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A Message to Socialists and Social Nationalists in England and the U.K. - Wilberg on Wednesday

“For centuries, no other country brought more grief to the planet, destroyed more lives,
ruined more nations and cultures, and stole more natural resources from the ‘natives’,
than the United Kingdom. All this was done with a straight face, all explained and justified by the most advanced propaganda apparatus on earth, all ‘morally defended’. The entire twisted concept of British-style ‘justice’ was first introduced at home, and then exported to many corners of the globe. It went on for several long centuries, and it goes on until now: the rapists are introducing globally accepted moral codes. Mass murderers are running international courts of justice. Notorious liars and thieves are teaching the world about ‘objectivity’. Gurus of disinformation are even ‘educating’ their own children, as well as the children of elites from all parts of the world, in their ‘prestigious’ factories of indoctrination – schools and universities. Of course there are some countries that have tried very hard to outdo the UK in terms of brutality, greed and tactics of deception … They really have been competing determinately and zealously, but despite all their efforts, they never truly managed to come close to the forerunner.” Andre Ziltchek

Given these facts, social nationalists in England and the U.K. bear a historically unique
responsibility , including a responsibility to:

1. Recognise that the English capitalist ruling caste can, historically, be seen as not only the
oldest but also and indeed the most perfidious in the world, i.e. that for many peoples the
phrase ‘ Albion perfide ’ was a bitter reality for many.

2. To prepare for the decline of this most perfidious caste - and see through its tactics in trying
to save itself.

3. To erect an ideological wall between social nationalism and the new and aggressive forms
being taken by capitalist nationalism - both in Britain, the U.S. and in many countries or parties
of Southern and Eastern Europe. Without this wall, true social nationalism in England risks
degeneration into something more akin to the oxymoron of ‘Daily Mail socialism’. An
‘oxymoron’ could, of course, be defined ‘a contradiction in terms’.

4. To promote and revive great English national music, painting and poetry on political sites
and in political literature - not just policies, platforms and polemics - and in this way give
nationalist politics some authentic national soul.

5. To attend with due diligence and appropriate measures to the low birthrate and declining
demographic of white Europeans (something not helped by their random and arbitrary
deportation from the U.K.) but that would be helped by sparing all couples from the need for
double-income wage slavery - for example through a Finnish-style universal minimal income.

6. To protect and promote regional identity and economies, for example through regional
currencies and local public or cooperative banks like the Bank of North Dakota.

7. To enlist and educate a special cadre of party members drawn from established Hindu,
Jewish and Islamic communities to promote the radical politicisation of these communities on
the basis of a shared Eurasianist, anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist platform.

Taking up the Challenge
Again, we cannot agitate or campaign against the contradictions of capitalism - or the dire
consequences for the British peoples of the coming and historic phase of its perhaps even
terminal crises and decline. The challenge in taking on this great weight of responsibility
is therefore above all to simply see clearly what is happening to capitalism in and of itself,
and then wait - not in the sense of twiddling thumbs - but by educating the people and
patiently preparing for that time when the realisation of socialist policies will have nothing
to do with shouting ‘demands’ but will be something both available and demanded by the
concrete situation itself. The vision of devolved cantons and communities based on mixed
agrarian and industrial cooperatives has a long and virtuous history in English socialism,
art and culture. It is a vision that could, at the right time, be brought to life - if given life by
both local government and state issued money and currencies, and with the help of new
service and manufacturing technologies. This in turn could lead to the transformation into
a moneyless and stateless ‘communist’ society and economy on the Ubuntu model of
Michael Telligner. In this context, allow me to present once again my redefinition of
‘socialism’ and ‘communism’:

Socialism’ - the abolition of the power of the banks to create and control the money supply of
nations through loans - or by restricting their lending. Instead: the nationalisation of money-creation and its centralisation in the hands of the nation state - so that public spending becomes debt-free.

Communism’ - the evolution of a moneyless society in which each and all individuals freely contribute to their local communities their own most unique creative potentials and labour talents - in return for which they receive free provision of the products and services of others.

From the ‘what’ to the ‘how’ - beginning now

In preparing to lead society in these new directions, in essence, the type of work that socialists are needed to do will be an entirely new form of work for society - of ‘social work’. For there will many dispirited people who will be in dire need of help, education, practical guidance and spiritual encouragement. In this respect the model of Islamic organisations like Hamas and others - combining politics with social defence and welfare work through their community welfare militias - is a worthwhile one to consider, and an important role also for socialist youth under mature leadership and mentoring. It will also be important for socialists to exercise leadership not only on a policy level - the level of ‘thought leadership’ and of ‘what’ socialists propose, but also on a practical level of ‘the how’ - of how , for examples devolved communities, cantons or Yugoslav-style federations can begin to be set up through united individual and group initiatives, leading - bottom up - to free communities of communities. So it is not just in the realm of welfare but also in the realm of independent community building that socialists have social work to do in forging new individual, relational and communal identities. This work cannot consist in merely attacking existing communities of any sort. For again, if any community or people can define itself only in negative relation to other peoples and communities it remains essentially in thrall to them - and at the same time lost to itself.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The Ruling Caste's Manipulation of Brexit - Wilberg on Wednesday

The looming post-Brexit contradiction

A historically unparalleled contradiction will ‘hit the fan’ for the English ruling political caste
- being now threatened for the first time with the loss of its own centuries-old capitalist ‘constituency’ of City workers and bankers, European and global manufacturing and service corporations who fear trade tariffs and rely on skilled migrant workers, its use of unskilled immigrant labour to exploit in agriculture (though at least not with the ‘bonus’ of sex-slavery as in Sicily), its loss of the migrant workers on which the whole housing industry, the NHS etc. depend (although naturally there is no need for the ruling caste to concern themselves with social housing or health). Prognosis - the possibility of ever greater civil discontent as, behind all the distracting Brexit blather, a barrage of ever more vicious austerity cuts, made worse by rising inflation, travel and housing costs goes unnoticed - and bite harder, but with no funding to pick up the pieces for the homeless, unemployed, the working poor and all those literally disabled or made dependent on food banks by this continuing barrage of cuts. Then there is the threat of falling inward investment, and the potential voluntary exit from the UK, not just of corporations but of a key economic demographic of young people, and of skilled workers and employees.

Any answers for the ruling caste?

Not many - except throwing Britain’s doors wide open and making it a most welcoming island tax haven for the ruling global caste, a most welcoming property playground for billionaire Saudi head-choppers, Bahraini and Qatari investors, a most welcoming ecological playground for eager American ‘healthcare’, fracking and GM agro- and food corporations - all whilst cutting corporation tax to an all-time low! Oh yes, and hopefully salvaging our thriving arms export business and selling to all and sundry - no questions asked. In a word, the answer for the ruling caste reads: to export our sovereignty to a motley band of pirateering, privatising and asset-stripping corporations - and their nations. At least that way the ruling caste will remain in clover, but now transformed into a mere money-grubbing plutocracy. Alternatively, keep the one link with Europe that could serve the ruling caste with a diversionary agenda. You’ve guessed it - war - but now against rather than with Russia. Meanwhile proceed with ever-intensified neo-liberal austerity and the immiseration of the British people to a Dickensian level of poverty, the reduction of the U.K. - and the destruction of all sense of community except through Empire-nostalgic identitarian jingoism and racism - which defines the rich history and identity of the white people of the U.K. purely in terms of other peoples and their identities, in this way dialectically negating rather than affirming ‘white identity’ itself.

From Capitalist Contradictions to Capitalist Irrationalism

Recently we have also seen the rise, not just of aggressive capitalist nationalism but also of a new phenomenon: overt capitalist irrationalism . The inherent contradictions of capitalism - and their consequences having long reached a point at which they cannot anymore be rationalised away, the previously disguised irrationalism of capitalist politics now finds expression in the irrationally and internally contradictory fantasies that dominate the new and aggressive form of national capitalism displayed by both British and American political leaders - which amounts to nothing more than government by and for billionaires. On the other hand, the now outright irrationalism of U.S. and British governments offers social nationalists the opportunity to shift the focus of their discourse from questions of Brexit, immigration and Islam to the real issue: the degeneracy of the English ruling caste and its overgrown and world-straddling foster-child - U.S.-Zionist hegemony and warmongering. As philosopher, I furthermore suggest that the claim of capitalism and its so-called democracies to have inherited from the Enlightenment a universal principle of reason and rationality was a false one right from the start - unless of course, one first reduces ‘reason’ itself to a mere capacity for utilitarian technical, monetary and political calculation - often of the most cynical sort and for purely utilitarian and capitalist purposes. This degeneration did not go unnoticed by the English poets, by the watertight anti-materialist logic of the Irish philosopher George Berkeley - or by many politically-minded writers, thinkers and philosophers in Germany prior to WW1 and following WW2. One need only think of the immense and ground-breaking challenge to capitalist ‘rationality’ from the dialectical reasoning of both Hegel and Marx - and the poetic or “meditative thinking” of perhaps the greatest thinker since Aristotle and Plato - the now much-maligned Martin Heidegger.

A Historic Question

Will the post-Brexit contradictions faced by the English ruling caste now become so acute that we can effectively say that - in that very same land which led the world in pioneering capitalist development, colonialism and imperialism - (which is why Marx came here to study it!) capitalism may now be looking into the face of imminent and irredeemable collapse. If the answer to this historic question is yes, then socialists in England and the British isles have perhaps the biggest and most difficult historic challenge to face in the entire history of capitalism, for England is already beginning to show all signs of a ‘failed state’.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Understanding Language as a Cornerstone of Society

The Welsh Assembly has passed a motion calling for the expansion of the Welsh language, with the aim being for 1 million people to be fluent in the Welsh language throughout Wales by 2050. SWPE applauds First Minister, Carwyn Jones, and the AMs who have worked to push for the protection and promotion of the ancient language, which has been in decline for many years, and could disappear entirely if the English language is allowed to continue to dominate.

The support for the Welsh tongue may appear to be a strange move from a party which is based in England, but this is to misunderstand the nature of SWPE.  Our party is not an 'Anglo-Saxon' supremacist organisation.  We fully appreciate that the English nation is the product of the admixture of the original Britons, with the Celts and more recent arrivals such as the Norse, the Germanics and others.

SWPE stands in total opposition to all manifestations of Globalisation.  Ours is the purest form of Socialism In One Country.  We believe in the promotion of our culture, as the foundation of our society.  Language is an important aspect of who we are, and it has been used by the Capitalist Globalisers as a weapon against us.  The modern form of English (the Americanised global language) is a problem which has to be addressed.  We can use language as a barrier against the machinations of the destroyers of sovereignty.  Our support for the Welsh language is rooted in a belief in the strengthening of the distinct cultural and linguistic characteristics of the nations of the UK.

Anglo-Saxon supremacists have been pitted against Celtic supremacists to create a false division between the peoples of England and Wales.  DNA-research has found that contrary to the myth of the Anglo-Saxons pushing the Celts into Wales, the two peoples mingled, with the 'English' remaining a Celtic people, albeit with a slightly higher percentage of Germanic blood than our brothers and sisters in the part of the country labelled 'Wales'.  SWPE understands that 'Wales' is a derogatory term created to label as foreigners the Celtic people who did not abandon the Celtic tongue and submit to the German dialect of 'English'.  We are one people, divided falsely, pitted against each other as a way of keeping us from realising our unity and throwing off our oppressors - the Ruling Caste who came to our shores in 1066 as the bankers of William the Conquering Bastard, then again as the financiers of William the Orange Bastard.

The Welsh language - or to use its correct name, Cymraeg - is a vestige of the language which we all spoke before the Germanic migrations.  There is no real difference between the people of Cymru and the people of England, other than language - this too is largely a myth, considering that the majority of Cymru has submitted to speaking the bastardised version of the Anglo-Saxon Englisc, which passes for English today.

SWPE calls for the artificial division of the Cymry and the English to come to an end, and for the peoples of the entire territory of EnglandCymru to accept that we are one people, with a common heritage, a common culture, and a common future.  The Ruling Class have imposed French upon us as the language we must all learn when passing through the mental slaughterhouses which they call the education system.  The legal system rests upon an earlier despotic language foisted upon us by the Romans.  A Free and Sovereign EnglandCymru would have no need for the people to be forced to learn the language of the oppressors, whether French or Latin.

We propose that the English language be cleansed of French and Latin influences, bringing it back to a workable version of the original Englisc tongue.  We propose that Cymraeg is not only taught to the people in the geographical area currently known as Cymru, but also to everyone in the area currently known as England.  We want our people to be bilingual in the old language of the land, as well as the one which came after and was adopted by most of our ancestors. Bilingualism is a tool which aids creative thought, making for a stronger and healthier society. Breaking free from the tyranny of globalisation is much easier if we can shield our people from the mind-rotting propaganda of the likes of MTV, CNN, Hollywood etc, by removing our country from the globalist web.

The 'Welsh Assembly' (Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru) has stated that to double the number of 'Welsh' speakers would take a generation of education. What we are calling for is a total and permanent revolution which will see our people freed from the global capitalist nightmare, and restored to true sovereignty forever.  The restoration of language will take generations, but unlike democratic socialists with one eye on the next election, our view goes beyond the immediate and into the distant future.  Capitalism will fail - this is inevitable.  What is far more difficult is the task of keeping it down and building something which cannot be crushed by the global parasites. Sovereignty is vital for the revolution to succeed. Maintaining Sovereign languages which are outside the global reach, is necessary, and is something good in itself.

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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The Immigration Question - Wilberg on Wednesday


An issue? No question. But even more so a symptom - a result of British colonialism and later of countless brutal U.S. and Zionist wars of aggression in the Middle East. But as in football, do not underestimate the Germans. Even in much-scorned ‘refugee welcoming’ Germany the number of asylum applications has dropped by 600,000 in one year. But behind the refusal of the U.K. and many other European countries to let in and pay for the care of a few thousand young child refugees (of the sort now being held in Greek and Turkish concentration camps, where they are brutalised, self-harm or even attempt suicide) is the same cynicism that has led to child poverty continuing to rise in the UK itself (up 100,000 in one year) . As for the current European refugee crisis, this is not a result of the European Union but of the lack of real European unity in creating a clear plan to deal with it - because what that would need most of all is not polemical debates about mosques, hijabs or cultural identity but 1. The identification of its true causes, 2. money - the money necessary, for example, to train up British workers to the level of their European or Asian counterparts, or to educate both Europeans and non-Europeans in Europe’s rich cultural heritage - whose Greek roots (for example the works of Aristotle) were saved from complete extinction under Arab caliphates of the past . 3. Money again - in the form of help in reconstructing Syria, most Syrian refugees - whether displaced within or outside the country - having no greater desire than to return to their own homes or homeland. 4. Not letting the ruling caste and its media use immigration issues as a front behind which to carry austerity cuts to even greater extremes, the consequent rise in poverty having already reached an all time high of over 14 million - and their aim to transform Britain to their own neo-feudal plutocratic fiefdom. Then there is the 122 billion Pounds the government will need to borrow from the banksters just to pursue the Brexit process. But in the face of all these issues of money we continue to confront the Big Lie that public spending must be restrained in order to ‘make ends meet’, i.e. pay off debt to the international banking system. And this despite such absurd contradictions as spending over three billion pounds just to strip 160,000 disabled people of Personal Independence Payments - revealing how the ruling caste abuses whatever money it controls for its own agenda of aggressive class war.

Immigration and the refugee crisis in a global-historical context

Young Calais male immigrant from dark event in Africa - no housing, no money:

“We blame them, for what they did to Africa! Let’s assume that they (the Europeans) did not spoil our country, you wouldn’t have seen me here.”

Call it blowback or even ‘karma’ if you will. But Marx had a cunning eye for the historical and dialectical essence of ‘karma’ an unfoldment of the contradictions of class society.

  • 1. As ‘blowback’ from the British Empire

“Britain came to one of the richest countries in the world in the 18th century and reduced it, after two centuries of plunder, to one of the poorest.” Indian MP and author Shashi Tharoor.

According to Tharoor Britons suffer “historical amnesia” over the atrocities and plunder committed by their empire which the British educational system failed to tell the real story of - and claimed Britain would have to accept Indian workers and students freely moving across its borders if it wanted to sell its goods in Indian markets following Brexit. Then there was the arbitrary border of Pakistan and ‘Hindustan’ (‘India’) imposed by the British - with all its horrendous human consequences. All this history - and yet there are those who still wonder why the hell there are such significant Pakistani and Indian communities in England!

  • 2. As Blowback from the U.S. Empire

4 millions Muslim dead and many more lives and families destroyed as a result of U.S. imperialist wars of aggression. Yet there are those who still think that the effect on the U.K. of today’s global refugee crisis - which has an almost historically unprecedented scale - can be blamed on lax European or British immigration policies. With respect to Syria in particular, it is of course forgotten that there are over 6 million internally displaced Syrians - or that of the almost 5 million Syrian refugees, only 10%, have fled to Europe - with an almost negligible number seeking asylum in England. Moreover it is largely rejection of asylum applications before entry in a country that creates a problem of ‘illegal’ immigration. Meanwhile the historically biggest troublemakers in Eastern Europe, Poland in particular, refuse to accept a mere 5,000 migrants from Sweden, which is about the same number of refugees as the Czech Republic, another old troublemaker of the 20th century, has let in. Mantra: just blame the Germans for the whole problem - and make sure they pay the price!

Migrant criminality in Germany
A rise to 402.741 from 2014 to 2015, out of a total of 6.330.649 registered crimes . Not insignificant, and largely due to the high proportion of single young males let in. But also not to be confused with the wave of false flag ‘terrorist attacks’ in Germany and elsewhere.

Islamic Terror Attacks and their Victims
“In cases where the religious affiliation of terrorism casualties could be determined, Muslims suffered between 82 and 97 per cent of fatalities over the past five years.” It also states that Muslims are seven times more likely than non-Muslims to be the victims of terror.”

Between 2006 and 2015 alone there have been more than 40,000 horrific terrorist attacks in Iraq alone, causing over 70,000 Muslim deaths - but not one of them made headline news in Europe. The few attacks that have occurred in Europe - including the notorious Mossad and British Intelligence managed ‘false flag’ attacks in France and London, pale into virtual insignificance in the face of these figures. Muslims in Iraq and other Middle East countries - not British, European or American whites - are the main victims of Islamic terrorism - and continue to be most threatened by it. Saudi Arabia and now Turkey are the centre of control and administration for international terrorism, Riyadh’s and Ankara’s negative influence being felt from Syria and Libya through to Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Caucasus, all encouraged and supported by Washington - which continues to follow the more than one-century old geo-strategic plan of the British Empire directed against the integration of the Eurasian continent - and against all Middle Eastern states which, like Libya, - until it was destroyed - successfully operated state banks free of the international banking mafia and used its own oil for the enormous benefit of its people - and not a vile clique of princes and sheikhs.

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Brexit: Endgame for the English Ruling Caste? - Wilberg on Wednesday

Brexit: Endgame for the English Ruling Caste?

Political and Philosophical Notes and Considerations, Part 1

Whither Brexit?

You cannot agitate or use activism to ‘campaign’ for or against a contradiction - more specifically the innate contradictions of capitalism. You can only expose these contradictions, educate others in them - and prepare for them to play themselves out until a critical point is reached when socialism becomes the only option and not a mere policy stall. Here I will argue that Brexit represents a potentially terminal crisis of British capitalism, or rather its ruling caste - one that could lead to its collapse even without pressure from socialist movements. Yet there is evidence that resulting chaos this may lead to in both Britain and Europe may well have been planned from the start by the global ruling elite as an excuse to further their agenda - which it certainly will aid in doing.  
A reminder from Karl (even though he would be on UKIP’s deportation list!)

Every industrial and commercial centre in England now possesses a working class divided into two hostile camps, English proletarians and Irish proletarians. The ordinary English worker hates the Irish worker as a competitor who lowers his standard of life. In relation to the Irish worker he regards himself as a member of the ruling nation and consequently he becomes a tool of the English aristocrats and capitalists against Ireland, thus strengthening their domination over himself. “...this antagonism is the secret of the impotence of the English working class, despite its organisation. It is the secret by which the capitalist class maintains its power. And the latter is quite aware of this. Karl Marx

In other words native white British workers and farmers can be treated like shit (zero-hours, no or poor proper education or skills training, wage stagnation, high and uncontrolled rents etc.) but if they can nostalgically regard themselves as members of a superior race that forged a ‘Great’ empire, i.e. identify with their superiors - and at the same time become dependent on debt-based consumption themselves - then their will to resist is diverted.  

The run up to the Brexit referendum

Debt-based neo-liberal capitalist economy > leading to ever rising national debt > used to justify ever more ruthless austerity cuts(based on the unquestioned fiscal lie of having to ‘live within our means’ mantra - in practice welfare for the banks and corpocracy, poverty for the people  >  all this leading to extreme polarisation on the immigration question (read immigrants for ‘Irish’ in the Marx quote above) > Brexit referendum but also and at the same time serious internal contradictions for the English ruling caste and a situation in which false simplifications of thinking in the face of complex and ineradicable contradictions become the only way in which governments and parties of all colours can continue to function.  

The Brexit referendum result

The last roar of the British Imperialist lion, as evidenced by ridiculous talk of a ‘Global Britain’. The referendum result as an opportunity for the English ruling caste to give a white-nationalist face to debt-based neo-liberal capitalism in attempt to once again sow the seeds of conflict and division - both in Britain and in Europe and on the Eurasian continent as a whole, particularly through fostering anti-Germanism and anti-Russianism. In other words, a yet further continuation, but this time a hopeless one, of the old Imperial British foreign policy first suggested in 1904 by the geopolitical analysis of Sir Halford McKinder

The heartland, the crescent, and the nightmare of British geopolitics. The ‘heartland’ was a hypothetical area centered in Eurasia, which would be so situated and catered to by resources and manpower as to render it an unconquerable fortress and a fearsome power; and the ‘crescent’ was a virtual semi-arc encompassing an array of islands – America, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Japan – which, as ‘Sea Powers,’ watched over the Eurasian landmass to detect and eventually thwart any tendency towards a consolidation of power on the heartland.  Guido Giacomo Preparata

The ground-plan McKinder laid for British geopolitics on the basis of this analysis: to engage in all possible political and military machinations, not least the seeding and initiation of wars, to stave off any potential threat of a unified Eurasian ‘heartland’ - in other words, a state of permanent war, hot or cold between the Crescent and the Heartland, ‘Oceania’ and ‘Eurasia’. The plan worked in WW1 - until the blowback began, and continues today from the vast colonial territories it reduced to poverty and disarray. It began to fail with WW2 which ended, as Hitler predicted, with the loss of Empire - and war debts to the U.S. which were only paid off 20 years ago! Nevertheless it was Britain that tutored and supervised the monstrous, overgrown child that is the U.S. Empire - and, as in Ireland, created an ‘immigration problem’.  

See also: BREXIT: The Greatest Trick the Old Elites Ever Pulled….?

True English National Culture

Just as Germany has its Goethe, Beethoven, Wagner etc. so does England have its William Shakespeare and William Blake, Elgar and many more….

All the more important for a true renaissance of English culture to remember the words of perhaps the most important of its cultural titans: William Blake:

“Nations are destroyed or flourish in proportion as their poetry, painting, and music are destroyed or flourish.”

The false English ‘Patriotism’ of Brexiteers

Holding aloft the great banner of such ruling caste and imperialist icons such as the Queen, Churchill, the Battle of Britain etc. etc. ad nauseum. All in the ‘patriotic’ spirit of English race superiority - not just over Asians and Muslims but all other white European nations too ! What would the Mail say if they knew that MARMITE was a German invention, named with a French word! Then there is the bogey of Pakistani sex-grooming of teenage English roses - but that in a country where one child sex offence is committed every ten minutes . Those Pakis must really be busy. And telling Syrian families they have “run away” and shouldn’t feel “too comfy” in Britain. Presumably these brave Brexiteers
and their families would stand firm and strong in their Englishmens’ castles as they are being bombarded and reduced to rubble?

“These weapons of mass distractions that are been used today to distract the masses are old tricks that have been tried and tested. Oh look we are protecting you from the Mozlims because they are 99% of your problems. Meanwhile we have to cut education, health, pensions, put taxes up, pay more for gas, electricity, bus, car, train, food. Oh yeah and you don't get a pay rise. In fact you get paid too much lol. Oh and you can ’t strike anymore. But hey we gonna sort out the Mozlims for you!!!”

“Its funny how most white Europeans are so possessive of their countries. If they had stayed put in their beloved lands and not went and rampaged, stole, enslaved, murdered hundred of millions of people in their lands for the last 500 years we wouldn't be where we are now. Also when they were busy killing themselves till Kingdom come "euro war 1 and 2" they were fleeing as far as lands they call America and Australia now. Wasn't their lands but they went there anyway. Didn't integrate with the locals, worse yet they eliminated most of them and stole their lands. Are they Muslims in disguise???”
(Anonymous comments in the British press)

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

The inhumanity of high-rise living

The burning of the Grenfell tower block in London on the 14th June 2017 is of course a tragedy for the people who have lost their lives, or have lost loved ones.  But beyond the human tragedy, the burning down of a massive residential block of flats, raises issues which need to be addressed:

  • Firstly, the question of the very existence of cattle-pen accommodation for the Working Classes;
  • Secondly, the over-population problem for the UK, with the serious problem of massive urbanisation and the destruction of nature;
  • Thirdly, the complete lack of control over the borders, which is driving the demand for more high rise slum dwellings

All these factors exist in combination, and all need to be approached with the end goal of returning the UK to a natural order in which the people live in harmony with nature and not as mere pawns of the global finance-capitalist oligarchy.

There has been a great deal of comment about the fact that a considerable number of the people housed in Grenfell Tower were illegal immigrants, and that many of the tenants illegally subletted their flats, leading to an already densely populated block of flats becoming dangerously overcrowded. These are certainly significant factors in the high death toll, but the fact remains, that regardless of the backgrounds of the people who occupied the flats at the time of the fire, they were built to house Working Class people.  Fire does not check for immigration status; fire kills indiscriminately.  The death-trap tower blocks which the Working Class have been forced into for decades, remain death-traps, and the tory medias obsession with the origins of the residents of Grenfell, is a distraction from the cold hard fact that buildings like Grenfell exist all over the country, and the Ruling Class could not care less who perished in the fire - a fire which could have occurred at any time in any tower block.

The blaze in London could have occurred in any other block of flats which had been coated in highly inflammable cladding.  At present, it has been found that every single sample of cladding submitted for testing has been found to be potentially deadly in case of fire.  The number of tower blocks thus far tested numbers nearly 100 at the time of writing - and it is certain to be much higher.  That number represents tens of thousands of people who are at risk if a fire should start, and numbers only a tiny percentage of the total tower block stock, putting the number of people at risk into very high figures.

The number of tower blocks and related social housing developments in the UK is testament to the arrogance of government in creating accommodation for the Working Class which they would not consider fit to house their own families.  There are literally thousands of tower blocks in the UK. They were sold to the public as 'vertical streets', but are nothing more than high rise slums. For those of us who currently live (or at some time have lived) in such buildings, no amount of mealy-mouthed propagandising will cover up the reality we know of high rise living: Flats are antisocial places where there can be no privacy, no respite from noise, no escape from the lumpen-proletarian dross who are crammed into such places alongside good people who the Ruling Class look down upon with equal bile.  They are not vertical streets - they are vertical prisons.

The Ruling Class created the Tower Block system of accommodation with no care for how it would affect the people who had to live in them.  It doesn't take a genius to work out that cramming people together in blocks of flats, disconnected from access to nature, sharing a typically urine-soaked lift to get from the ground to where you live, with junkies and alcoholics partying at all hours with relentless shouting and 'music', with prostitutes/burglars/thieves and other scum for neighbours, doesn't do much for the mental health of anyone living in such places. Local authorities put single mothers in the same blocks as paedophiles, good people who are in need of housing in with criminal rubbish who have been released from prison and have to be housed somewhere.  To the powers that be, we are all scum, and we are all to be dumped together in inhumane accommodation where rampant criminality and antisocial behaviour cannot fail to cause depression, feelings of hopelessness, and pave the way for the decline of the ordinary Working Class into adopting some of the ways of the lumpens.

The tragedy of Grenfell could have happened anywhere, and could happen again at any time. But more than this, the tragedy of forced cohabitation and dislocation from the natural way of living, is a sure path to degeneracy and despair.  SWPE demands that all people be housed in a manner which is fitting to human beings, having land to produce food, space to live well (not just exist), with buildings made to be not only homes, but potential workshops.  Homes should be places which encourage the human mind to grow and inspire the individual and family to develop and create works of art/culture, and works of labour which are good for the individual/family and also for the community as a whole.  We demand that all tower blocks (housing and business) be brought down by controlled demolition, and the people be rehoused in ways which are good for humanity - in purpose built small towns with adequate land per dwelling and adequate space for work, dwelling, art and leisure.  We demand an end to cities and a restoration of the bond between people and the natural world.

What we are calling for cannot happen until we take back control over our country and make it a place which works for the people.  The globalist capitalist system relies on open borders to drive down wages and crush cultural homogeneity, making the whole world a bland uniform mass of indistinguishable robot-like people who care nothing for life other than the basest hedonistic pursuits, including the cut-throat accumulation of trinkets and gadgets obtained by stepping on people who are less willing to exploit other people than they are. We demand the borders be tightly sealed - which for an island nation with a navy, is not a major challenge.  We demand that our land be protected, which means the population explosion be reversed.  The Ruling Class and their collaborators must go! The lumpen-proletariat are in many ways as much a problem as the rulers, and they too must go.  We want nothing short of a total revolution.  We are not democratic socialist reformers, happy to tinker with a few minor points of living, but essentially keeping the system intact.  We have a vision of a better world, built upon the concept of Socialism in One Country, one country at a time.

Grenfell happened because the Ruling Class and its Capitalist system see the Working Class as desposable and replacable, seeing us of no more value than an old pair of shoes.  We say that we are humans and that we matter far more than the puruit of profits.  The entire focus of life has to be shifted, and those who cannot become useful members of a non-exploiting Socialist society, need to be swept away just like their anti-human buildings and their anti-human ethos.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

On the Question of Culture (Wilberg on Wednesday)

Is not the term ‘cultural Marxism’ an oxymoron, i.e. a term that in itself is a contradiction in terms? Marx would, I am sure, turn in his grave if he heard it! Cultural Leftism or Cultural Liberalism I can
live with - albeit with some important reservations - see below. But what on earth is there in Marx to support a notion of ‘cultural Marxism’.

Terms like ‘cultural Marxism’ or ‘multi-culturalism’ seem to me to have become unquestioned
alt-right phraseological ‘memes’. [SWPE needs to make clear] exactly how we understand these

In Gilad Atzmon’s views, if the meaning relates to LGBT, feminism etc. this is just a trick to
overcome the old (Marxist) understanding of a single universal contradiction between labour and capital (or in Atzmon’s view: Goyim versus Jews) and replace it instead with a ‘diversity’ of multiple but superficial contradictions: for example women versus men, blacks versus whites, LGBTs versus ‘straight’ heterosexuals (...and for that matter ‘English’ versus ‘foreigners’!). He regards this as an
entirely Jewish sponsored and funded development. By ‘Jew’ in this context, he means anyone whose primary self-identification is to be ‘a Jew’ - whether they are religious or not, whatever country they may live - and however this may conflict with a primary loyalty to the State of Israel.

Does not the term ‘multi-culturalism’ beg the question of what ‘culture’ as such essentially is, and with it, the question of what exactly constitutes ‘English’ culture?

Hitler was perfectly clear about what he meant by protecting German culture - it meant educating the German people (and not just a monied elite who can actually afford tickets to Bayreuth) to the great historic culture of German music, poetry and art. It meant making Germans more knowledgeable and appreciable of their own cultural heritage - in this way making them more cultured. That is why he built theatres and even had orchestras playing in factories. For me, as for Hitler, for a child to grow up without exposure to and education in appreciating great classical music- not least great German music - is perhaps the greatest form of cultural deprivation and impoverishment one can impose on any European people. In this sense I myself do not see the main issue as mono- versus multi-culturalism. I see the main issue as culture or no-culture.

I see today’s world as ruled not by multi-culturalism but by an American pop, celebrity and junk
mono-culture that is the death of culture as such.  Both Islamic and Hindu revivalism and extremism are in this sense an understandable reaction to this mono-culture, albeit a reactionary reaction, and one which, in its most extremist Islamic forms is itself a nti-cultural. Y et the fact remains that since the British and American orchestrated overthrow of social nationalist states in the Middle East - Islam has filled the hole this created by becoming also the single biggest opponent of both this global mono-culture and ‘multi-culturalism’ of the feminist and LGBT sort.

This is what must change! 
Instead Europeans needs to defend their own national cultures, which together, as exemplified in literature the arts and above all classical music, which constitute a unified and interwoven European multi-culture of nations that is actually a true culture - and not the death of culture. To me therefore, the protection of ‘ English culture’ must mean exactly that:‘English culture’, i.e. the wonderful heritage of Shakespeare, the English poets and also English classical music. My ethnic roots and values are essentially German. I am an ardent Wagnerian. But I have come to attune to, love and understand England in its special and unique ‘value feeling’ (Nietzsche) and in its distinct greatness principally through two Englishmen (Shakespeare and Edward Elgar - whom I rank as one of the greatest composers of all time). But without a Wagner or Brahms, there would be no Elgar - even though his music is quintessentially English in both its pastoral flavour and also its deep personal honesty - not in the purely jingoistic way it was heard and abused. This is also why I attach great importance of the historic, ethnic and also cultural English-German connection.

It was Bismarck who first recognised the importance of Lincoln in escaping debt-slavery and made Germany the first country in Europe to pass welfare laws protecting the rights of workers. Similarly it was Goethe who saw Germany as primarily a cultural nation and as a protector of both German and European culture as a whole - including English culture in its finest expressions. But Kaiser Wilhelm saw another, more sinister side to ‘Anglo-Saxon’ culture in England at the time - its particularly utilitarian, mammonistic and anti-cultural form of capitalist mono-culture or non-culture. That is why he saw the 1st World War not just as a German war, but as a war for the protection of culture as such
within European capitalism.

To sum up: I believe that the culture of any nation needs first to be re- cultivated - particularly and starting in families and schools - and with the massive backing of the state for education of the people in both English [and Welsh], German and European music and arts (versus mere preparation for wage slavery).