Thursday, 8 December 2016

A forum for Socialist exchange

Why are we Socialists?  We are Socialists because we are motivated by a desire to bring about the best possible Society, with an end to the despotic control of the Ruling Class.  We want a future in which people are freed from the drudgery of wage slavery, so that all of us can enjoy the fruits of our own labour, and can pursue whatever artistic ventures we wish to pursue.

Socialism isn't about swapping one set of rulers for another and continuing as before in serfdom. Socialism is about breaking our chains and becoming free. Freedom from the fear of homelessness, freedom from the fear of hunger, freedom from the tyranny of poverty - these are important in themselves, but they are not the end.  Freedom to explore our potential, freedom to develop ideas, freedom to explore our minds, freedom to create with our hands, the freedom to be free - this is what Socialism brings to the People.

Part of the journey to achieving a Socialist Republic has to involve meeting and discussing ideas with new people.  A comrade has set up a forum with the intention of promoting dialogue between Left Nationalists, Third Positionists, (Socialism in One Country) Stalinists, Marxist-Leninists, Strasserites, National Bolsheviks and others who reject Capitalism, Globalism, Liberalism and Trotskyism.  The forum idea is one which has potential, so we ask that people at least pop by and have a look.  If there are any other fora which could be of interest, please post them below.  Feedback on the forum would be appreciated.  The venture is the work of independent activists.  Let them know what you think.  A forum only works if it has contributors who put in the effort.   Maybe YOU might be such a person?

The link:

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Workers' Revolutions don't happen without the Workers!

SWPE is a Revolutionary party.  By Revolutionary, we mean that we do not seek an accommodation with the Establishment, we do not seek any form of compromise which will allow for the Ruling Class oppressors and the bourgeois collaborators to continue to hold positions of power and influence.  We want to completely overturn the current system and to bring into being a Socialist Republic which will put the People and Nature before Profit.

It is fine to speak of Revolution.  It is another thing to achieve it.  It is important that we increase our base of support, but in such a way that we do not have to dilute our ideals.

Radical organisations grow by attracting people who are like-minded.  The maintenance of ideological purity comes at the cost of risking decline into cult status, more often than not with the added problem of despotic leadership controlling the membership in a tyrannical fashion.  An extreme example of the danger of a completely closed organisation with an autocratic leadership was the Workers' Institute of Marxism-Leninism Mao Zedong Thought (WIMLMZT), which was ultimately a plaything for its violent, sadistic and megalomaniacal rapist leader, Aravindan Balakrishnan.  SWPE is a million miles from the lunacy of the WIMLMZT, as are all of the organisations and individuals we are in contact with.  Non-members reading this need have no worries that SWPE could ever even set foot on the path that WIMLNZT progressed down (and members will laugh at the idea!).  The danger of Cultism has to be taken seriously though.

The point of raising the idea of closed groups is to highlight a genuine problem faced by all who are involved in Revolutionary politics.  If we let just anyone join, without first being sure that they are of the right calibre and have the same ideological tendencies as ourselves, then we will grow and the membership coffers will increase, but this is at the cost of the inevitable slide into factionalism and ego issues.  Plenty of parties are happy with gaining members, taking their money from them, and replacing them with new customers members when they get fed up and drop out.  SWPE has no time for the politics business (for that is what such parties are), recruiting instead people of quality who share our ideals and will stay with us to build the party and keep it moving forward.

The merging of the old FWL and BSP took a lot of time and serious consideration.  It was a rare success which we are all rightly proud of.  But to expect SWPE to continue to grow by merging with as yet unknown groups, is expecting too much.  Realistically, the tendency in organisations is for cliques to form, growing into factions, then into separate entities as they find they cannot coexist with the other factions inside the same organisation.  This creates quite a problem for people who seek a total revolution, during which the State is to be overthrown and the Dictatorship of the Proletariat put in place.

Revolutionary Unity isn't going to happen by all the rival organisations merging into one.  It is a nice thought, but not a practical one.  People who have built organisations, or have risen through the ranks to positions of leadership, or have simply found a home where they feel that their comrades share the same vision as themselves of a better future, do not feel comfortable throwing away what they have. In some cases, the parties exist as cash cows for the leaders: letting parasites who see the desperate plight of the Working Class as an excuse for making money, into contact with others who have not had to deal with such immoral people in political circles, is an obvious recipe for trouble.

SWPE approach to the problem of overcoming the Class Enemy, is to unite with like-minded groups and individuals on an issue by issue basis.  We are already building alliances with a range of comrades across a number of countries, covering different cultures and strands of thought.  We always keep true to our belief in autonomy, cooperating where it is mutually beneficial, but never trying to dominate or dictate to those we work with.

To build a mass movement in a time of a myriad of competing organisations, does not require the submission of any group or individual to any other.  Loose informal alliances work well in pursuing common aims.  All Socialists share the grand aim of exposing and breaking false class consciousness in the section of the Proletariat which considers itself 'middle class' and doesn't realise that it is just as much controlled and beaten down by the Ruling Class as the rest of us.  Keeping that in mind, allows us to see who our potential allies really are, and who are the wasters and useful idiots who are fighting ghosts and who really need to be avoided at all costs.

The Identity politics of the Trotskyites and liberals which infest the Socialist movement, is a distraction we need to keep clear from.  Those who are obsessed with campaigns concerning sexuality, race, so-called 'gender' and other divisive issues, are enemies of the Revolution.  We have to be absolutely clear that we will never allow our struggle to be derailed by unreconstructed Trotskyites / reactionary revisionists.  We are free to unite with everyone who can see beyond the sham circus of identity politics.  Change comes through smashing the organs of the State, not by pandering to people who think they have rights to work and welfare solely because they engage in certain sexual acts, have a right not to have their 'feelings' hurt, or other such drivel of the political correctness industry.

We reach out to everyone who can help to destabilise the Capitalist State, and not get bogged down by those who want to reform it or give their favoured minorities more scraps from the table than everyone else.  We are not interested in the reallocation of the scraps, we are interested in smashing the table!

SWPE is constantly reaching out to people who can see that the whole system has to be destroyed and a new better way put in its place.  Maintaining our organisations but marching together in the same direction, is the only way to bring about the downfall of Capitalism. We can argue over the details of what comes next, when we stand on the rubble of the citadels of Ruling Class power.  To break the citadels in the first place has to be our primary purpose.

So we call on all who are fighting for the end of Ruling Class domination to join with us in the common struggle.  If you agree with our ideology and see SWPE as a place where you could belong, get in touch and we can discuss the next step on the path to joining (we don't take anyone at all, just in return for membership subs!)  If you represent an organisation and which to join with us in a loose alliance which will be mutually beneficial in that it will advance common aims, get in touch.  We are many, but we are ghettoised and isolated.  To achieve the revolutionary aims we share, we have to communicate and to organise together - not necessarily as Comrades in the same organisation, but always as Comrades in the same cause.

The contact information is at the top of the page. Use it!  Together we are strong.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Goodbye, and R.I.P. Fidel


Rest in peace Comandante Fidel, though you may be gone, the inspiration, and legacy you left behind won't disappear. Solidarity for you great comrade, and viva la Cuba!


Eulogy by Comrade J V Stalin:

We all are of course saddened by the death of comrade Fidel Castro. We as communists, can only hope that there are like minded people, in all positions in all sectors of their society to keep the revolution-evolution path to a communist system going,and they don't slip backwards into capitalist consumer,money and profit above all, driven society...and...that the evil empire US does not infiltrate and change their system .

The reason that I write today is,the above,but as well,I've been listening to and sickened by the capitalist mainstream media's coverage of this tragic,saddening event.

The MSM (mainstream media)...whom I loath, keeps going on about all the old lies concerning Cuba,you know, about the brutal dictatorship and deaths....and you know...all the BS. Not once do they mention that the entire founding of their country..the..US.. is soaked in blood and death and suffering and misery.

The indigenous people of North America have been put through Fascist, ethnic cleansing tactics, by imperialistic, money grubbing,power hungry forces that took over their lands and almost drove these people to extinction..... And they talk of Cuba!!!

Not to mention the slave trade,the barbarity of which is horrific,and the racism in the states that permeates their capitalist society is palpable.

The treatment and internment into camps, of Japanese Americans during WW-2,in the land of the free??? was heinous...particularly when the MSM keeps on spouting how "free and open to all" that their society supposedly is. And they talk of Cuba!!!!!

Not to mention the millions upon millions of deaths the US is responsible for(after the end of WW-2) both directly and indirectly through wars,and supporting brutal(usually fascist) puppet-surrogate regimes...right up to and including today!! And they talk of Cuba!!!!

And the deaths in their own country due to the proliferation,and easy access to guns in their corrupt morally bankrupt society(and the gun manufacturers are laughing all the way to the bank) . In Chicago alone from the start of the New Year 2016 to..I believe it was September 2016,there were 3000 deaths by guns!!!!!!!!! It was some kind of record or something(they must be so proud). That is just ONE big city!!! The US is like a war zone!!! And they talk of Cuba!!!

Not to mention the statistics for suicide deaths with a gun or otherwise...all tied into the pharmaceutical industry pushing anti-depressants and mood altering LEGAL!! drugs...not to mention record numbers of abusers of alcohol.......and illegal drug abuse.....and the laughable inept useless "war on drugs" would be a joke if not so tragic!!!! And they talk of Cuba!!!

POP Culture...there is another one designed to take the money and the minds of our youth...and take away any ability, for those who fall for this,.......of any type of critical thought,which of course is what the power brokers want,a pacified uninformed(or misinformed) youth and masses!!!! And they talk of Cuba!!!!

I did happen to see some truth,but it was short in duration. They went to a University in Cuba,and they interviewed some students,and all said that they were saddened by Fidel's death, and Fidel was like a father figure to them. They interviewed Eilian Gonzalez,who is now 22 years old. He had nothing but praise admiration and respect...and sadness on speaking of Fidel's death...Eilian said that "Fidel was like a Father to me,I and the country will miss him greatly"......But after that the media went back to the crazy's living in Miami to continue the bashing,and lies about Fidel and Cuba,and this reporting went on and on and on..add nausea!!!

No comrades by in large the biggest chunk of media time is doing the big sham job on the passing of Fidel Castro and all the great things the people under his and other great revolutionaries guidance, accomplished. It is shameful!!!! That a great leader is besmirched with lies such as they are doing to comrade Fidel Castro.

We must continue on the struggle comrades!!!!!

Friday, 11 November 2016

11.11 What was it all for?

98 years ago today, the war which became known as the Great War, First World War, or World War 1 ended. The bloodshed was on a scale previously inconceivable.  All the countries involved lost the best of their respective nations, and the damage is still felt through the lowering of the quality of the people.

The Ruling Class of Russia, France and Great Britain organised a fight against the Ruling Class of Germany and Austria-Hungary, with more countries joining in the fight, until it spread across Europe and into Asia and Africa, with combatants coming from Australasia and the Americas.  The Ruling Class dispute wasn't really a dispute between different Ruling Classes, but between different branches of the same Global Ruling Class.  As has long been the case, the organisers of the carnage did not themselves fight, but used the people under their control to fight as their proxies.

The rush to join the war saw the union of False Class Consciousness among the Middle Classes who thought that the fight of the Ruling Class was their fight, and the manipulated Jingoism of the Working Class who believed the lies of the media that the 'enemy' was evil, a danger to women and children at home, and that war had to be engaged in order to preserve peace.

The death toll in the First World War exceeded 16 million people -  9 million military personnel, 7 million civilians.  The number of people injured and incapacitated was far higher than the number killed.  The War was a tragedy for the ordinary people, but a 'great' war for the Ruling Class, the Banking and Armaments industries, and the Globalisers.

As ordinary people began to see beyond  the lies of the media to the reality that the War was a tool of the Ruling Class to consolidate control and cull the surplus population in order to keep Capitalism from collapsing, uprisings occurred in many countries, with Soviet Republics springing up in several countries, notably Germany, Hungary, Italy and Russia.  The Irish People rose up against the tyrants based in London and Dublin.  The British failed to rise up, demoralised and weakened, our people believed the lies that the War would lead to better conditions for the Working Class - in truth, the Middle Class returned to their loyalty to the Rulers, and the Working Class returned to poverty.

SWPE calls for the reality of War to be exposed: for the criminals of every war to be punished (Tony Blair, the leaders of NATO among many); for the profiteers who make money from death and from debt to be punished (Arms Dealers, Stock Brokers, Bankers); for the puppet politicians and the Heads of State who preside over Wars of Aggression to be punished; for the pro-War campaigners, the liberal elite, (the Stand By Aleppo activists, the pro-war media) to be punished.

Non-defensive non-territorial War is a tool of the Ruling Class and those who stand with them (regardless of whether motivated by greed, liberal stupidity, jingoism or false class consciousness).  It is used to boost profits, cull the population, and boost the control of the powers behind the public power.

We remember this day the civilians, the volunteers, the conscripts, the conscientious objectors, the dead, the wounded, the bereaved, the deceived.  Not just from the First World War, but from all wars including those waged right now including those which are not acknowledged as war.

The disgusting slaughter of our people and of people in other countries for economic and political gain, by an 'elite' which keeps itself safe at all times, is one of the reasons why we are politically active.  The enemy doesn't wear a foreign uniform - more often it wears the clothes of State and Commerce which we are all familiar with, and of the non-combatant cowardly hypocritical liberal idealist who believes that it is only 'right' that soldiers are sent to die in foreign countries to overturn governments they disagree with.  If we are to ever truly have peace, we have to deal with those who would have war - and we don't have to look beyond our own borders to find them.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Forward to a World of a Thousand Nations. Goodbye EU, USA, UK and all Superstates

The election of Donald Trump as President of the USA has reignited campaigns for secession from the USA.  With the vote by the UK to leave the EU, the Globalist project is proving to not be as strong as its opponents have feared.  Now is the time to join with all secessionists worldwide to fight for a better world with local sovereignty and an end to centralisation.

Local sovereignty is a safeguard for freedom.  The further power lies from the people, the less free they become.  This is why the UK voted to leave the EU, and why that process has to be continued with campaigns to dismantle the EU entirely so that no country is trapped inside the impersonal imperial superstate.  But this is only the start.  For the UK, the fight for freedom has to extend to the demise of the UK itself, with England becoming a self governing country comprised of smaller countries joined together in a federation of equals.  Ideally, SWPE would like to see the return of the nations that predate England - first as autonomous members of an English federation, but ultimately as Free Sovereign Nation States.

As Comrade Tony Green has pointed out, the USA is no longer the monolithic entity it once was. California, Texas, New Hampshire, Hawai'i and Vermont are at the forefront of the secessionist movements, but there are more besides these.(see:

A Socialist world is a world without Empires.  It is a world of cooperation and respect, with clearly defined borders preventing the global exploitation of the Proletariat, with borders being for defence and demarcation of territory belonging to the respective people.  Superstates have no respect for culture, tradition, customs, language, morality, spiritualism, non-Capitalist economics, nature, human and animal welfare.  Borders defend all this and allow life to flourish.  A world without borders is a gift to the global Ruling Class.  A world with many, many borders, protects everyone everywhere from the greed of the few wherever it may arise.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

SWPE Statement on US Presidential Election

SWPE is not pro-Trump, only anti-Clinton.  We welcome the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the USA, solely because it means that George Soros Hillary Clinton has not been elected.

Clinton is a cold blooded murderess, a thief, a liar, a defender of rape (her husband is a notorious rapist), a tool of Global Capitalism (she is a puppet of George Soros), a profiteer from the armaments industry of death, a war monger, a wrecker of nations, a supporter of terrorism and an all round unsavoury character.

If Clinton had become President of the USA, it would have been highly likely that the cold war the present US regime is attempting to start against Russia, would have become a hot one, with countless deaths and unimaginable destruction to nature and civilisation.

Trump is no angel either.  He has pledged to force the Socialist Republic of Cuba to accept anti-Socialist politics, which will accelerate the decline of the nation which is already suffering from economic liberalisation (the drift into capitalist exploitation).

Trump has pledged to dismantle the developing Welfare State, putting the poor of America into a position of servitude and desperation.  Trump is a very rich man, and has got that way by exploiting people. His plan to cut corporate tax is not one which will necessarily generate well paying jobs, but one which will increase profits for his cronies. His plans to cut expenditure will see those who need support being at the mercy of the rich - and we all know that they have no mercy.

On the plus side, he has voiced criticism of NATO and has called for better relations with Russia, so at least he isn't trying to create war (well, at least not on his victory day!)

Clinton's greatest crime against the American people was her deliberate destruction of the Sanders campaign, which would have seen the Socialist Bernie Sanders pitted against the clown Donald Trump - and would have delivered the USA its first Socialist President, with all the benefits that would have come to everyone in the USA except the exploiter parasites (which is why Clinton and the Democrats scuppered his campaign).

The best possible outcome in the 2016 Presidential Election would have been a victory for Jill Stein, the candidate for the Green Party (GPUS), but the two party system squeezed her out.  The next best outcome would have been for Bernie Sanders to have won as an openly Socialist candidate for the Democrats.  The next best outcome would have been for anyone at all to have stopped the reprehensible Hillary Clinton from winning - and that is what we have with Donald Trump.

SWPE is relieved that Trump beat Clinton, but saddened that a Crony Capitalist has won on a campaign of sound bites which he is unlikely to ever be in the position to deliver, and some of which it would be a tragedy if he did.  These are some of his promises:

  • To build a wall along the southern border of the USA, at Mexico's expense
  • To stop all cooperation with Iran
  • To make Jerusalem the capital of Israel, stopping the creation of a free Palestinian state
  • To renegotiate (not withdraw from) TTIP and NAFTA
  • To stop contributing to Climate Change programmes (boosting pollution creating industry)
  • Increase military expenditure, making the USA 'more' unpredictable militarily
Trump is a Capitalist and is not going to break the USA free from the Global Capitalist system.  He is less dangerous than Clinton, but that is as good as it gets.  Is this too cynical?  Will he lead a regime which will deliver beneficial change, as his supporters claim? We shall see in due course.

Monday, 31 October 2016

October 1066: The Month the Ruling Class crushed the Working Class of England

950 years ago this month, the hated Normans attacked the peaceful Celtic-Germanic nation of England, bringing the indigenous Britons, the related Celtic population and the Anglo-Saxon minority, under the rule of a terrible despotism which has never ended.

The Ruling Class of today is directly descended from the criminal terrorists who took over England in 1066.  The vast differences between the ruled and the rulers is more than a socio-economic one, it is a tribal one.

England is mistakenly known as the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom.  England (in particularly the area of Lloegyr) has a significant Anglo/Saxon/Jute/Frisian presence, but recent DNA data has found that the English are as much a Celtic people, as are our brothers and sisters in Cymru, Alba, Erin, Mannin, Kernow and Breizh. The Celtic - Germanic ratio differs across the British Isles, but does so on a county by county basis, with every area across the entire group of nations being a blend of Celts, Germanics and the original Britons.  A detailed study can be found at this link:

Celtic and Germanic extremists would have us believe that the Cymry/Picts, the Irish and the Englisc are mortal foes and are completely distinct culturally, ethnically and linguistically. Linguistically there are differences, although the modern Celtic languages have incorporated a lot of words used in England, and there are English words which are derived from the original Celtic tongues.  Culturally, we have more in common than separates us, and ethnically we are very closely related, making the Celtic-Englis(c/h) hostility a contrived one which has no logical basis.

The Ruling Class of the UK is Norman in origin.  The butchers of Hastings in 1066 went on to enslave the Celtic, Germanic, and aboriginal people of England.  They spread their tyranny out into the neighbouring countries in the British Isles, using the nation of England as a human shield.  It wasn't ordinary English men and women who engineered the conquest of Cymru, it was the Ruling Class.  When Alba was sold the lie that it would be an equal partner in a United Kingdom, it was a lie sold to the ordinary peoples of both sides of the border.  When Erin was crushed and starved, it was the same Norman Ruling Class which destroyed the lives of our brothers and sisters across the Irish Sea.

Every time the Ruling Class has stolen more territory, enslaved more people and ruined more cultures and economies, the English have been held up as those responsible.  How could we be responsible, when we were enslaved ourselves?  False Class Consciousness has been particularly harsh with the English people, who have come to see themselves as more closely linked to the Ruling Class in England than the Working Class in Wales, Scotland, Ireland, etc.  The added problem is that many people believe the lie that we are Germans and that we are in some way superior to our Celtic neighbours.  We are Celtic ourselves, and our neighbours are in part Germanic, just as we are.  The Ruling Class is not Celtic at all.  The Normans were a Viking people who had joined forces with and interbred with the original Banking families.  They are the ones we have no cultural and ethnic ties to.  They, with their French language, are the ones we have no linguistic ties to.

SWPE calls for a change in the way the peoples of the British Isles (or more properly, the Celtic Isles) see ourselves and each other.  We call for a reaffirmation of our Celtic and Briton roots, and an end to the nonsense that the English are basically German invaders who have no right to be here.  We English are a blend of Germanic immigrants and Celts, with a heavy mix of indigenous Britons.

SWPE calls for an end to the teaching in schools of the language of our oppressors.  We want to see French exposed as an alien language, and for the Norman Conquest to be recognised as an invasion by our greatest enemies, with the Kings and Queens openly referred to as Enemies of the People, rather than as our 'betters'.

SWPE calls for the cleansing of the English language, to root out the French words which have entered it, replacing them with words which our ancient Briton ancestors would have spoken.  We want the old Englisc tongue to replace the bastardised English one, putting us out of harms way from Yankee Imperialism by making modern English a foreign language.  We propose that the reformed Englisc and Celtic languages be given equal status across the UK, uniting our people by bringing us together linguistically, with peoples living in border areas having the ability to converse in the languages on either side of the border.  We want serious research to be undertaken to uncover the original language of the Britons, which we propose be made the common language for all of us.

The Normans have ruled over us for 950 years this month.  In that time they have abolished our ancient religions (Druidism and Odinism), replacing our own ways with the Cult of Abraham in ts various forms.  They have ruined our social structure, making us 'subjects' of the Norman Crown. They have imposed their economic, judicial, legal and political systems upon us, making us slaves to their avaricious power.  We want all of our own ways back, and all of their ways to be broken and banished forever.

2016 saw the UK vote to leave the EU - which as a French-German project is the same tyranny imposed upon us 950 years ago, only on a larger scale.  We call for the Revolution of June 2016 to be pushed further with the Norman Ruling Class and those who identify with them (the bourgeois EUrophiles) to be removed from our shores, finally returned to the European continent, so that we can begin again as the Free Peoples of the Celtic Isles.

October 1066 saw our people pushed into submission at the point of a sword. Following the democratic uprising this summer, October 2016 must be the point in which we stop obeying our enemies and start building a better Britain in which they have no part.