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We have to fight to keep our beloved countryside: we cannot allow the globalists to wreck it

The British Isles contain some of the most amazing and beautiful land in the world.  We have vast lakes, splendid plains, rolling hills and mountains.  Our forests and woodlands are home to an amazing richness of native wildlife.  Our coastal areas are breath-taking.  The diversity of life to be found upon our sacred soil is truly astounding.  This soil is ours, not to exploit and to corrupt, but to care for and pass on wholly intact to future generations.  The union of the people and the land and our glorious indigenous wildlife, is of such profound importance that protecting it must be seen as the absolute highest task of all of us.  Economics must take second place to the sanctity of our land itself and of the inhabitants of human and non-human variety.

The capitalist mentality which has so poisoned our people, has allowed for a shift in attitude towards the land upon which we live.  We are guardians of the land whose task is to conserve and nourish that which we are privileged to be a part of.  Too many people regard their personal gain as the be-all and end-all, seeing their life in terms of what they can get for themselves, rather what they can leave to generations to come.  We need to return to the true understanding of our place in time and space.  We have to treat our beloved land with the utmost respect and care; we are not its owners, we are merely borrowing it from those yet to come.

The perversion of our natural union with the land into a relationship of unbridled exploitation, is a symptom of an underlying sickness which must be eradicated.  In every country under the yoke of capitalism, the same materialism is at play, but behind it all is a power which understands the sanctity of the land, and for that reason seeks to destroy it.  Those who guide the policies which break the people from the land are globalists who hold that there can be no territorial divisions, and that borders are a barrier to commerce - which to them is the only thing of value.

The British Isles are experiencing the same exploitation and globalist materialism as the rest of the western capitalist world.  There are, of course, differences in the detail, but as far as the overall impact of material corruption is concerned, the demise of the Isles is no different from that of Spain, Sweden, Serbia or any other land in which money is king.

All of the countries in Europe are experiencing a level of non-European immigration which can only realistically be referred to as invasion.  The terrorists of NATO and the IMF have ruined far off lands The increase in population is being used as an excuse to concrete over our land.  Only those who are wilfully blind can fail to notice that our agricultural land is vanishing at an alarming rate.  Due to excessive building, the UK can not sustain the current population and has to import food and other vital resources.  Should there be a natural or economic disaster which prevents food reaching the UK, we will see mass starvation within our borders.  This is all quite contrived, and planned for.


The UK government is a supporter of Genetically Modified (GMO) food.  The liars in Westminster and the Dail pontificate about the virtues of GMO technology, yet in typical hypocritical fashion, they ensure that their own restaurants are GMO-free.  The Ruling Class enjoy real organic food undoctored by toxins, yet the Working Class are constantly told that we must eat food they wouldn't give to their dogs.  Such is the owner-slave relationship of the Rulers and the Ruled, in the country which calls itself the Mother of Democracy and the neighbouring land which achieved independence from the corrupt tyrants in London in name only.

The scoundrels in government would have us believe that there is no alternative to GMOs for the UK.  Their twisted logic points to the fact that the land cannot provide for the settled population plus the armies of outsiders who are entering our lands.  This is indeed true, but the solution to over-population is not to industrialise the land, but to re-organise it in a manner which would make the country self-sufficient with regards to food.  GMO fanatics would argue that the use of intensive agriculture with scientifically altered seeds is precisely the way to solve our food crisis.  However, that is to miss a very important point: GMOs have not been created by benevolent organisations who only seek to end global hunger; they have been created by multinational corporations as a means of generating obscene profits through the total control of the food supply. 

GMO seeds have been engineered to be non-reproductive, thus forcing the food-growers to buy new seeds for each subsequent crop.   From a purely logistical point of view, for island-based countries such as those in the British Isles, the danger of mass starvation through an interruption to the food supply, is increased, rather than decreased, by the use of GMO technology.  GMO advocates are more than happy to ignore the growing weight of evidence that the food produced in this way is harmful to health, but they cannot argue with the undeniable fact that if for any reason the supply routes to our lands were cut, then once the stores of seeds were exhausted, we would indeed starve.

As a means of social control, GMO technology is astounding.  Should the traitors in government be allowed to hand over our farms to the likes of Monsanto, then any future revival of our country by people opposed to globalism and servitude, could be crushed quickly by cutting off access to the basic requirements to grow food.  This nightmare scenario is well on its way to becoming a reality as the paid enemies of the people who sit in Parliaments and Assemblies on both sides of the Irish Sea are using every means at their disposal to push through GMOs - even though across the globe there is mounting resistance from the people, and even from a number of governments.

The only way to deal with GMO technology is to destroy it.  Sitting down in fields and singing protest songs against the scientifically-wrecked food supply will not stop the GMOs growing and thus pushing nature out of our soil.  The style of protest so favoured since the advent of the hippies of the 1960s may work well when it comes to spreading degeneracy and all manner of decadence, but when it comes to fighting that which is against nature, it is useless.  Combating GMOs is not a matter for protracted discussion, marches and letter-writing; the only way to halt this evil is to burn it from the soil.  Rural-loyalist Farmers have largely been replaced by Corporate Farm Managers who are motivated solely by the pursuit of profits.  A field burned to the ground will yield no profits.  A farm sabotaged so that no machinery can be operated, cannot survive.

There is a romantic view of farmers as custodians of nature.  This was true of the peasantry of the past, but the modern farm manager has more in common with a stock-broker or accountant than a guardian of the land.  Just as we rightly hold the profiteers in the city with contempt, so should we view their counterparts in the country.  There are good farmers who need our support, which we can give them by making use of farm shops in preference to super markets.  However, we should not let our ideals cloud us from the reality that many farms have become corporate-controlled and are operated with no regard for the people, or for nature.


Another attack upon the countryside is fracking.  Fracking requires 30 million litres / 6.6 million gallons per operation.  Each well can be fracked 18 times.  The waste of water alone is enough to cause droughts - which has indeed occurred across the Atlantic in Texas exacerbated by the fracking process.  The waste of water is nothing when compared with the dangerous usage of toxic chemicals which cannot but be leached into the soil beneath our feet.  The fracking process has been proven to contaminate the water table, thus introducing materials which are hazardous to health into the food chain.  There has been a wealth of research into the correlation of fracking and phenomena such as earthquakes and polluted water catching fire.  Again, as worthy as the activist protests against this criminal process are, unless the businessmen involved lose money as a result of imaginative and unpredictable disruption of fracking, they are ultimately useless.  In Lancashire, the local council listened to the people and banned fracking, only for the UK regime to impose it anyway, for the benefit of corporate share holders, against the wishes of the people directly affected.  A good analysis of the dangers of fracking can be found at:

Mass migration

The powers-that-be are destroying our ability to feed ourselves by means of bringing ever-more immigrants into our lands, and then using their presence as an excuse to concrete over arable land.  With the reduction in farm land comes the pre-prepared solution to this crisis, GMO technology.  This is no solution other than as a solution for the depots to the problem of free people who are able to feed themselves.  Fracking, of course, further industrialises the countryside, and no doubt will lead to a new era of land enclosures to remove the peasantry from our sacred soil.  There is a reactionary tendency to view the destruction of our land as the fault of immigration, but in truth, the immigrants are being used to divert attention from the economic powers who gain by our forced urbanisation.

In the UK there used to be a legal protection of fair land usage in the case of absentee landlords and owners.  This was known as 'Squatters' Rights'.  These rights have been stripped away, to the point where it is now illegal for a vacant property to be used as a living space.  In towns and cities up and down the UK, a staggering numbers of properties lay empty and in many cases they are falling into disrepair.  The numbers of properties are such that it would only take an Act of Parliament to compulsorily purchase these properties and then rent them out as social housing, to solve the so-called housing crisis in the UK.  This is something SMPBI wants to see.  There is no need for a single new home to be built in the UK.  With the number of properties lying vacant, even the armies of immigrants who are waiting at Calais, could be accommodated. Not that allowing further immigration is something anyone but the most insane bed-wetting liberal would consider a good idea, but nevertheless full use of the vast number of empty properties in our country would be sufficient to ensure there would be no homelessness in the UK.

Concreting over the land

Why then, is our land disappearing under concrete, as our town centres crumble?  Simply because the corrupt leaders in Parliament, Local Authorities and the Establishment, make a vast amount of money from new buildings, and consolidate their control over our lives in the process. 

Our land is sacred.  We are guardians of the soil, who have the duty to ensure it passes on to those who come after us, untainted.  We cannot tolerate GMO farming, Fracking, Building on green land, or any other action which further urbanises our country.  We need to reverse the process and ruralise the towns and cities by tearing down much of the urban sprawl and instead creating sections of farming land and recreational countryside.  That, however, can only be a long-term objective.  Right now we have to stop all attacks on the countryside which are currently under-way.  We have the power to do this, if only we can break-free from our subservience to the self-granted authority of the legal-financial rulers.  Imagination and determination will effect change; sit-down protests are as useless as the failed marches of yesteryear.

If we do not protect our land, the Ruling Class will do everything in their power to industrialise and urbanise every part of it (except the protected land where they reside).  They will continue to bring in more immigrants to make our territory a cosmopolitan fraction of the global materialistic superstate.  The total cultural genocide of our people can only be averted by fighting to not only halt the assault on all that is sacred, but taking the fight to the enemy, and defeating them in the only way they understand; financially.

The Spirit of General Ludd

The 'Luddite' approach to GMO farming is the only real alternative for 'rural protest'.

Hypothetically speaking, a neo-Luddite campaign would not only target the fields themselves, but also the buildings and machinery of the 'farms' in question.  Activists could resort to direct intimidation of the management and workers ('farmers') in a manner that was not uncommon in the late 18th and early 19th century.  Animal rights activists closed down an infamous 'Guinea Pig farm' a few years ago.  This sort of activism needs to be increased to protect the land itself - after all the countryside is still poorly policed and there is a distinct lack of CCTV, for now!

We are not advocating dragging hapless farm labourers from their tractors or running down beloved farm dogs, let alone opening every farm gate possible and cutting barbed wire or tearing up fence posts, but it could be imagined that some of our more 'creative' protesting folk would not refrain from such activity.

No doubt, the height of the harvest season would not be a good time for lanes to be blocked by chopped down trees; the needless killing of a mature tree would be senseless in the extreme. But it will be interesting to see what develops in the coming years. SMPBI cannot and will not condone any illegal acts, although the dire situation faced by our countryside is likely to inspire some to actions of a dubious nature.

Friday, 20 April 2018

It's Hitler's Birthday. Time for some Strasserism

Hitler was born on the 20th April 1889, making him 129 years old today. To mark the day, it is time to learn a bit more about the real National Socialists who were replaced by the Nazis under the direction of the birthday boy.

Our way is the Socialism of the Isles. But that does not mean we cannot have an interest in ideas from further afield.

Read the following to get an understanding that Social Nationalism / Strasserism / authentic National Socialism has nothing to do with the Nazis or the sad caricatures of today, the neo-nazis:


Gregor Strasser
Thoughts about the Tasks of the Future
1926 June 15

Lying on a sickbed for a few weeks and months does have its good side . So much that in the trivialities of everyday life does not get a hearing now has the chance to rise slowly from the unconscious to the conscious mind where it is tested and is winged by imagination, so that it acquires form and gains life . In general, people often make the mistake of assuming that practical action—the incessant preoccupation with daily necessities—is not founded in the mind . They therefore like to set up an invidious comparison between the thinker and the doer ! It is true that the currents of the mind and the soul do not become conscious when one is resolutely grappling with the tasks of the day and trying, by freshly setting to work, to solve all questions in a practical way !
So it is a comfort every now and then to have the leisure to look beyond the tasks of the day and of the near future and to plumb the depths of the question toward whose solution we are resolutely dedicating our life's work . When would this be better than during the many lonely hours of the sickbed, when the hands of the clock seem to stand still and the night never to end—until it becomes finally, finally morning again ! This new dawn, the fact that again and again the dawn comes, is the deep consolation, is the blessed certainty which makes the night of the present bearable for us—and even if the hours, years, never seem to end—the dawn does come, my friends, and the sun comes, the light !

Such thoughts of the lonely nights, thoughts about the National Socialist tasks of the future—I will briefly survey them here—such thoughts have surely occurred to most of our friends in similar hours and in a similar way—thoughts which at the moment are not yet the subject of our work, but whose undercurrents are flowing, whose blood runs through our work .

I. The Spirit of the Economy
We are Socialists, enemies, mortal enemies of the present capitalist economic system with its exploitation of the economically weak, with its injustice in wages, with its immoral evaluation of individuals according to wealth and money instead of responsibility and achievement, and we are determined under all circumstances to abolish this system ! And with my inclination to practical action it seems obvious to me that we have to put a better, more just, more moral system in its place, one which, as it were, has arms and legs and better arms and legs than the present one !
And yet it is not enough to change a system, to replace one economic system by another— necessary above all is a CHANGE OF SPIRIT ! The spirit which is to be overcome is the SPIRIT OF MATERIALISM ! ! We must achieve an entirely new kind of economic thinking, a kind of thinking which frees itself from the present conceptions rooted in money, in property, in profit and false success ! It is an indication of the Marxist, the false Socialism, that its way of thinking is exactly that of capitalism . For this reason I have said for years that the two form a spiritual unity, only with reversed signals ! National Socialism, which stems from organic life itself, casts aside the mendacious words of a theory remote from the world, as well as the dead ideas of a declining civilization !

We have to learn that in the economy of a people it is not profit. not gain, which are important—but only satisfying the needs of the members of this people ! ! This and nothing else is the task of a "national economics ! " We have to learn that the ideas "world trade"—"balance of trade"—"export surplus" are ideas of a declining epoch which have in the end reduced themselves ad absurdum, because they violate the eternal law of organic life and were born out of speculation, not out of necessity, not out of the soil ! We have to learn that it is a betrayal when speculative production, with all its means of touting and advertising, creates an artificial need, a betrayal of human labor, of human life ! For artificially stimulated covetousness creates ever-increasing aspirations, and increased aspirations double human slavery, which is slavery of the mind, which instead of the soul has taken up mastery over life ! What do people know today about life ? ! They run around and tire themselves out, torment themselves, strive and drudge like galley slaves—in order to lead a life of horrifying emptiness ! It is not that this new economic system which we want produces more. What is at stake is certainly not higher production, which Marxism demands, but the human soul ! ! And production, economy have only the one task: to meet the economic needs of individuals, rejecting goods which owe their demand only to artificial stimulation, rejecting also the prodding of "profit and gain" !

We have to learn that WORK IS MORE THAN PROPERTY ! ACHIEVEMENT IS MORE THAN DIVIDENDS ! ! It is the most unfortunate heritage of this capitalist economic system that all things are evaluated according to money, according to wealth, property ! The decline of a people is the inevitable result of the application of this standard, since selection according to property is the mortal enemy of race, of blood, of life ! We have never left a doubt that our national Socialism breaks this prerogative of the owner and that the liberation of the German worker shall also extend to SHARING PROFIT, SHARING PROPERTY AND SHARING ACHIEVEMENT! ! But it would mean measuring again with the old standards if one left it at that and did not stress that revolution of the spirit which guides us against the spirit of the present system ! We consciously oppose valuation according to property with VALUATION ACCORDING TO ACHIEVEMENT . This is the only valuation which we recognize ! ! We consciously place WORK higher than PROPERTY ! We focus on ACHIEVEMENT not dividends, and we recognize RESPONSIBILITY, not riches or splendor, as the crowning of human striving . That is a new world view, a new religion of economics . It establishes with certainty that the horrid rule of the golden calf is at an end and that the differences among individuals and the differences among rights—are differences in achievement, differences in degree of responsibility, differences which come from God and which are sacred ! !

II. The Spirit of Society and of the State

And just as our fight against the form of the capitalist economy is at the same time a fight against the spirit of this capitalist economy, which must he rooted out in its outward expression and in the heart of every individual; so our fight against the form of society and of the present state is also a life or death struggle against the SPIRIT of this society, this state : AGAINST LIBERALISM AND FALSE DEMOCRACY !

The spirit of our National Socialist idea has to overpower the spirit of liberalism and false democracy if there is to be a third Reich at all ! Deeply rooted in organic life, we have realized that the false belief in the equality of man is the deadly threat with which liberalism destroys people and nation, culture and morals. violating the deepest levels of our being ! National thinking gnaws at the basis of life itself, destroys the blood, destroys the sacred order which is based on the distance which is created by inequality and which has nothing in common with the present social structure ! For hierarchy, of which I am speaking here, depends exclusively on the achievements of the individual for the community . We have to reject with fanatical zeal the frequent lie that people are basically equal and equal in regard to their influence in the state and their share of power ! People are unequal, they are unequal from birth, become more unequal in life and are therefore to be valued unequally in their positions m society and m the state ! But this inequality in turn has only one standard can and must have only this one standard : the achievement of the individual for society, for the nation, for the state .

And thus I reach a demand which at first glance may seem utopian, but which results inevitably from what I have said, and which has occurred to various friends in a similar way . The demand for unequal distribution of rights according to achievement for the state requires the elaboration of a process of selection according to which such achievements are to be measured . In the folkish movement there is much talk about the emergence of a new group of leaders, and this demand touches what I said, but the ways which are recommended for a solution : these blood tests, Nordicization, and so forth, and so forth, appear to my practical mind somewhat dubious as to possibility, value and even effect ! Another way, however, a thoroughly German, Prussian way of which my friend Pfeffer reminded me on one occasion, is suited as no other : selection by the army !
This requires that military service be voluntary, a right and not a duty . The practical way would be that by law every German Citizen would have to serve the state for one year during this year he would not, as the supporters of a compulsory year of labor service want, build roads or do other mass work, but would learn a trade, so that there would not be a single German who had not had at least a year's training in a trade ! The selection of the best . however, would be reserved to the trade of arms, which would last for TWO years and therefore attract only those most willing to sacrifice and which would bring with it the mortal danger of war and therefore demand all the heroic virtues. Entrance is voluntary and not dependent on any force . Who doubts that those Germans who voluntarily apply for the army, which removes them from private life twice as long the civil service, which further does not, like the latter, include practical advantages for practical life, but on the contrary, after an infinitely more severe service, means danger to life in war-who doubts that these Germans would be the best of their people, the racial best, whose achievements for the state now and in the future would ...

Otto Strasser

I. The German Revolution denies before God and the world and obligation toward the "peace treaties" of Versailles and Saint-Germain, treaties based on the lie of Germany;s guilt and instituted through brute force, The German Revolution wages ceaseless and fanatic war, with all means, until it brings about the complete abrogation of these dictated treaties and all agreements based on them.

II. The German Revolution proclaims the freedom of the German nation in a strong German state which embraces all the German peoples of central Europe, and which, from Memel to Strassburg, from Eupen to Vienna, embraces Germans of the motherland and of the unredeemed territories, and because of its greatness and ability, for,s the backbone and the heart of white Europe.

III. The German Revolution refuses to rule over and exploit foreign peoples and nations. It wants no more and no less than sufficient living space for the young nation of Germans, and insofar as the fulfillment of this deepest natural right of life conflicts with the same right of other peoples and nations, the German Revolution recognizes the decision of war as the will of fate.

IV. The German Revolution declares that it is the sole purpose of the state to gather together all the forces of the nation and to employ them uniformly in guaranteeing the life and the future of this nation. It accepts every means which furthers his purpose an denies every means which hinders it.

V. The German Revolution therefore demands the harshest use of a strong central authority against all disruptive or disturbing organizations, whether political, party, or religious. The centralized state of the German nation binds together in the most powerful unity those forces which grow out of regional and particularist traditions.

VI. As an appropriate extension of the high tasks of the state, the German Revolution gives free scope for the development to the forces of occupational self-government, which have been inhibited and suppressed by a lifeless liberal system. It values the living organization in professional and occupational chambers above an artificial parliamentarism, just as in anything and everything, it values the personal responsibility of leadership over the irresponsibility of an anonymous mass.

VII. The German Revolution proclaims that the German nation is a community of fate. But it is aware that a community of fate is not only a community of need but also a community of bread and therefore affirms all of the demands which follow from this recognition according to the fundamental principle: "The common good before the individual good."

VIII. The German Revolution therefore rejects the individualistic economic system of capitalism; and the overthrow of capitalism is the prerequisite to the success of the German Revolution. With the same decisiveness of the German Revolution affirms the corporative economic system of socialism, processing from and concluding with the knowledge that the purpose of any economic system is solely the satisfaction of the needs of the nation, not riches or gain.

IX. The German Revolution therefore declares its superior property right in all land and mineral rights. Landowners are only leaseholders of the nation, and are accountable to the nation and to the state, because the nation as a whole defends the property.

X. On the basis of the same right, the German Revolution proclaims the right of all workers to share in ownership, profit and management of the economy of the nation, which every folk comrade serves. His personal share in property, profit and management id either earned or limited by increased output, greater responsibility. The German Revolution knows ad recognizes the motive force of personal interest, but incorporates this force into a larger machinery for the good of the nation.

XI. The German Revolution sees this good of the nation neither in the accumulation of material goods, nor in a limitless improvement of the standard of living, but exclusively in the recovery and maintenance in the health of that God-given organism, the Nation. Only thus can this German nation fulfill the task entrusted to it by fate.

XII. The German Revolution sees this task as the full development of the unique folkish character and therefore fights with every means against racial degeneration or foreign influence in culture, and for folkish renewal and purity, for German culture. This fight applies particularly to the Jews, who, in combination with the international powers of freemasonry and ultra-Montanism, are destroying, partly compelled by their nature, partly internationally, the life of the German soul.

XIII. The German Revolution therefore also fights against the rule of Jewish Roman law and for a German law which has the German and his honor as its axis and consciously affirms and values the inequality of man. This German law recognizes as citizens only folk comrades and measures all according to the good of the whole.

XIV. The German Revolution overthrows the world view of the great French Revolution and shapes the face of the twentieth century. It is nationalistic - against the enslavement of the German people; it is socialist - against the tyranny if money; it is folkish - against the destruction of the German soul - but it is all of these only for the sake of the nation. And for the sake of those nation for the German Revolution recoils from no battle, finds no sacrifice too great, no war too bloody, for Germany must live!Thus we youths feel the heartbeat of the German Revolution pounding, thus we front soldiers see the face of the near future before us and experience, humble-proud, the role of the chosen ones, to fight, to win the battle of the twentieth century, satisfied to see the meaning of the war, the Third Reich.


And of course, it would to be remiss to leave out the man who replaced national SOCIALISM with the form which ended in the destruction of Europe in 1945.
Hitler: Founder of Israel

Thursday, 19 April 2018

The Windrush Generation: Hated by the Tories for being a committed section of the Working Class

by Saxbey

We must stand shoulder to shoulder with those  that have contributed towards our national working class  institutions, our trades unions, our football clubs, our health service as opposed to those that mock the very idea of our society.

In the neo-liberal society that Thatcher created and has increasingly taken hold since the 1980s in these isles, particularly in the urban areas, atomised individualism has wrought havoc.

Enhanced by the destruction of the manufacturing base of the economy, working class collective institutions were denied their relevance and meaning. The family unit is now openly mocked, traditional parenting seen as "uncool" as the self indulgent musings of the Hampstead crowd filtered down to the less expensive parts of town. This  has denied our youth the support is needs. Along with this, the gun culture travelling across the Atlantic  has introduced a poisonous ingredient to the dysfunctional brew from which our present society. is forced to drink.

This has unfortunately particularly manifested itself amongst the young of the black working class because big city kids of any background have always had the winner/loser capitalist dichotomy thrust under their noses in the severest form.  This has historically been tempered by the institutions of family, locality, class. Yet no longer. However, urban youth in the metropolis has sought it's own collective institutions, ones far less positive than those of their parents and grandparents in nature, the results have been heart breaking to witness.

Now this! Further proof, if any were needed that Britain is not a community, but a "people mill", continually churning, a revolving door where if you don't conform  to the neo-con geopolitical agenda, goodbye.

The future of this country must be the healing of this country, it will not be found in the boardrooms of corporations, or the offices of foreign governments, but in our own autonomous institutions.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Speak Out For Palestine - Wilberg on Wednesday

Editor's note:
The West is suffering under the weight of the Cultural, Political and Economic Occupation of Zionist power. In Palestine, the Occupation is Physical, with the native population forced out of their homes, many living a life of absolute poverty in the world's largest Concentration Camp: the Gaza Strip.  The Zionist power uses occupied Palestine as its base for its global crimes.  For this reason, and for simple human decency, the Palestinian struggle is our struggle too.


Please watch the video in this article - banned in 28 countries - in full, and share it. It shows the sheer hell of Israeli occupation, leading even to Palestine children committing suicide:

As of April 7, nearly three thousand unarmed Christian, Muslim and secular Palestinians have been wounded, over three dozens are in critical condition and at least twenty-five unarmed protestors, including children have been assassinated by hundreds of Israeli snipers and heavily armed troops shooting tank shells into crowds of civilians protesting their decades of incarceration by the racist Israeli state. Why is this not talked about or even reported in the media?

Closing note
The Zionist State turns 70 this evening. For the occupied territories this is a day of mourning. 70 years of brutal subjugation. 70 years of the motherland of the Palestinian people taken and turned into a criminal headquarters for a people whose claim to the land lies in fantasy, from a collective delusion of grandeur which believes that people to be chosen by no less than their god. 70 years of pain. This sorry period in history will not stop until the power of the Zionist menace is broken. When the usurious capitalist system is no more, Palestine, the Jewish People who have been conned into accepting this evil in their name, and the rest of the world will be free.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018


by Ian RM


At various times in history, there was either no social welfare system at all, or one which depended on spontaneous or systemized charity: individual alms-giving in the Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and other traditions; more organized supply of food, shelter or money as in the ancient Roman dole, Renaissance attempts at poor relief and the cheerless “workhouses” of 19thC England (which in fact continued in places in some form or another until the Second World War and the emergence of the postwar Welfare State).

It is a matter for historical debate whether organized “welfare” in Europe started with the mediaeval Roman Catholic church or in the 19thC with Bismarck, who set up in Prussia and then in the unified Germany a system not unlike those which emerged later in other European countries (eg in the UK under Lloyd George) and further afield: for example, Uruguay had one of the most generous “welfare” (social security) systems in the world until it collapsed in the 1970s under the weight of its expense.

However, the Roman Catholic and other religious and other non-State providers of “welfare” rarely give out money. They supply, variously, food, shelter, education and medical help.

The more modern “welfare” systems, eg in the UK, were based on the idea of social insurance: during a working lifetime, you paid in; in periods of unemployment, disability, sickness, old age, you were paid out. In the UK, this has become largely notional. Some tax is still designated as “National Insurance” payment but of course is just an extra type of income tax, fed straight into central funds and not in any way ringfenced.

Some anecdotal evidence

Like many people of my age (b. 1956) in the UK, I had to request State assistance occasionally in the past. This is or was far more common than generally supposed. The writer J.K. Rowling, now supposedly worth £100 million, has described how only the more generous –compared to today– social security of the 1990s enabled her to sit in cafes (partly to keep warm) with her baby, and to write the stories that not much later became Harry Potter. More egregiously, the vampire of Britain’s social security system, Iain Duncan Smith, has admitted that he claimed social security after having left the Army (ignominiously, having only achieved the rank of lieutenant after six years). In fact, Smith, or as he prefers to be known, Duncan Smith (the Duncan not being part of his original surname), claimed social security under false pretences, making him a hypocrite as well as what Australians apparently call a “dole blodger” and (as seen in the scandal of his fake CV and Parliamentary expenses) a fraud.

Certainly, there are those who abuse the social security system. In the past, that was far more common, because the almost Stasi level of control and surveillance that now exists for claimants in Britain had not then been put into place. The system was itself less punitive, less quick to demand impossible levels of enthusiasm for what is now and vulgarly called “jobseeking”.

I knew one woman, a citizen of the Soviet Union, who, having run away from her husband in New Zealand, came to the UK and claimed social security (including disability benefits). How could this happen? Well, her ex-husband, though resident in New Zealand, had a British passport (was British citizen) and had the right to reside in the UK. That meant that his estranged wife could do likewise, even though she had no other connection with the UK and had never even landed there! In fact, that woman never had a job (beyond odd occasional part-time jobs teaching Russian conversation at evening classes). She was supplied with monies for being slightly disabled (kidneys), monies for not having a job, monies for having two children of school age. She was also supplied with free housing. I encountered that person in 1981. She was, I heard, still collecting from the “British taxpayer” in 1996 and is almost certainly still collecting (now State Pension too!) in 2017…All monies legally-obtained, without fraud of any kind.

Another case. A young man (in the mid-1990s), from a very affluent family, who, nonetheless, was “unemployed” and so received whatever unemployment benefit was called then, as well as Housing Benefit for the large flat he occupied in Marylebone, London. In fact, the flat was owned (under cloak of a private company) by the young man’s mother (who lived in Surrey), while the young man had his own freelance work as both a designer and a male model. In this case, there certainly was some kind of dishonesty, both on the part of the young man and his mother. I doubt that they could do the same today, but I last heard of them over 20 years ago, so do not know.

The above two examples seem to show abuse of a system, but here is another case from the 1990s; less obvious, less easy to judge: a single mother of a school-age child, she about 40-y-o, with no relevant educational qualifications. This lady had a small, indeed micro, informal business, making coffee and selling home-made sandwiches to the ladies having their hair done at a large London hairdressing salon. A “Trotter’s Traders” enterprise (“no income tax, no VAT” etc…). About £200 profit on a good week, but more usually less. Not enough to live on, even then, paying Central London rent. That lady was getting State benefits as a single mother; she was getting Housing Benefit too. Now it could be said that she was “defrauding” the State, but her earned income was not enough to live on without State help. Had she given up her private work, the State would have saved nothing, the economy generally would have suffered from her not earning and spending, she and her son would have suffered considerably.

Basic Income

For me, the answer to the above lies in Basic Income, a certain amount paid to every citizen (nb. not to everyone just off the boat, or those who have walked through the Channel Tunnel). The level at which it is set will be, inevitably, contentious. Some will end up with less than under the existing system of State benefits etc. However, it has the merit of certainty. Everyone knows that x-amount will be paid weekly or monthly; those over a certain (to be decided) income can have the Basic Income payment clawed back via the tax system. It may be that everyone should also get free local transport.

The benefits of Basic Income are several. Every citizen will have the basic wherewithal of life: food, shelter, transport etc, without being forced to jump through hoops, without being bullied or snooped upon. The State will save vast amounts on administration, salaries of penpushers, maintenance of useless and expensive building such as (another vulgarity) “jobcentres”. There will be little scope for fraud and deception, because everyone under a certain income will get the same amount. If society wants to provide the disabled, sick etc with more than the basic amount, then an assessment programme (decent, honest, not cruel, unlike the existing ones) can be put into place for that.

This is obviously the way to go.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Should We Prepare for Social Collapse?

(by Ian RM, originally written in December 2016, and in the light of the ramping up of the endless war - the War OF Terror which was ushered in with the US Bombing of the World Trade Centre on 11.9.01 - a timely posting)

We read of those, especially in North America, who are termed “preppers”, people preparing for various forms of disaster (nuclear war, an asteroid hitting the Earth, inability of the State to maintain civil order) leading to social collapse, either with rampaging and desperate hordes of displaced people everywhere or with a mere few “survivors” from whatever calamity has struck. We in Europe tend to laugh at these American excesses (as they seem to us), but perhaps we should be less amused and more cautious.

Naturally, there is a huge difference in geographical and demographic norms. The wide open spaces of much of the USA and Canada contrast starkly with Europe, particularly the UK, with its centuries-old man-altered landscapes, densely-populated cities and towns, lack of true wilderness (except in the North-West of Scotland).

The population density of the USA, overall, is 92 persons per square mile; that of the UK nearly 700. Naturally, that is a misleadingly simplistic picture. The most densely-populated American state, New Jersey (where I myself once lived) has a population density of over 1,200 ppsm, whereas, while the UK West Midlands region has a density of over 3,000 ppsm and Manchester over 2,000, Devon has only 172, Cornwall 154 and the Scottish Highlands and Islands only 11. On the other hand, there is the point that “crowded” (in parts) New Jersey, the 4th-smallest American state, is about the same size as Wales. The more sparsely-populated areas of the USA are often a very long way from major cities or even modest towns.

It is clear that, for the UK prepper, less is more and that the congested urban and suburban areas are to be avoided as a base. However, the distinction should be made between the hardcore prepper, who intends to live by hunting, fishing and his wits, i.e. as a “survivalist” and the person who aspires to the creation of a new society after any collapse of the existing one. The latter is therefore, almost ipso facto, a conserver of civilization and culture.

I have already blogged about the idea of forming and developing a “safe zone” or base area for UK social nationalists. I have suggested that, in terms of region, the Devon/Cornwall peninsula might be the most suitable. Naturally, when social nationalists have relocated to that zone, their lives will not consist, in the absence of immediate war or social collapse, of hunter-gatherer or subsistence farmer activities. They will do normal jobs, run businesses, smallholdings, farms and estates and in general live (in most cases) as they do in those other parts of the UK where they live at present.

I suggest the following ideas. This is not supposed to be a comprehensive list, but only a basis for one:

Food Security
Keep a stock of food to last for a year or even two. The Mormons have been doing this for a long time, certainly for many decades. There is no need to re-invent the wheel when we can learn from others who know how to do things. Here is one explanation of how the food storage system works with the Mormons:

The Mormon system seems to work on the idea of having a buffer for months rather than years, but with modern canning, packing and freezing techniques it should be possible to give the people in the safe zone at least a one-year supply of food from store.

Naturally, in a rural area, agricultural and horticultural produce will be available. Members of the social-national community will no doubt own estates, farms, smallholdings. In addition, those occupying smaller residences can be encouraged to cultivate part of their gardens, grow produce on a small scale under glass etc.

An important aspect of food security is the existence of a seed bank. Individuals and families can keep their own, but the community as a whole should also maintain one.

No doubt people will be able, in hard times, to forage and to find wild food and to fish.

Energy Security
It is to be expected that, in the first instance, the houses and other buildings in the safe zone will be on mains electricity. This supply is vulnerable in the event of war, natural disaster or social collapse in the wider society.

The first necessity is to build up the supply, within the zone, of solar electricity generation and solar heating. There are buy-back schemes etc whereby the householder can even sell his excess power to the National Grid, so long as it exists. At any rate, the community within the safe zone should do everything it can to utilize this renewable supply.

Geothermal heating of homes and other buildings is possible now, if the capital is there to utilize it.

It may be possible for individual residences in the countryside to have small wind turbines too, which can both supply those homes with electricity and also put any surplus back into the National Grid or a local grid.

A further option for some farms and estates would be hydropower from rivers and smaller streams of water.

As an emergency fallback, there should be a range of off-grid options for heating homes: woodburning stoves, ordinary open fires and, for electricity generation, emergency generators run from oil or other petroleum products.

It would be useful, too, if members of the community were to stockpile emergency lighting: candles (even tealights), hurricane lamps etc, battery-operated or camping gas-operated lights, wind-up lamps and torches.

Water Security
Water supply is easier, being regional and local rather than national. Indeed, many houses and farms in rural England have their own supply from springs. However, a contingency plan must be drafted and worked out.

The Internet was designed, originally, as a means by which communications might continue even after nuclear war. Presumably, that system will continue in some form even during social collapse. If so, it might be of huge importance beyond the confines of the safe zone, in the struggle to rebuild the wider society.

The community ought to maintain a radio transmitter.

An article such as this cannot cover all aspects of how a decent society might survive when the wider society around it is in a state of disorder and even collapse. I have not touched upon questions of social order, for example. However, these few proposals may start running a current of thought. The proposed safe zone will have to operate on the basis that an externally-triggered emergency will probably occur before very long.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Socialist Quotes for Sunday Reflection pt 6

CIA, 1979


It cannot be too often repeated that what destroyed the Family in the modern world was Capitalism. No doubt it might have been Communism, if Communism had ever had a chance, outside that semi-Mongolian wilderness where it actually flourishes. But so far as we are concerned, what has broken up households and encouraged divorces, and treated the old domestic virtues with more and more open contempt, is the epoch and power of Capitalism. It is Capitalism that has forced a moral feud and a commercial competition between the sexes; that has destroyed the influence of the parent in favor of the influence of the employer; that has driven men from their homes to look for jobs; that has forced them to live near their factories or their firms instead of near their families; and, above all, that has encouraged for commercial reasons, a parade of publicity and garish novelty, which is in its nature the death of all that was called dignity and modesty by our mothers and fathers.
G.K. Chesterton

“Almost exactly one year to the date of 2017's purported Khan Shaykhun chemical weapons attack, a near-identical incident has now taken place outside of #Damascus, with the suspicious circumstances and timing of this disputed event raising questions about who wanted it to supposedly happen and why.”

Steven Nezar Sahiounie
#Syria #SAA
مقابلتي مع اذاعة سبوتنيك الروسية "انكليزي" وأتحدث فيها عن مسرحية الكيمياوي ودور القبعات البيض في هذه المسرحيات.


[The Jews] tried to kill the principles of all religions with the same mentality in which they betrayed Jesus Christ and the same way they tried to betray and kill the Prophet Muhammad.
Bashar al-Assad

The captain doesn't think about death, or life, he thinks about saving his ship,
Bashar al-Assad

We don't have a lot of expectations [for Donald J. Trump] because the American administration is not only about the President; it's about different powers within this administration, the different lobbies that they are going to influence any President.
Bashar al-Assad

1. European civilization is based on the titanomachia. Its center is problem of Dionysus.
2. When we define Dionysus as Sun and male principle we interpret him in the perspective of Indo-European civilization. It is the apollonian Dionysus – Olympian one. He is the Son of God and belong to the Heaven. So Zeus promised to him his own throne. He is the King of future, of kingdom to come.
3. In its nature Dionysus can be different as in Chinese civilization. He can be neutral. But it can be as well cybelian, black double of Dionysus.
4. European cultures solve the problem of Dionysus – every culture in its own manner.
5. Greek solution: apollonian Dionysian synthesis.
6. But in Hellenism we encounter new dimension of the culture. The Hellenism is based on Platonism and iranism. Iranism is dualistic Patriarchy.
7. Iranian Logos is based on War of Light and the culture of waiting. The concept is: the Light comes in to the Darkness. It fights with the darkness. And it is defeated by the Darkness. It dies. It is resurrected and come in the End of Time as Winner. So the is the time, salvation, Saviour, kingdom and metaphysics of Light.
8. Rome is pure apollonian in the beginning but afterwards Hellenistic.
9. Celt culture is attracted to the very powerful cybelian pole. The Dionysus obtains here the dark features. It is Orpheus figure – the descent in the Hell.
10. German is apollonian but in the warrior version. The struggle of the heroes against chtonic giants.
11. English culture is double: celt and german. It is bipolar.
Slavs are Dionysian and cybelian – by the proximity of the pole of the matriarchy in Balkans. European peasantry is balkanic by its origins
Alexander Dugin