, it records, monitors and tracks our every move, online and off.  Socialist England will roll back and end the surveillance stateTechnology should serve the people, not enslave them
In contrast to Marxism, including the Cultural Marxism of the Frankfurt School of Marxism which has been so influential on the development of modern society in recent decades, we uphold the traditional familyas the foundation of a civilised society, and of a future Socialist England. It is within the natural and mutually supportive institution of the family that children are best nurtured and cherished, so that they grow into the decent, active, engaged and responsible citizens of tomorrow. The breakdown of the traditional family over the last forty years or so is in large part responsible for the huge growth in social problems such as petty crime, violence, vandalism and problematic drug and alcohol use amongst young people. Through the development of locally based industries and crafts and other measures a Socialist England would encourage the strengthening of the nuclear family and the renaissance of the extended family.
In the society we seek to build, women will be free to work or not to work, but staying home to raise children by either parent will be seen as a valid and laudable choice.
We are also committed to the re-birth of the traditional regions of England, by once more basing strong local government on the historic English Counties such as Lancashire, Yorkshire, Northumbria and so on. Socialist England will encourage and develop locally specific industries and businesses which will reverse the regrettable growth of identikit ‘clone towns’.
We are also for the promotion of Regionadialectslanguages, and folk customs and art forms which at the moment are under increasing threat of extinction through the drive towards a one world, global culture.
For too long human beings have acted as though we are separate from nature, that we have a right to mastery over it, and that it is a limitless resource to be exploited. These attitudes are destroying our habitat, Earth. To destroy our habitat is to destroy ourselves. A Socialist England would mark a return to a more natural society based on smaller scale, localised and sustainable production for use, rather than the current absurd and wasteful globalised system where food and other products that can quite easily be produced here are imported from all corners of the planet. We will strive to be as economically self-sufficient as possible, particularly in the area of food production.
Our treatment of domesticated animals through the increasing industrialisation of farming is one of the greatest crimes ever committed by humanity. Socialist England will seek to base all of agriculture onorganic, natural methods where animals will be treated as what they really are, as our fellow living, sentient beings.
In Socialist England, as much of our energy needs as possible will be based on renewable sources, i.e. solar power, wind power, wave power.
As it is intended that our new political movement will be a democratic organisation where policy is decided by the membership, it would be wrong to try and mandate policy in any detail at this stage. The following are merely draft recommendations which flow naturally from the general philosophy outlined above.
Independence and the Constitution.
Socialist England will by definition be an independent England. We will therefore work with us towards the establishment of an English Parliament. A constitutional consultation process of all of the English people should decide on the final shape of a future English Constitution. A Socialist England would strive to maintain close ties with fellow members of the former United Kingdom. We would withdraw from theEuropean Union.
We favour a Citizens Charter outlining the principle rights and principles of all citizens of Socialist England.
It is to be hoped that in new society the need for sectional party political interest will disappear. Socialist England should be governed by free-born Englishman acting according to conscience and the will of the people.
The land, banking, the utilities, the railways and the Post Office should all be the property of the nation as a whole.  In other industries, we will encourage a multiplicity of ownership forms, e.g. co operative, municipal, small businesses. We would use a revamped local planning system to favour local businesses, rather than national or multi-national corporations.
We are in favour of a system of Positive Money where the state alone has the right to create money, although, as well as nationally legal tender we should encourage the development of local currency, so as to further boost the local economy.
We support a Citizens Income paid to all citizens. No one would go without the basic needs of life in aSocialist England.
We absolutely reject the dominant paradigm of permanent economic growth as both unrealisable and destructive of both the environment and traditional culture.
Foreign Affairs and Defence
We would withdraw from NATO and close down all foreign military bases on English soil. The armed forces should be used for purposes of defence only, and should be under the control of the English Parliament. All adults would receive one year’s military service, and periodic refresher courses, in case they are called upon to defend Socialist England. We support general, responsible gun ownership amongst the adult population.
We would seek to live in peace with all peoples, but would in particular extend our friendship to other nations and social movements that share our socialist values.
Socialist England would offer immediate citizenship to all who currently reside here who want it, regardless of how they got here. We would then introduce a strict Australian style points system where further immigration would be based on the needs of, and with the consent of, our society as a whole. We would extend a welcome to those who are genuinely fleeing oppression, war, or natural disaster. However, anybody leaving one country of safety in order to reach another, more prosperous place of safety becomes by definition an economic migrant and would not be granted refugee status within a Socialist England.  
Crime and Punishment
Through concentration on the removal of widespread social and economic inequality and poverty, and the engagement of people in the running of their own communities, it is to be expected that crime and disorder would be massively reduced in a Socialist England. However, there will always be individuals who offend against others and against the community as a whole. Such individuals will be dealt with through a combination of rehabilitation and punishment. We oppose the death penalty, but the most serious or persistent offenders will be removed from the community to a place of supervised safety, for the protection of themselves and others.

Health care should be free from the cradle to the grave. In Socialist England the emphasis will be on the prevention of illness through exercise and a healthy diet. We would end the dependence of our NHS on parasitical pharmaceutical companies by the production of our own, genetic medicines. We will encourage the use of alternative and complimentary medices based on indigenous, organic produce.
Education should be free from nursery to university level. The aim of our education system should be the nurturing of intelligent, engaged human beings ready, willing and able to play a full role as citizens of a Socialist England. We are not against selection on merit, but the current elitist system based on money and class privilege will end. Private Education would therefore be abolished.
These suggested policy positions may be added to or amended by all who choose to associate themselves with Socialist England.
The Socialist England group is a closed one, membership of which has to be approved before joining.  The direct link to the group is

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Brexit in danger. Preserving the Union at any cost? No. We don't need the UK. We need Freedom

The UK voted to leave the EU, and the Ruling Class is furious.  The new PM, Theresa May, was selected by Tory MPs, with the Conservative Party denied any choice in who should succeed David Cameron.  The vote was controlled so as to ensure that the most outspoken servant of international corporate tyranny would be in place to make sure that the UK does not achieve full independence from the hated European Union of bankers, gangsters and political parasites.

Theresa May is a careerist, who has put her own selfish interests first for such a long time that she has never had children.  Anyone who can be so ego-maniacal as to deny the most important of all natural instincts, can not be trusted to have authority over anyone else, never mind run a country!

Theresa May is a con artist and liar.  She claims to be against tax evasion, but her own husband is a notorious tax dodger.  She talks of creating a watered down form of Syndicalism, but she hates the Working Class and would see any Working Class involvement in business management limited to token representation - toothless and pointless.  May has been instrumental in wrecking the morale of our great Fire Brigades, calling heroes who put the safety of others before their own lives, 'racist'. May is a Globaliser, an apologist for mohammedanism, an EU fanatic and in countless other ways, unfit to be an MP, never mind PM.  But PM she is, because that is what the Ruling Class want - a compliant lying tool who will do their bidding so long as her own coffers are kept topped up.

Theresa May is going to sell the UK down the river.  That is why she has been undemocratically given the job of Prime Minister.  That is also why the position of Prime Minister has morphed into a de facto Presidency, with the unelected one over-riding the elected many.

The majority of the UK electorate voted to leave the EU.  Northern Ireland and Scotland voted to remain as slaves.  Spain-hating Gibraltar also voted to stay in the EU, interestingly though until the Referendum, Gibraltar wasn't even considered part of the UK, only being brought into the equation to boost pro-EU votes! Likewise the occupied territory of London, despite being the capital of the UK, is now being touted as a 'region' because the millions of non-Brits residing there voted to prevent the country they moved to from having a chance of freedom.  The UK vote counts as a single unit, so to now declare that it isn't fair for the UK to leave the EU because some of its parts differed with the view of the majority, is ludicrous.

May has made a point of cosying up to the anti-Scottish SNP.  The ridiculous claim made by May is that the UK cannot leave the EU until it receives the approval of Scotland (but not, interestingly enough, Northern Ireland, Gibraltar or 'London'), therefore Article 50 which begins the separation process, will not even be activated until the sparsely populated part of the UK north of England decides to accept the will of the country as a whole.  8% of the population of the UK residing in Scotland (well, more accurately the smaller still percentage, considering the two fifths of Scots whose voices are being ignored because they voted with England and Wales for freedom) are seriously being allowed to hold the rest of us to ransom, and May is happy to go along with this EU trickery.  

SWPE sees no reason for Article 50 to be used to leave the EU.  Slovenia did not have to negotiate its way out of Yugoslavia. Estonia did not have to go through years of disengagement to leave the USSR.  We see no reason why the UK should have to take years to get out of the EU - we believe the best option is to forget Article 50 and simply repeal all UK-created legislation relating to joining the EEC / European Community / EU as it has variously been called, and to leave immediately, severing all ties, discarding all EU legislation, including such things as the rights of EU citizens or citizens without historic ancestry to the British nations, to be here at all.  WE don't need to play the EU's and UK Ruling Class's game of watering down withdrawal from the EU, to the point where we're in the EEA, have to accept free movement of all EU citizens and basically end up in the EU in everything but name. We need to tell them that we have left, we are free and if they don't like it, they can...well, you know the rest!

SWPE does not believe in maintaining the UK at any cost.  We supported the Scots who wanted independence in the 2014 Referendum, because we felt (and still do) that the UK is an imperialistic entity which prevents the constituent nations from achieving what best suits them culturally, socially and economically.  But the result of the 2014 Referendum was for the UK to remain together and so it is absurd and anti-democratic that the SNP should use the threat of a further Scottish Independence Referendum to keep the UK together, trapped inside the EU.  This is outrageous when one considers that the SNP seeks to create an independent Scotland inside the EU, which would mean that the UK would cease to exist anyway, and the price of temporarily keeping the UK together would be to enslave England and Wales in the EU against our will, to appease EU fanatics in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the nonsense regions of London and Gibraltar.

SWPE proposes a Referendum for England and Wales.  We would ask the people of England and Wales to vote to leave the UK, forming a new federal country, with power devolved to the various ancient nations within the two countries: Northumbria, Gwynedd, Powys, Mercia, Anglia, Deheubarth, Morgannwg, Gwent, Wessex, Kernow, for example.  Our 'new' federal nation would not be hostile to our brothers and sisters in Ireland and Scotland. Our proposal is made of respect for our neighbours, along with a steadfast resolve to do what is best for our own people.

We don't need the EU - so we have voted to leave. We don't need the UK, NATO, UN, WTO or any other globalising institution.  We have taken a vital step towards freedom and we must make sure that scum like Theresa May are not allowed to use all manner of lying, distorting, manipulative con tricks to throw us back into the prison cell we have so recently voted to escape.  The lie that we have to preserve the UK to survive is the same EU lie but localised. Let Scotland go back to the EU if it wants. Let Ireland be united if the majority in the North wills it. Let England and Wales march forward to freedom together.